Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Canada

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The largest country in North America, Canada, has increasingly become a popular destination for learners, college students and tourists from around the world. With this, the search for cheap flights to Canada has increased considerably, because here among us, it is an expensive trip, is not it?

This number of researches tend to increase more and more, mainly due to the continuous flow of international students who arrive year after year on the Canadian territory.

Cheap flights to Canada: current scenario

If you live in Latin America, most flights to Canada make a stopover in the United States, but to get there, you must have an American tourist visa normally.

For those who do not have a US visa, another option is to make flights with a stopover in Mexico, a country that does not require this document for most Latin American countries if transit flights, however, it is always good to verify.

Direct flights are available from most Asia Pacific and South Asian countries to Canada. However, for those who want to travel to Vancouver, for example, it is necessary to take a longer trip, sometimes with stopovers that may delay their arrival on land; but the good news is that this may change soon.

Growing numbers

The numbers of tourists and populace that has been travelling from different parts of the world to Canada are growing. Also, the number of Canadians travelling to various other countries is increasing.  

Moreover, the search for cheap tickets to Canada and Air Canada cheap flights has been increasing the demand for people seeking shorter flights and, of course, less exhausting. One can consider for the same motive as it is one of the best user-friendly booking platforms that has access to more than 450 airlines, providing the best travelling services to the seekers.

This generates a discussion that involves not only the government but the airlines in their search for better benefits for customers.

Cheap flights to Canada: tips for finding the best price

One of the questions we receive most from our customers is how to find cheap airline tickets for Canada.

Many people find options depending on the time they buy them, others doing good planning well in advance. Therefore, we decided to write about some tips for those who are looking to save a little money when buying their tickets for cheap flights to Canada.

Read carefully:

Buy your ticket only after the approval of the visa or eTA

We had already seen cases of people who had purchased the ticket before and the visa process took longer than expected. Result: flight change and more spending!

Participate in a miles program

The points that you accumulate can help you get a discount on the next trip. After registering on the site, use your number each time you buy a flight to find cheap flights to Canada.

Flexibility when choosing the date

If you have a course to start soon, do your search by placing a few days before the start of classes.

Flights in the middle of the week are usually cheaper. When we talk about North America, the cheapest days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

The most expensive days are on Fridays and Sundays. The trip schedule can also help you save. Night flights are much more advantageous than day flights.

The best month to find cheap airline tickets for Canada

Another super good suggestion when you still do not have a specific date to go to Canada is to check the Skyscanner website.

It is enough to indicate the place of origin, the destination, and instead of placing the specific date, click on “whole month”. After this step, click on the “cheapest month”. Thus, you can plan your trip to Canada based on the most attractive air ticket.


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Search in the low season

It is good to travel in all the seasons of the year, but in high seasons the costs of the tickets tend to go up considerably.

Besides paying more, the city may be more crowded with tourists and the tourist spots will also have much larger queues.

Usually, July and August are considered high season months in Canada as well as the holiday period of December.

Compare prices


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Start looking and comparing the prices in some air ticket sales sites before actually making the purchase such as Expedia and Skyscanner but do not leave the purchase for the last minute.

The surveys indicate that people look for air tickets with an average of three to four months in advance. However, it is not proven that this factor influences a lot when it comes to finding low prices on plane tickets.  Of course, stay tuned for your searches, because the last minute tickets can cost more expensive. The tip is to be organised.

Do advance financial planning

Check the average price of the tickets to the city where you are going, so as not to get a shock when it is time to buy.

Subscribe to airfare promotions

Subscribe to the publications of airlines and search engines. Normally, within their website, you can find the option to activate price alert notifications based on the destinations and dates you are searching.

Follow airlines on social networks

Normally, airlines choose social networks as a means to let know their promotions.

Take advantage of time browsing the internet and search for the airlines of your choice to find good deals! In this way, you will find cheap flights to Canada.

The best time to buy tickets for international routes

When you think about travelling to another country, the first question that arises is when to buy an airline ticket.

The recommendation is that you start your research 30 to 60 days before, in times of the low season, from 60 to 120 days in high season.

As we talked about earlier, in Canada, the high season months are July to August, when there is summer and between Christmas and the New Year.

Remember that, according to experts, buying your plane ticket well in advance will make you pay a heftier price. Those who benefit most from this strategy are the airline since none of them worries about promotion six months or a year in advance. Other risks of buying a lot earlier are:

  • The company can stop operating your flight and assign you another schedule suddenly
  • The company can change the services offered on board
  • Prices may fall closer to the trip

Therefore, the point is to be patient and wait a bit to get better prices. But stay tuned, do not leave everything for the last hour. Remember, if it is less than three weeks for your trip, do not hesitate and purchase the ticket! It is possible that they are the last cheap flights to Canada that you find.

Websites and applications

Technology today is a great friend when you search for cheap flights to Canada. Many sites also offer mobile applications, and that makes the search much more dynamic and fast.

Some of them, like Skyscanner (already mentioned above) send alerts every time the step of their choice changes the price.

While others may charge extra after the selection of the flight; they do show the final value. To avoid paying the extra money, it is suggested is that you see the tickets of your preference, go directly to the airline’s website and look for the flight there.

Some website options to see cheap flights to Canada are:


Google Flights






Without a doubt, Canada is among the most beautiful countries in the world. With inspiring landscapes, this country of North America has become one of the most sought after destinations by travellers and tourists from across the globe.

Even if you are going to enjoy Canadian summer or winter in Canada, there will be many options for the places to visit.

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