The Paradise on Earth – Kashmir

With assembly elections declared in UP, schools & offices being closed for 2 days, it was 4 day long weekend. My sister insisted on going out and after exploring various options, we finally decided for “Srinagar” and competitive air ticket prices contributed towards this decision. For those travelling with infant (as in my case), GoAir might be the best bet as GoAir is not charging Fuel Surcharge, Passenger Handling Fee and Congestion Surcharge for infants, that would make infant ticket cheaper by 1K.

Day 1: After landing Srinagar airport around noon time on 12th April, we had lunch at Krishna Vaishno Dhaba and headed for local sightseeing. There are many pure-veg restaurants and dhabas around Dal Gate along with Nathu’s (especially for Delhiites).

Flowers all galore

Local sightseeing started with Shankarayacharya Temple which is on the height of more than 200 stairs. Avoid going to this place just after having heavy lunch. We then turned to Gardens of Srinagar – Botanical garden, Tulip garden, Shalimar and Nishat garden (Mughal garden). All gardens have beautiful grass lawns and fountains but the best garden is Tulip garden.

Amid the great gardens of Srinagar

Srinagar’s Tulip Garden is Asia’s largest Tulip garden, which was opened just few days back for the season. It had more than 3 lakh flowers in full bloom imported from Holland. Worth spending few hours.

After covering sightseeing, in the evening, we went to Dal Lake for looking at House Boats as we were planning to stay one night in House Boat. A single visit to House Boat was sufficient to clear all our doubts regarding safely of child, mosquitoes, stinking issues blah blah. We changed our minds and negotiated with the owner of “PANZEY” (House Boat) and settled there for all 3 three nights. House Boats opposite to Nathu’s Sweets are pretty decent and close to market.

Day2: We had early breakfast and left for Gulmarg in the private taxi. We bargained with taxi
driver directly without approaching taxi stand and got a good deal as this was a non-peak season. We reached Gulmarg in around 2 hours time.

Snow Snow everywhere

From there, we took Gandola rope way to the snow point Phase 1. Phase 2 is the hilltop for which authority charges 500 bucks per person. For us, phase -1 was good enough, full of snow and winter activities such as skiing and sledging. We spent few hours there and then came back to Gulmarg base, had lunch and returned to Srinagar.

In the evening, we enjoyed Shikara ride around the Dal Lake. Shikara ride covers several sight-seeing of Dal lake viz Nehru park, “Chori ki zameen” (floating land in Dal lake), shopping centers and “Shikara Restaurant”. Yes, Shikara Restaurant – A restaurant on Shikara which caters snacks, when you are enjoying Shikara ride or staying in House Boat. Shikara ride and stay in House Boat is the best of Kashmir.

Shikara at Srinagar


Day3: Phalagam, starting point of AmarnathYatra, is around 2.5 hrs away from Srinagar. It is worth hiring a pony and enjoy pony ride along with sightseeing. We let our driver negotiate on the price as he knew local language and finally he got us deal on much lower price than the government listed rates. Pony took us through the kaccha tracks on the mountain and after 15-20 minutes of ride, we reached a large beautiful ground surrounded by Himalayan range. There was also a small river flowing on one side of the ground with chilled water.

Pony Ride

We spent few hours there, relaxed and also tried Kashmiri Kahwa (only Aarushi enjoyed the taste of Kahwa :-)). On the way back to Pahalgam, there were several other sightseeing but not of a kind where we could get down of pony and spent some time. We had our lunch at Nathu’s Rasoi in Phalagam and headed back to Srinagar.

Happy Kid Happy Mom

In the evening, we visited the (in)famous “Lal ChowK” of Srinagar (place where most of the bomb blasts happen). Lal Chowk is not a tourist area and is dominated by locals so we purchased some good Kashmiri stuff from there on reasonable price. Dry fruits, Kesar, Shawls and ladies suites. Finally, after dinner we packed our luggage and booked taxi for leaving airport in the morning.

There are multiple security checks on Srinagar airport so it is good to keep buffer of few hours while reaching airport else you may miss your flight.

