Portobello beach,Around Edinburgh

The moment I heard the name being taken by my brother this time over our trip to Scotland I immediately thought of some sumptuous italian inspired food or themed resort. Jokes apart, Portebello is a coast along Leith, part of Edinburgh, just 30 minutes ride from Easter Road location from where my brother and SIL stay( for the ease of the readers who will get various follow ups from me they are Neil and Amy).

Beach view at dusk

Beach view at dusk

Any one who loves coastal scenary, wants to catch some beach shots( even a novice like me managed some good angles) has to catch the dusk light at the Portobello beach, a MUST for Edinburgh visitors. You can take a day pass on any of the Edinburgh Public bus, which runs till late night and they have excellant service.

Sandstone apts facing promenade

Sandstone apts facing promenade

The entire promenade is interspersed with Fish and Chips shops for all the foodies, and some local Pubs where the local lager is again a must have. I stuck to my favorite Corona though!

With Neil Promenade background

With Neil Promenade background

Going in to the history of Portobello as it always makes a place a little more interesting, during 18th century it was the most popular haunt for smugglers and seamen. But by 1795, the Portobello beach started becoming a major tourist attraction because of the “bathing machines”.

Lil' history of the beach!

Lil' history of the beach!

As of now, Portobello, is a little haven for busy city dwellers to come and relax, take a walk on the promenade, catch the crisp air, grab a pint and get back to the humdrum of the city life, just as we did. Only difference being we headed back to plan our next day in and around Edinburgh.



Till my next post…
I bid Adieu.


  • Poonam says:

    Your writing skills are excellent, excellent picture…This destination in on my list for sure Indrani !!!!

  • Shafrin says:

    you look shoooo amazing as usual with your charm …. :))))

    cute pics of you n family…..i would love to go to a place like the…lets get the planing started !!!

  • Sapna says:

    WoW Indrani looks and feels beautiful !!

  • Suhail says:

    the place looks amazing ! i will seek advise from you when I plan my visit !!

  • yassir says:

    wow…indrani …..i love this place …..will catch up with you for more details to go here…..you have a good choice of going to places haan……

    but i definately need to know bout this one…

  • nayan_tithi says:

    indrani….khub bhalo jayega aar khub bhalo write up…thanks …

  • Jerry Jaleel says:

    It is amazing to know that Portobello beach is close to the city center, and during the clear days watching a glorious sunset is etched in one’s memory forever.

    When you visited Edinburgh, I hope you took a stroll through the old Fountainbridge Road, a favorite milk delivery route for the young Sean Connery.

    with best wishes,


    • Indrani says:

      Ahh ofcourse we did, this was my 4th visit to Edinburgh and this time on we wanted to explore a lil’ of undiscovered Edinburgh especially as we landed in the middle of the FRINGE festival. So u can imagine cultural melting pot that Edinburgh city was during last few weeks, i.e. August! Actually Fountainbridge road is pretty centrally located and Sean being kind of Son of Soil first trip covered it whilst covering the popular or rather unpopular Hay Market!

      But as u mention, nothing to beat the tranquility of the coastal regions..hmm.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Looking fwd to next one.

    Whats a ‘Bathing Machine’ ?

    • Indrani says:

      The bathing machines were dressing rooms on wheels that were drawn into the sea by horses. In 1806, Portobello Hot & Cold Sea-Water Baths were opened and soon became very fashionable. There was no promenade then and, during the summer, the beach was frequently lined with carriages belonging to the ‘fashion and rank of Edinburgh’. Seaside attractions at Portobello included a mile-long sandy beach, clear seawater, pure air and two mineral springs. In June 1795, a newspaper advertisement announced that ‘bathing-machines upon the best construction, with sturdy horses and careful drivers’ were available for hire at Portobello.

  • nandanjha says:

    The next one is eagerly awaited ….

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