A visit to Kalakund near Indore, the birth-place of legendary Indian sweet

My exams were approaching and before that, a free Sunday. I consulted my father regarding a one day trip to any nearest tourist spot to refresh myself for the upcoming exams. I live in Indore and we have loads of places to visit, but I had my own list, out of which and I chose Kalakund. Though it isn’t a tourist spot but I’ve heard about it being a great natural scenic spot and that led to this decision, another reason was the old meter gauge awesome rail route up to there. I love trains. We had decided to visit Kalakund and went up to a railway station called Rajendra Nagar Railway. So I loaded my bag up with camera, notepad, pen etc. and departed for Kalakund. This railway line passes through the mid of Indore city and is often referred to as local trains.

After the completion of Indore-Fatehabad gauge conversion this the next target for the railway to complete. Few minutes after departure from Rajendra nagar we halted on the next station called Rau. A crossing of another train was held post which we continued our journey. Although, trains have been minimised on this route but there is always a problem of crossing as there is only one line. The trains stop at every station and a crossing is held. Next station was Haranya Kheri. Next station was Mhow. It is the the next major station after Indore junction. Mhow is long form of “Military headquarters of war”. It was renamed as Dr. Ambedkar Nagar but still is popular as Mhow. It is a loco shed for the meter gauge locomotive YDM 4. YDM 4 is the widely used locomotive for meter gauge.

Mesmerising waterfall at patalpani

Mesmerising waterfall at patalpani

Then came the nature’s show. After an hour we had reached the Patalpani waterfall. A breath-taking scene of the waterfall. It was a main tourist spot. Most of the people wouldn’t go up to Kalakund because of no road facility up to there, train was the only mode of transport and because of unawareness of its being. I guess some people who know about Kalakund would have just known it by a random travel through that route. Prior to Patalpani waterfall, we have a cottage-like temple built as a tribute to the first tribal revolutionary of the country who fought for the independence of nation, Tantya Mama. Interesting thing about it is that the train passing by here has to stop for some time as a homage to this great revolutionary by enlightening incense sticks, though only when it is heading towards Kalakund and not while returning. Most of the people are unaware of this legend and the govt. too doesn’t pay any heed.

Tantya Mama

Tantya Mama

Tantya Mama

Tantya Mama

A curve b/w patalpani and kalakund

A curve b/w patalpani and kalakund

Then came the most awaited phase of the trip. The Patalpani – Kalakund ghat section. One could feel the extreme beauty of it complimented by the railways. The tunnels, viaducts and being surrounded by lush green mountain ranges mesmerised the passengers. I would recommend this place to creative minds. Such views have the potential to fill their minds up with optimistic thoughts and also to photographers. This rail route was laid about 150 years ago by the British rulers. Soon admiring these charming scenes we enter the Kalakund railway station.The locomotive honks make the ‘Kalakand’ vendors become active. Kalakand is a famous sweet dish with Kalakund as its origin, it is a fine treat for all the sweet tooths. On the right side, behind the railway station building river choral flows and on the left side, on a hill we have a building for scout guide, locally known as ‘Mahal’. After spending a few hours there, exploring Kalakund we returned home. But that tranquillity had took over my heart. I have fallen in love with that place. Human needs peace from the hectic life and the minds too need peace and such places serve the purpose.

River choral

River choral

Trains from Indore were available but they had been shut down w.e.f from October 01, 2014 for gauge conversion. However, trains are still available from Mhow. The fare is ₹10 per head. Only 5-7 trains pass in a day. I would suggest to visit here in monsoon.

Kalakund railway station from a hill

Kalakund railway station from a hill

Train entering kalakund

Train entering kalakund

For all nature lovers, rail fans this is a highly recommended place to visit. No restaurants, rest houses could be located here. Only a sum of 50-60 huts. The absence of such structure maintains its tranquillity and serenity. It has no human interference yet and that is a plus point. It has potential of being a good tourist spot but on the other side it needs to be preserved from city-dwellers to preserve its tranquillity and serenity.

So, plan your next Sunday picnic here. But please keep it clean and green.

(DSCN 1233 Mhow YDM 4)
( DSCN 1279 mesmerising waterfall at patalpani)
(DSCN 1275 and 1277) tantya mama
( DSCN1221 River choral)
( DSCN 1255 kalakund railway station from a hill)
DSCN 1265 train entering kalakund)
Dscn 1211 a curve b/w patalpani and kalakund.)


