The Underground World of GOD

Patal Bhuvneshwari was one of the most exciting tours for us. Before starting for Nainital ( Nainital is a Himalayan town in the Kumaon region of India’s Uttarakhand state, at an altitude  of around 2,000m. ) I explored about nearby places in Nainital. I do not want to explore the lake and another most visited place of Nainital. Suddenly I found the underground world of God which is around 175 km from Nainital. I reached Nainital and talked about same to my hotel owner. He was looking very excited and told me everyone wants to visit Kausani, Ranikhet etc but not Patal Bhuvneshwari. I told him might be people are not very well aware. As per him it is a very exciting place and arranged one car for us to reach there.

We started on this journey from Nainital around 8:00 AM. Even, an overall road was not bad and was very adventurous. It was quite relaxing and beautiful journey. We reached Patal Bhuvneshwari around 3:00 PM and the underground world of God was about to close in next 2 and half hour. So we directly reached that place without checking in KMVN hotel. We took our number because they send people in the group of around 30 people in batch with one guide.

Greenery everywhere

We were very excited everyone coming out from that place was looking excited. Everyone was asking how was that place. People were just commenting “Awesome”. This was increasing our excitement. Finally, our number came and looking at entry gate just we said “Oh my god”. It was very narrow and you can only crawl and move further. It was around 90 feet down to the mountain. Or you can say down to earth ( which is called patal in Hindi). Someplace on the way was very narrow covered with rock and you have to twist your body to move on. It was slippery also because tourist movement rock got very slippery. It was really very adventurous and exciting.


When we reached down we saw big cave like hall and we can feel the whole universe according to Hindu mythology. The left side of cave representing Sheh Nag. You can see his big teeth like structure and on the floor, you can feel his spinal cord. There are four entrances inside the cave named as ‘Randwar’ ‘Paapdwar’, ‘Dharamdwar’ and ‘Mokshadwar’. The Paapdwar was closed soon after the death of Ravana and the Randwar, literally, the road to war was closed down after the great Mahabharata war. At present only two gateways are opened. You can see the tongue of Kali Bhairav, Aravati of Indra, hairs of Lord Shiva and several other wonders inside the caves of Patal Bhuvaneshwar.

This is where Shiva rested

Temple entrance

This is where Shiva rested when he chose to visit these parts form the celestial heights of His abode in Kailash. The cave, it is believed, is connected by an underground route to Mount Kailash. it’s believed that Pandavas, the ‘Mahabharat’ heroes proceeded towards their last journey in the Himalayas after meditating here, in front of Lord Shiva. I was very excited to see huge stalactites, called “jatas” of Lord Shiva, located at a different location inside the cave. 


  • Patrick Jones says:

    Welcome aboard, Rajeev.
    Kumaon is a great place to roam around. Every nook and corner is exciting especially if you ride/drive on your own.
    Keep travelling.

    • rajeev dave says:

      Thanks Patrick for reading. You are right Kumaon is a great place and I wanted to drive, but because of health reason I could not drive. But I will ….

  • Gaurav Sati says:

    Must have been a great Adventure sounds Fascinating Really exited now to go there.

  • Ram says:

    Wo Rajeev sir, I spend almost my 22 years in d . Dun but never explored this place , very informative and adventurous!

    • Patrick Jones says:

      You might’ve noticed that the distance between the two places – Dehradun and Patal Bhuvaneshwar – is over 400 km so there’s an excuse for missing the place.

      • Rajeev Dave says:

        You are right we have so many places in INDIA which we even do not know. I am going to share more stories which I visited. When I go somewhere I like to walk in spite of taking any vehicle which give me chance to explore more.

  • Rajeev Dave says:

    You are right we have so many places in INDIA which we even do not know. I am going to share more stories which I visited. When I go somewhere I like to walk in spite of taking any vehicle which give me chance to explore more.

  • Pooja Kataria says:

    Dear Rajeev,
    A very warm welcome to you on Ghumakkar!
    The post is so nice and interesting to read that I was surprised how soon it ended.
    The picture of the mountains is beautifully captured.
    Thank you for taking us on this journey with you.


  • Thank you Rajeev , this is such an informative post. It gives more pleasure when you visit the place and know the history/mythology associated with it.
    Just curious, how did you learn about these facts? Were there handouts or is it Google or word-of-mouth transferred information?

    Whatever the source was, I must confess, it has made the post insightful!

    Thank you for writing about it here.

    • Rajeev Dave says:

      Thanks Archana!!

      This is under ASI now and when you will go there you will be accompanied with guide. They explain very well and seeing is believing.

      Even if everything is wrong but worth watching.

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