Road trip – Delhi to Hyderabad in 2 days

Ok Travelling is good, and you may enjoy being a new couple but dont you think the journey is a bit long?

Guys don’t end up fighting lol

What wow!! but …well… wats the total kilo meters?

General reactions of friends and family. Somehow we managed it well in advance preparing for these questions and easing their curiosity because we knew rest is all fun and a wonderful experience.

DAY – 1

We pressed our KM bar to zero and started from Indirapuram on November 11th 2017,  5.30 am. 

our start

Via DND, Agra expressway we enjoyed our route with little bit of smog in between which we assumed to be gentle clouds relaxing our self through the express way. At 75 kms we paid around Rs. 415 at Jewar in the starting and did not had to pay for the next 2 tolls for Mathura and Agra plaza. 

taj expressway

Agra expressway ended at 208 kms and city roads came where we were able to see many panchi petha shops. Through fatehbad road (at 8.30 am) we headed towards Gwalior by taking NH44. Around 20 kms we drove within the city which had general traffic. From 228 kms onwards we started getting clear roads.

We paid two tolls , toll sayina (Rs. 70), toll Chaundha (Rs. 60) and reached Gwalior at 11 am, 332 kms.

silence! away from hustle and bustle of the city

After that roads were silent but soothing. It was the start; of 2 people enjoying the long, little curvy roads , relaxing, free from the hustle bustle of city life.

There are no family restaurants or resorts in between except dhabas, so we decided to go along, keeping our hunger aside till we get something comfortable for us. We had lunch at Mamta resort around 2.30 pm, the place which we had found after a long wait. 

mamta resort

We headed towards sagar where we had a stay and paid three tolls in between. Toll Babina at 468 kms (Rs.85), Vigakhet at 521 kms (Rs. 65) and melthone at 575 kms (Rs.90)

Finally our first day had ended at Hotel Deepali in Sagar, at 638 kms. Clean, lot of families, kids playing at the gaming zone, fine food, good reception of everyone helped us to relax and regain the energy for the next day which was going to be longer than the first one.

outer view of the hotel

our rooms

the reception of the hotel

Following was the route taken by us for day 1:

Indirapuram – DND – Agra expressway – Dhaulpur, Morena through Gwalior road – Datia through Gwalior by pass road – Jhasi – Lalitpur – Sagar

DAY – 2

woke up early morning

We woke and were up in our Breeza at 5.17am. It was a dark, silent, cold windy morning for 2 hours (8.30 am), where we drove in the dark, alone on the roads. Breathe in and breathe out slowly. This is my type of journey so we enjoyed, otherwise it may be little scary because of the unknown roads, gps going down at many places. We had downloaded maps offline which helped us to know the roads in no signal areas.

Our second driving day was a long one. We paid around 15 tolls, where we were thinking we may have paid extra tolls as we had little knowledge of the place.

Following is the expense and the name of the tolls which came in between our journey from sagar to Hyderabad, Telangana.

Chitora (661 kms) – Rs.105, Titerpani – Rs. 80, Bakori – Rs. 105, Oriental Nagpur by pass – Rs. 100, Daronda Plaza- Rs. 65, Kelapur – Rs. 35, NHAI Piparwada– Rs.70, Rolmada Village – Rs.75, Gamjal – Rs.45, Inderwai – Rs. 65, Manoharabad – Rs 75, Nehru Out ring road – Rs. 10, and Finally Bhiknoor – Rs.65.

Prettly long list huh, but somehow it dint hurt as the roads after Nagpur were beautiful.

It was a beautiful 2.5 hours drive from Sagar on smooth wide roads till lakhnadon. There are many stretch in between where road construction is happening which slowed our speed and took time. May be after an year or so the journey from sagar to Hyderabad may become a non stop, one time , fast reach.

through the jungle

From lakhnadon we reached at seoni Jabalpur road, where we passed through a jungle. Monkeys, dogs, deer around us; just on the roads, curvy path, little hilly area was something we were not prepared of but the adreline rush gave us a sense of adventure. This stretch was the worst stretch of the entire trip as it hardly had roads but a sand path full of big potholes which was around 2 hours long till Nagpur.

the journey straight

After Nagpur , you can straight go to Hyderabad in 9 hours, around 500 kms as the whole journey is green, smooth clean roads. Its like a long drive in nature with no traffic.It just had little tolls and construction in between, at few areas. It is very much advised, you have lots of packed food as we had finished the home made food in the first day and we found no restaurant in between.

Finally when huger overpowered us we had stopped at a dhaba named Punjabi dhaba at 4 pm, however the dal and chole were pretty good. In between there is a stretch of 399 kms, straight road, no left or right in between where the sunset fills the sky with red, violet lines making it a delight for eyes to see and calm the heart .

sunset scenes!

In our entire route we just took one break for lunch per day with one or two short breaks at the petrol pump in between. Our journey ended and we reached Kukatpally, Hyderabad at 9 pm with lot of memories and an experience of lifetime.

The route taken by us on 2nd day:

Sagar – Narsimhapur- Lakhnadon – Seoni – Nagpur – Hingaghat – Adilabad – Hyderabad

This is my first blog. Yay, I hope it adds value to those travelling on the same route and as well to those who wants to know about the journey. I would say – go for it and enjoy. Download maps online, do not stop car in between or ask for route just to be at safer side. Downloading maps offline would be highly recommended.



  • RC Sharma says:

    Thanks Apurva, very well explained and guided journey…
    By now Hydrabad seems to be near to Delhi…
    Wish to travel by this route to Hydrabad….


    • Apurva says:

      Yes! 80% of the route is scenic beauty. in between there are roads where construction is happening which i am sure will be done within an year. njoy your travel.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Welcome about Apurva. Road-trips get the most web-traffic at Ghumakkar :-), so brace for questions on hows the road-conditions for next few years.

    2 days, from Delhi-Hyderabad is awesome. I see both of you covering almost every destination by road, soon. Incidentally, we were at Indirapuram for many years before we recently moved back to Noida.


  • Minakshi says:

    Joyful read and ride…☺
    Liked the small n significant detail that u captured in simple swift way..I could feel every bit of it…

    Keep traveling n blogging…

  • Apurva says:

    I think mpre than The destination its the journey thats exciting.

  • Natrajan says:

    Madam, Best of luck.

    A very nice explanation of the route and toll paid etc. Really enjoyed the content.

    I am also a resident of Indirapuram.


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