5 Tips in Choosing the Right Hotel When Visiting Cebu City

Cebu City is in the Cebu Province of the Philippines. It is the far the largest and the most developed in this province of the Cebu island. It is the Philippines second most populated and oldest city, and was the first capital of this nation. It is now a major holiday destination attracting tourists all over the world thanks to its modern as well as its historical attractions. When visiting this city, one of your major tasks will be to find a suitable hotel. Southpole Central Hotel that is just about 900 meters from Colon street and about 10 minutes’ walk from Magellan Cross. Apart from this hotel, there are other good hotels in this city that you can also consider. Here are five tips that can guide you when choosing a hotel in Cebu City.

1.    Nearness to the Airport

Consider choosing a hotel that is not far from the airport. This saves you time and money you would spend traveling to and from your hotel. You greatly reduce the chances of missing your flight if you happen to leave your hotel late. Those near the airport are also more secure. You can consider hotels near Mactan Cebu International Airport.

Photo by Zany Jadraque on Unsplash

2.    Hotels Near Cultural and Historical Sites

Cebu City is the second oldest city in the Philippines. As such, you expect to find within this city a lot of historical and cultural sites. These will be your major attractions since the cities coastline is occupied by the country’s shipping industry, so there are no beaches. Choose a hotel that is in close proximity to these sites so that you can have a nice time just walking around.

3.    Check for Malls

Hotels near malls are also ideal if you are shopping junkie or generally love buying stuff. The recommended malls are Ayala and SM malls at the heart of the city. SM fall gives you more than shopping with its Fun Center where your children can enjoy and a daycare center where you can live your children if you do not want to carry them along when shopping.

Check Reviews on Booking Sites

Before you even start making your travel plans to Cebu City, check out the numerous reviews online to help you choose an affordable and comfortable hotel. Take your time to see the different offers from various hotels before you settle on one or a few if you will be moving from one place to another. You can check not only the pricing, but also the amenities provided and if there are any extra packages.

Consider Your Budget

There are various affordable hotels in Cebu City, but not all of them are worth what they charge. It is important that you consider your budget and plan in advance to get a good hotel. Avoid rushing just for the cheapest hotel as you may end up in a dingy location. Instead, take your time to make comparisons and choose a balance between affordability and comfort.

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