Shitidhar Trek in Himanchal Pradesh – Part II

Day 3

On third day, we has to get up early as we had to go to Base Camp for our final ascent to the Shitidhar peak. We work up and then rest of our stuff just the tent behind.. We reached camp one earlier than previous day as we had built up the strength and stamina. We really enjoyed this ascent to Camp One reaching in about 3 hours, quite fast from normal standards.

I am not putting up any pictures here as they were put in the Day 2 story.

Camping site, having some food

A Stitched view of whole Shtidhar and Friendship peak range from Camp One

After reaching camp one, on the nearby snow laden area, we did some practice with crampons for our summit next day. It was fun as well tricky. But we did managed to do some round and then slowly dozed off to be ready for early morning summit.

Day 4
We got up very early and started our summit at about 4 am.. It was very cold at night as water around was frozen and cold wind and noise did not help to get a good sleep. Moreover some of us had nausea as well.  We had put on warm jackets, mountaineering boots with crampons, took ice axes, ropes etc with us and proceeded slowly to Shitidhar. This was the most difficult part our trek. 

On our way up

Ploughing on snow

snow and men

Soon after about a km of almost vertical trek on loose snow and rocks, we hit the completely snow-covered rocks and climb was getting tougher and tougher. Hearts panting as breathing got tougher and tougher, we stopped every 10-20 steps and slowly we started out ascent. On our way, we thought we would go to Ladakhi but route was laden with massively loose snow in which we started dipping so we moved towards Shitidhar. We had to use ropes etc on our way to get us lifted in which guides helped us. There were many slippages but slowly we kept moving ahead. At many places, we had to vertically climb to rocks with almost on the toes which was draining, frightening and very tough.. Although I must say that weather was good for us, mostly sunny and helpful. Visibility was also very good.

However after 5 hours or so hard work, we were on top of Shitidhar. It was an awesome feeling with a sense of triumph as well as an admiration for nature. Here I could feel that why should we not spread filth on the mountains as they are source of water to us and any problems here would severely affect us. Here we stayed only for a while as weather started getting bad and we started getting down. Getting down was not easy and was tough due to vertical nature of mountain and it was quite risky as well.. Slowly we made it to camp one where we stayed for a while to take rest before getting down to Beaskund by the evening. Overall we were knackered but sense of achievement was there and team felt very proud. We then had a good dinner and then slept off for route back to Manali next day.

View around, snow, snow and snow

More snow

On top of the Shitidhar

Getting down

We first got down to camp one where we rested for a while, had some food and bathed in sun which felt very nice after all the hard work.After a while stuff was packed up and with help of guides and porters, carried all the stuff down (half of what we had). despite being tired, getting down surprisingly did not feel difficult. By the afternoon, we were down at the Beaskund where we had to spend the night and next day proceed to Manali.

On this dinner, the dinner also felt good for the first time, we wanted to have a feast and porters end up making a rather nice curry. Chatted a lot a night before slowly dozing off.

Day 5

We started our day leisurely, got up at around 6-7 in the morning, did daily chores and had Halwa in the breakfast with nice hot tea. Took pictures of mountains around and packed the stuff. We then left for way back at around 8-9 am. The route to Bakrathaj was difficult as boulders were not making it easy to get down and then stayed at Bakrathaj for a while. We then started our way down to Dhundi, all of this journey took about 2 hours. At Dhundi we did not have any transportation arranged so walk  to Solang Nallah on foot which was good 6-7 km away. At Dhundi, Indian Government is making a motorway in this region, mostly going through tunnels, to Ladakh. That will make travel to Ladakh faster but may be not enjoyable.
On the way to Dhundi: A happy bunch

We got at Solang Nallah at about 1-2 pm or so. We were tired and hungry but did not have enough time as the bus was ready to go to Manali. Solang Nallah is a nice place which is I think the last inhabited area before mountains start and is famous for skiing during winter. We reached Manali at about 4 pm and then headed for food to a hotel before having a stroll though the markets and then dozing off to a sleep which was awesome.

Day 6
We packed off our stuff and got back to Delhi on bus and then to Kanpur on next day.
In summary this was short trek, may be about 50 km but very tough.. We really enjoyed it and hopefully we can make it to Shitidhar sometime soon.So, until next time, enjoy the pictures on Flickr and Photobucket.

IITK team..


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  • Vibha says:

    A seemingly simple trek to Vaishno Devi frightens me so I can’t even imagine what your must have felt like after conquering this peak. I imagine that the journey back is easier after some rest.

    Nice pictures, wish they were a bit bigger though.

    Keep travelling, keep sharing.

  • Rajni says:

    congratulations for successfully n safely completing the trek….
    must say a very good article…. n beautiful pics too….

    ashish.. me n my frnds will b going for friendship peak in d same region nxt month….although i hv been trekking in the himalayas for long , this is d first time i am attempting any climbing in snow…. last year d route near the frndshp summit was washed away…dont know the situation now…in case v r unable to climb frndsh v wil go 4 shitidhar….ur article gave a very clear idea of wht to expect

  • Ashish says:

    To all; thanks for the comments..

    Rajni: I am told that Friendship is easier than Shitidhar..

  • Nandan says:

    Yes, the pics would look at higher resolution. 640 X 480 fits best in this layout.

    What is a crampon ?

  • Ashish says:

    Crampon is a metallic frame worn under the shoe with pointed front and back ends to make a better grip on the snow.. Help to walk/climb on snow..

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