  • Welcome aboard Sarthakc, the aspiring writer!

    Nice to know about the Kalakand’, favourite sweet dish of many. So, how many you ate? :-) Keeping clean and green is the right message and that should be. You wrote well.

    Keep travelling and writing, Sarthakc! Thanks.

    • sarthakc says:

      Tons of thanks to you, sir for the appreciation and encouragement. I don’t know how many I ate as I was engrossed in their delicious taste and lost the count. Hahaha. :D

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Hi Sarhak,
    At the outset, a warm welcome to ghumakkar.com, Your debut post here is a bang. You narrated the story very interestingly and intelligently. The pics are too nice. I Reside very near to the place you have described, but still didn’t got an opportunity to explore it, though passed many a times through the Kalakund station while going to Khandwa from Mhow.


    • sarthakc says:

      Thank you so much sir for the appreciating my efforts.

      Make sure you steal time, to explore it, the next time you pass by here. :)

      • sarthakc says:

        Thank you so much sir for appreciating my efforts.

        Make sure you steal time, to explore it, the next time you pass by here. :)

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  • Pushpinder Singh says:

    Great post with beautiful pics off beat destinations have always fascinated me and you have added another one to the list. Happy Ghumakkari.

  • Avtar Singh says:

    Hi Sarthake

    You are in the same age group as of my son. Thus, while reading your post, I was remembering him. A few months back, he visited Gujrat for his school’s cultural exchange program. Initially he was excited to write on it but as time passes his enthusiasm got faded away. You kept the spirit for your writing too, this is the most commendable.

    Now, on the post. You wrote about an interesting but unknown place for most of us here (Except Mukesh ji, who resides in Indore), which is quite interesting to read. Of course Kala kand is a favorite delicacy for all the sweet lovers!

    Your style of narrate the post is quite impressive. Pics too show your dedication.

    You got the blessings of Tridev sir, which is the most desirable thing here for all the writers.

    Keep it up! All the best for all your future endeavors. God bless… :)

  • sarthakc says:

    Thank you so much for appreciating and encouraging words.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Welcome aboard Sarthak.

    Very happy to see this story in print. Kalakaund as a sweet, is way more popular than what one could imagine after looking at the place. We are a nation of legends so I wont be surprised if we find more Kalakunds :-).

    Your story is a FOG (First on Ghumakkar) and it is a great debut. Look forward to read from your collections.

    @ Mukes bhai – Now you got company to plan a mini Ghumakkar meet. May be when Sushant Sir visits Indore again.

  • Nitin Wankar says:

    Dear Sarthak,

    Well written about small place like Kalakund. I also like to travel in peaceful destinations.

    We are group of morning walkers planned to visit KALAKUND on coming Sunday. I want to know from you that “Is there any arrangement of Lunch for 20-25 persons ?” & what about the drinking water.

    • sarthakc says:


      Thank you for the appreciation.

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Unfortunately, there is no facility for food as there are no hotels/restaurants, you can get some snacks though from local vendors on the station and ample drinking water is available at the station.

  • Sumeet Rao says:

    Hi Sarthak,

    Nicely written.
    I am a Enthusiast trekker from Mumbai, and from last 8 months m longing to visit this place. the moment i read that Indore Mhow line has been closed for gauge conversion. i just prayed to god… wait till monsoon.
    i am visiting and organizing a small trek to Mhow via khandwa on 11th July 2015.
    so wanted some information / suggestions from experts like you.

    I will be alighting at Patalpani and will be walking upto Mhow (5.6kms) from Railway tracks. any risk involved?
    Can i Go to MG Steam shed to click some pics or Do i need to take permission?

    your reply will be most helpful.

    Thanks in advance, and hope to meet u if time permits

    sumeet Rao (Blogger: A Wandering Trekker)

    • sarthakc says:


      There are no risks on that Patalpani-Mhow stretch.

      You need a permission to go to the MG loco shed.

  • Ahmed Ali Salim says:

    Hey sarthake,

    I also live in indore and i am planning to visit kalakund with my friends for an adventure. I have heard that there is a mesmerizing forest there, do you know anything about that and also I need information more information about Kalakund.
    If you could email more about the place it would be really great.

    Contact No-9039465098

    please do contact.


    Good info. Tnx. Notify similar infos

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