Wah TAJ !!! Yet Again

There are some places, which we always want to visit again and again. One such place is the Taj Mahal. Its ultimate and evergreen beauty forces one to visit it atleast once in a lifetime. But even after my repeated visits , I never feel bored there. It had been almost one and a half year when we last visited the Taj Mahal. So in July this year, me and my family planned a single day quick trip to Agra. We started from Delhi at 6am. It was the drive on the same old NH-2 . In the morning also Delhi to Faridabad route was full of traffic. It took almost 2 hours to cross complete Faridabad. From Faridabd to Ballabgarh and then Palwal traffic density starts decreasing. Once you cross Palwal , then from Hodal you can feel that finally you are driving on a highway. NH-2 as always was excellent. Crossed Kosi Kalan and Mathura in no time. Finally reached Agra at 10:30 Am. Total distance covered was 215 Kms.

The Traditional View of Taj

The Main Darwaza (If the above or any other pic is not opening please right click on it and do show picture. It will appear)

The Well Maintained Garden

First went to the market to have breakfast. Then Parked the car at the parking of the Taj and proceeded to the Ticket counter. To our surprise , there was a very long queue. As I was standing in the line , I heard a person who was selling 3 tickets. Actually he had bought 25 tickets as they were a huge family group from Kolkata. They had bought 3 extra tickets. I immediately bought 3 tickets from him which saved quite a lot of time. Finally entered the Taj Mahal. As always, it was flooded with tourists. As we crossed the main entry gate , we saw the Agra Development Authority buses which takes you from the main entry gate to the Main premises. Last year this was not there. It was a 10 Rs per person ticket for a 2 minute ride on a open bus. Really enjoyed this short ride. It was a good experience.

The Bus Ride

The first complete glimpse of Taj

The History

The Taj Mahal which is a magnificient building and words simply do not do it justice. I believe it is perfect from every possible angle and viewpoint. The intricate hand carved marble work and inset stones are of the best design and every aspect of the patterns has been carefully thought through so that a building of timeless character and prestige could be created. As always , I walked around it many times, trying to appreciate its delicacy and perfection from every possible stance. Even after seeing it so many times , it remains the same old beautiful building.

Moving Closer

The Lush Green Garden

When you enter the main premisis and sit on the white marble , you just get drown in its breathtaking beauty and aura ,and forget that just outside there is a bustling city full of traffic. At last according to me It is beautiful. I’ll leave it there. No need for bombast and superfluous adjectives. It is impossible to look at it and not feel moved. In my humble opinion of course, it is an astounding monument and it definately deserves to be the Pride Of Our Nation.

River Yamuna as seen from the Taj

After the Taj Mahal , in the evening we again visited the market and bought shoes , as Agra is quite famous for its genuine leather shoes. Not to forget , the famous Panchhi Petha. After all this , it was time to conclude the journey. We started from Agra at 6 Pm and reached back at 11pm. After you reach back , you have only few words to utter – Wah Taj…Wah Taj…

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