Vaishali: It all started from here…

In a recent survey when this fact was revealed that there was more number of foreigner tourists to Bihar than Goa, I was pleasantly surprised. Two places immediately stuck in my mind, one is Vaishali and another one is Bodhgaya. I had spent my childhood in Patna but never got the chance to visit these places before. So in March 2011, when I went to my home town, I decided to witness the place which gave us the system which we all proud of and that make our country world’s largest democratic nation on the face of earth.

Vaishali’s Ashok Stambh
Without being politically inclined one thing every Bihari will admit that infrastructural development has actually taken place in Bihar. Vaishali is around 60 km from Patna and roads are really well maintained. However crossing the Mahatma Gandhi Setu, between Patna and Hajipur, which is second largest river bridge in Asia, is a real pain. Here you can taste the politics between state and Center government. Most of the roads in Bihar are now well maintained but this very important river bridge is yet to repair because it falls under the center quota for its maintenance.

From Hajipur you have to go Vaishali via Lalganj and other small villages. The drive till Vaishali is so pleasant. Small villages, lush green fields, picture perfect faces will accompany you throughout your journey. Infrastructure has started developing but it will take time to change the way of living of people and that makes this place different.

People are still addicted to their simple life style, but everybody seems to be optimistic. One statement that I heard in Patna from a native, that soon a walking space is going to maintained around majestic Ganga river, which will be same as marine drive in Mumbai. Quite overstated but the guy seems to be a firm believer of his optimism. That impressed me a lot, after years of deprivation how the aspiration of common man starts to advances.

Back to journey, visiting Vaishali is very rewarding by all means. I went their along with my cousin brothers and we had a great time there. First we visited Archaeological Museum of Vaishali.

Proof of our rich heritage

Interesting Stuff

Photography was prohibited inside so you have to see your own. There were numerous coins, sculptures, daily need objects and arms. First hand experience of our rich heritage.

Then we clicked some pictures in and around.

Vishwa Shanti Stoop

Our next destination was a long standing statue made by emperor Ashoka the great.

Ashok Stambh

Because of its height local people got an interesting name for it, “Bhim ki Lathi”. This place has got feel of history, it’s so different and charming.

The exploration work are still on

More facts may be revealed in future

While we were exploring a group of Buddhist from Srilanka came there. They started their rituals and pray by revolving round the structure and lighting candles.

The Caretaker of this place informed us that exploration is still under progress and may be in coming months some new facts will revealed.

Vaishali has got credit of being the birth place of 24th Jain Guru Bhagwan Mahavir. This is also closely related to Buddha. He spent many of his years here. One of the eight famous magic that happened in Buddha’s life was happened here. As the legend goes a group of monkeys presented honey to Buddha and also made a pond for him. It is also believed that beneath the stoop there are body parts of Buddha. He also declares his “Nirvana” here.


  • JATDEVTA says:

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  • great pics , great narration, and good place to visit

  • ssk agra says:

    Bhai Maja aa gaya

  • Nandan says:

    Never been there though on one of the bus rides from Darbhanga to Patna via Samastipur, would have taken me to Lalganj and Vaishali. During those days, the worry was more of reaching our destination.

    I have been quietly brooding over doing a 2 night halt at Patna after a long haul from here (Dli – Patna same day) and visit places in and around. Its long overdue. Thank you Amit for taking me there.

  • rkumar02 says:

    Very nice write up !! Picture are so true..
    Last year, when I went there from Delhi and going to Motihari from Patna by car, a nice road welcome us just after few KM from Hajipur to Muzaffarpur highway. We took right take that road and by mistake lead to Vaishali via Lalganj…it was really amazing ..great road and greenery all around. Now all road are in very good condition and beat highways. Vaishali district come under Samastipur to Patna road which is again very excellent but this proper historical place is bit far from this road. You have take detour from Mahua which is approx 35km from Hajipur and alsmost same distance from Tajpur which is again 15km from Samastipur. My home town is Dalsingh sarai which is 25km south of Samastipur.

  • vinaymusafir says:

    Wonderful post, bhai. Now what next??

  • rajesh priya says:

    hi amit just apka post padha vaishali ke baare me ,bahut badhia hai,main patna ka hi rahne wala hun aur achchha laga aapka bihar ke baare me likha hua padh kar.ek baat jo aapne kahi hai is post me ki koi ek bihari aapko bataya ki ganga kinare road ban ne wala hai marine drive ki tarah to mujhe ye batate hue khushi ho rahi hai ki abhi feb2012 me is river drive ka tender bihar govt. ne nikal dia hai,yadi koi archan nahi aayee to aap ek baar phir 2014 me aayenge patna riverdrive dekhne.

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Thanks a lot Rajesh.
      Patna is my native place and its my pleasure to have conversation with you. Indeed Patna is going to be hot spot in tourist sector. You must have heard about “Virat Ankorvat Temple” that is going to be created in Vaishali distt. Once completed it will be largest temple of the world. If Bihar govt start projecting Bihar as a tourist destination like Gujrat and MP, I am sure its unexplored places will be a delight to tourist from all over the world.
      I keep visiting Patna, may be sometime we can catch-up with each other.
      Keep in touch and thanks for liking the post once again.

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