Day 4: Welcome back to Delhi with soaring 42 degree temperature.


  • Ankur says:

    Welcome to the blogging world..
    Nice summarization…
    Some helpful tips too…

  • Nandan says:

    Pretty detailed info. I didn’t know that Srinagar has the biggest Tulip garden. Also after reading this, it seems that its easy and safe to visit Kashmir, at least from Delhi.

    Do write more as you visit other places, it can be anything from Ambala to Baraut. :)

  • Shipra says:

    quite tempting and well explained journey…

  • Upanshu Singhal says:

    Great. Glad to see the Tulips in Srinagar. When I was leaving Seattle with 5 years of Tulip pictures, I thought I will not be able to take the Tulip pictures in India, but here they are.

    Nandan, this is the 1st year for Tulips in India / Srinagar, they last for very few days only. So, spring will be the best time for Tulips and plan on singing a song like “Dekha 1 khwaab to ye Silsile…”

  • Nandan says:

    Well said Upanshu. Probably some of the newer YashRaj movies may get to shoot this.

  • Nandan says:

    Just read this again since I was fixing some of the stuff around putting right categories, putting the place on map etc.

    Glad to see old pics of your daughter. :-) I am sure she would be happy to see this. I am yet to make any trip to Kashmir. Did you go there again ever ?

    Your profile picture is not coming, please sign-up for a gravatar at and set a profile pic when you are free. Also please send us 2-4 line bio which we can put in ‘About the Author’ section.


  • Nandan says:

    I made the pic larger and have put a caption.

  • Naman says:

    Great post! :)

  • Sachin says:

    Thanks Naman.

    @Nandan: Thanks for editing the post and putting up captions. Not been able to travel to Kashmir again but definitely on the list. It is still Arushi’s favorite place :)


  • Nandan says:

    Glad to hear from you Sachin. Keep visiting, reading and commenting.

    When you are free, please sign-up for a gravatar, it is a standard this which is useful across blogging world.

    Also, please update or send me 2-4 lines of text, it would make your Author page look good.

    I wish you many more trips.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Sachin, Its been 6 years and I have not been able to visit Kashmir. Roads are getting better and now Srinagar is one night halt away with two full day drive, from Delhi. Guess a week long stay would be idea. Some day for sure.

    Please write more about your recent travels as your time permits. It is a great way to reliving the good memories :-).

    • sachin says:

      This post is here because of you :) Thanks !

      A passionate person like you can think of driving to Srinagar, I would rather catch flight again !


  • Abhee K says:

    Hi Sachin,

    Welcome to Ghumakkar.

    Beautiful post.Really liked it.Tulip Garden, Shikara , House boat all are so much attractive terms.Never knew one can Visit Kashmir so safely and happily.

    Here in Canada , I have also found Ottawa Tulip festival.So waiting for spring (Hopefully we will survive our first winter here).

    Thanks for sharing

    Keep travelling, keep writing.

    • sachin says:

      Thanks Abhee

      Initially we were also skeptical about Kashmir but it turned to be an amazing experience. House boat stay is the most memorable part and it’s safe for kids as well.

      Best wishes

  • venkatt says:

    Sachin ji…You have started with a post on the “most beautiful place on earth”. Welcome to Ghumakkar !

  • Vinay Rajput says:

    Welcome aboard. Started on Ghumakkar with Kashmir…..good start.
    Well-paced travelogue. Pics are good.

  • davinder singh randhawa says:

    very nice pictures, i want to ask something sachin ji, how much is rush in gulmarg gondola and how much difficult it is to get tickets

  • Nirdesh Singh says:

    Hi Sachin,

    Welcome to Ghumakkar!

    Kashmir posts always bring a twinkle to the eyes – and past memories.

    The photos seem fresh as if taken yesterday – the tulip garden indeed is beautiful.

    Keep writing!

  • Rakesh Bawa says:

    Sachin Ji, Namaskar. Undoubetedly the place is paradise on earth. Though I missed the tulip garden during my visit which I would like to cover in the next future. Welcome aboard.

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