A day at Innovative Film City

An impromptu decision on the eve of a weekend brought us to this place. At the first mention , one would definitely think that this would be in the similar lines of Ramoji Rao film city (Hyderabad) or the likes of it. Well, Innovative Film city (let me call it IFC for short) is just starting to take shape with a lot of “coming soon” boards around. There is enough stuff though to keep one occupied for almost a day.

Whers is it? How to get there?

IFC is situated in Bidadi, around 20 kms from Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore highway.

Once on the Mysore road, you need to go past Wonder-la and look for the sign boards for IFC. There aren’t many as yet, so the best bet would be to ask for or look out for Toyota Kirloskar Motor campus. This is a small deviation from the Mysore road on the left hand side after crossing Wonder-la. From the point of deviation you need to drive approx 2 kms before you get to see the gates of the IFC.

Entrance of the FIlm city

Timings of IFC : 10 AM till 6.30 PM.

The entrance fee and the other fee is quite different from the normal theme parks. Normally one would expect a bulk amount as entrance fee which would take care of everything. Not quite at IFC. The entrance covers the basic entrance fee and additional if you are carrying a Camera. (Rs 100 for a still camera and Rs 200. for a video camera). Once you are inside , you need to purchase tickets for each separately depending on what you like.

Note: DO check out for family package or corporate discounts while at the counter.

If you happen to carry lots of baggage which you don’t want to drag inside with you , you could drop it at the reception and collect it when it is needed.

Don’t forget to get a map of the place and also a booklet that tells you whats available and whats not. This might not be useful now, since there are only a handful of “entertainment options” as of now. As and when IFC is fully functional , this would really prove to be handy.

IFC has its own share of eateries, ranging from Coffee Day to Sagar type eateries catering to the various taste buds. Of course they come with their own price .

Whats in for me?

@IFC, there are options for both the young and the younger . For the young, there is GO-Karting, the pool/beach. If you want to try your hand at Golf, there’s a Mini Golf available.

Apart from these , there are various entertainment stuff like “Wax Museum”, which houses wzx models of famous people (Hitler, Einstein, Clinton) and of course very few Indians (Mahatma Gandhi). For the kids , they can get a look at look-alike models of Walt Disney, Cindrella, Snowhite, sleeping beauty and much more.

Then there are attractions like “Ripley’s Believe it or not”, where you can find some of the amazing things on display, sheep with 2 heads, cow with 6 legs etc.etc.

A 4-D film show about the evolution of life is a different experience altogether. If you have infant(s), ensure that there is someone to take care while you enjoy this short movie.

Try out the mirror maze,where you have to find out your way out in a room full of mirrors. nice fun.


  • nandanjha says:

    Very interesting day-trip material for Bangalore folks.

    Delhi is gradually catching up as well. There is a theme park in Noida which mostly has rides. Its called ‘World of Wonder’. There is another one at Rithala, next to ‘Metro Walk’ mall, forgetting its name.

  • Ram Dhall says:

    Short, sweet and crisp post.

    I reckon the Wax Museum and the Ripley’s Believe it or not would be a great fun for children of all the ages, including the not so old “children” of our age.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Deepak says:


    Very True ….
    Specially after the close down of Appu Ghar
    It’s called Adventure Island near Metro Walk Mall Rithala

  • sudhir says:

    Nice post. I must mention the Dinosaur park in IFC. It is good with all the settings of a jungle and Dinosaurs moving their heads and sounds all around. The entry ticket to each theme is roughly around Rs.50.

  • manish khamesra says:

    Interesting. So we have something new to visit in the vicinity of Bangalore.

    Personally, I like the concept when the entrance fees includes everything in it :)

  • ganesh says:

    Nice comments, real feel, good read about good.

  • shamanth says:

    The best place in the IFC is Aqua Kingdom. There is an artificial beach! That is the only beach ion bangalore!

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