Discover Top 5 Famous Beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country located along the South China Sea. Most provinces are adjacent to the sea. The beauty and serenity of Vietnamese beaches are one of Asia’s best-hidden gems.

The great number of beaches in Vietnam may confuse you in the first place. Don’t worry! I am here to help!. I will introduce the five most beautiful and famous beaches in Vietnam. Get the wind in your hair and sand in your toes in Vietnam’s best beaches!

My Khe Beach, Danang city

Not only honored by Forbes as one of the most attractive beaches on the planet, an Australia magazine – Sunday Herald Sun also voted My Khe beach as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. 

With the length of 900 meters, My Khe beach is famous among both local and international tourists because it meets all the criteria of a high-class beach such as easy access, convenient transportation, flat and long shore. 

Still not convinced? No big waves, clear and warm water all year round, My Khe is great and safe for your family if you have children. The wave is not so strong that your children can play water sports without your strict attention.

My Khe Beach in Danang city (Source:

Here’s the thing; you can go sightseeing, go swimming and take photos when coming to My Khe beach. It is an excellent place if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature at sunrise and sunset, or simply sunbathing.

But wait, in case you want to eat seafood in Danang while enjoying the romantic scenery at sunset, the local shops along the beach are a great choice. It has all kinds of fresh seafood on the market so visitors can buy raw materials and cook on their own.

As if that’s not enough, there are various luxury resorts and villas with international standards along the beach.

Countless five-star hotels gathering at My Khe provide guests with the most comfortable services including Furama Resort Danang, Pullman Resort, Hyatt Regency, etc. You can also opt for cheap places like Trendy hotel, etc.

Coconut Beach, Phu Quoc Island

You are probably wondering the tourist map of Vietnam does not show its the Coconut Beach, but the foreigners call it “Coconut Beach.”

You may catch sight of numerous bungalows with coconut trees at Coconut Beach and Kiki Coconut Beach Resort. A Vietnamese – Swiss family built this resort in 2013. Throughout the years, it has been rated as the best accommodation here.  

Coconut Beach in Phu Quoc Island (Source:   

You can relax in hammocks all day, go diving, join hiking trips, go fishing or rent a motorbike to explore surrounding places. I stayed here for a week and did not want to leave, maybe you too.

Here’s the thing; there are a few amenities built on this part of the island, including high-end hotels, swimming pools, and restaurants. And it doesn’t stop there; you can also chill out at bungalows at the beach, as well as have dinner at George & Kiki’s.

Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc has terrific beaches, and Ong Lang beach is certainly one of them. This place is comfortable to visit with a variety of facilities. 

Let’s jump right in; there are many beach resorts for you to spend the night eating and drinking. On Phu Quoc’s west coast, you can lie on the golden sands to enjoy the magical beauty of the sunset.

Ong Lang Beach in Phu Quoc Island (Source:

I stayed at Phu Quoc Dragon Hotel – a relatively new hotel that has no direct view of the sea. However, it has a series of beautifully designed bungalows in the tropical garden. 

The hotel also has a swimming pool and free shuttle service (walking is convenient, too).

Bai Nhat Beach, Con Son, Con Dao Island

According to CNN’s recent assessment, Con Dao is on the list of paradise islands in Asia with crystal clear beaches and peaceful shores. Con Son Island – the main island of Con Dao is still in the early stages of tourism development.

Bai Nhat beach is ranked among the top six pristine beaches of Asia in 2015. Bai Nhat beach is to the west of the island.

Bai Nhat Beach in Con Dao Island (Source:

There is almost no tourism development here. So, you can enjoy natural beauty without any people’s interference.

Because Bai Nhat Beach has not developed much, there are few places to stay. Six Senses is the best choice on the island if you have enough money. Here’s another deal, you can look for mid-range resorts or find small guest houses such as Hai An Hotel. 

As the number of restaurants is quite limited, you should eat breakfast, lunch or dinner in the Six Senses, Infiniti Café, Bar200, Thu Ba Restaurant. 

Dam Trau Beach, Con Son, Con Dao Island

Dam Trau beach is a perfect place for having a picnic, swimming, watching coral reefs,  experiencing adventurous journeys, and exploring remote islands. It is named “Airport Beach” because planes take off and touch down behind the beach.

Dam Trau Beach in Con Dao Island (Source:

Dam Trau beach will let you immerse yourself in the peace of nature and relieve stress. This is the reason why I highly recommend it to you. 


Vietnam is a beautiful place with a variety of tourist attractions, especially great beaches. The majority of them are suitable for water sports such as swimming, watching coral reefs, surfing, etc. 

If you are fond of the sea or water sports, why don’t you come here and eye-witness all of these incredible views? I ensure you will love them at first sight.

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