A Different Summers Of Kashmir Part – 2 (Pulwama)

After spending first two days in Srinagar , and after experiencing that tension in Srinagar the first day , we were ready for the third day. In my earlier trip to Kashmir I had covered Gulmarg and Pahalgam , but this time I wanted to experience the Unexplored part of Kashmir that is the districts which are less visited by the tourists. So , after much of the discussion and also considering about the natural beauty and the safety issues we decided for the Pulwama District.

DAY – 3
We were ready in the morning by 9 am. As per discussion , our friend Tariq had to take me and Tarun to Pulwama in his car. So Tariq came to the hotel at 10 am in his car. Then the three of us started our journey towards Pulwama.

Pulwama is a town in Pulwama district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is almost 40 KM away from Srinagar. Apple and zafran are the main crops in is district.It has an average elevation of 1630 metres (5347 feet). The route to Pulwama was really very nice and serene with green fields on both sides of the road.

Pulwama district has 3 tehsils:

Pampore Tehsil
Pulwama Tehsil
Tral Tehsil

This district consists of 5 blocks: Tral, Keller, Pampore, Pulwama and Kakapora. District Pulwama comprises of 554 villages which are regrouped in 4 Tehsils viz. Shopain, Pulwama, Tral & Pampore.

Actually route to Pulwama is the Srinagar – Anantnag Highway . There a road turns right towrads Pulwama.

The District Pulwama is reported to be one of the pretty spots on the earth, because of its congenial climate, innumerable springs, streams, water falls, fragrant flowers delicious fruits and other natural sceneries.

Pulwama is famous all over the world for the saffron cultivation which is mainly grown in the Karewa lands of Pampore, Kakapora and Pulwama blocks.The district is also called “Rice Bowl” of Kashmir for maximum production of rice grains in the J & K state.

Just when we were crossing the Saffron (Kesar) fields , Tariq just stopped the car and I immediately got down and broke a Saffron Flower. These Purple coloured flower is the Saffron Flower and the red strips is the pure Saffron. There the rate of pure Saffron was Rs 1,50,000 per Kg.

By 12:15 pm we were in Pulwama. It just looked like a small town with all the local people roaming around in the market.It was really looking very awkward that among all the local people I was clicking pictures.The Pulwama was not a tourist place just a town.

Market of Pulwama

After roaming for a little while in the market we went to Hotel Akbar for lunch. It was a big hotel with really tasty food. Just when I climbed to the roof of the hotel looking down , there was the Bus Stand and the taxi stand of Pulwama.

Local Bus Stand and Taxi Stand

By this time it was 4 pm . Nothing much left to explore , we started our journey back towards Srinagar. By this time it had started drizling.

Local City Bus crowded with people.

No words to describe the beauty on the route. Full of greenery and peaceful environment.

This was the Byepass Turn. Left turn was to Gulmarg , Baramulla and Sopore. Straight was the Srinagar City. From here Kargil was 220 Km and Leh was 460 Km. Finally we reached Srinagar at 6:15 pm.

Now it was time for some shopping.We roamed around at the Residency Road in Srinagar. Then we went to a big showroom named Cannaud House to buy some lady suits. In my last trip also we had done shopping from here only. What a beautiful embroidery on these suites.

Actually there was a long lists of suits which I had to buy for all the ladies of the family. All the suites were really expensive starting from Rs 3000. It was really being heavy on my pocket.

Then I bought few shawls. Their range was really high starting from Rs 5000. I also bought a small Namda ( Carpet ) . The feature of the Kashmir cloth is the beautiful Embroidery which makes it expensive.
After doing this shopping we went to a Dry Fruits shop to buy few packs of Walnut , almond. Then we went to a Handicrafts shop to buy some momentos. The colourful print on all these was also looking beautiful.

Beautiful Flower Pots

After buying that beautiful Shikara the shopping was over. Can you believe that the shopping costed me even more than my air tickets.
Till now it was late evening , Tariq dropped us at the hotel. We were reallt tired then. The next day we had to depart for Delhi.

DAY – 4
We took the taxi and went to the airport. Our flight time was 11:30 am. Boarded the flight.

Security Camps at the Srinagar Airport

Beautiful Srinagar from the top.

Goodbye to Kashmir. Had a wonderful time here. Hoping that the next trip will be soon as many unexplored areas are still left. Reached back delhi at 2 pm and an extraodinary journey ended.
Thanks for Reading :)


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Sahil,

    First time I am hearing about this place- Pulwama. Local Bus stand & buses are too crowded. The picture of en-route is beautiful.

    • Sahil says:

      Dear Mr. Mahesh ,
      Actually it is not a tourist spot , that is why it is not much known. and yes the route is really beautiful.


  • Nitish says:

    Hi Sahil ,
    A very informative post regarding an unfamiliar place Pulwama. The pics clicked are really beautiful…Keep Writing …Cheers..!!!

    • Sahil says:

      Thanks Nitish ,
      I really wanted to visit such unfamiliar place . Tourist places are enjoyable but such less known places also are very good.


  • Vibha says:

    Hey Sahil,

    Wonderful post again. Kashmir is indeed beautiful. I want to visit it myself someday. Hopefully it will be soon.

    Keep it up!

    • Sahil says:

      Thanks Vibha,

      Yes, Kashmir is really beautiful. Of all the places I have ever seen in India, Kashmir is simply above all.


  • Kartik says:

    Sahil , your write up is really very straight and it clearly expresses ur feeling. Also the pics of the route are gr8. The pic of the saffron flower is beautiful.

  • Sagarika says:

    A short but useful write up. Pics of handicarfts , suits and the route to Pulwama are beautiful.

  • Sahil says:

    Thanks Sagarika , yes the pics of the handicrafts were really colourful and beautiful.

  • Jaideep says:

    Hey Sahil ,
    The route to Pulwama looks really beautiful . A very nice short and colourful post..Keep writing bro..

  • Sahil says:

    Yes Jaideep , the route to Pulwama was full of greenery and giving a International feeling. Anyways Thanks for liking.


  • nandanjha says:

    So it was a WagonR :-)

    For me the highs were the pics showing road signs. Thanks for the trip. Some day a Delhi-Kashmir should happen by car.

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