Place to reveal ( Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi)-Thailand

Well.. it was a last moment trip which i planned to go to Thailand and visit “Tiger Temple” I am not sure how many people are aware of such a place in Thailand or even heard of it !! I missed it last time when i went to Thailand cause of shortage of time..
We started our journey to Thailand on 18th Jan. Arrived in bangkok around 630 A.M reached hotel around 0900. Took quick shower in hotel and left around 0930 A.M. Our driver said it will be 3 hours journey, I was too excited and in the excitment to see tigers from so close we did not have b/fast and we left. on the way we saw lot of places of interest like world war 2 railway bridge, temples and lot others, but i was eagerly waiting for TIGERS, we were so tired sitting in the van and everytime we ask driver that how far is it ?  “he say 1 hour sir” one point of time we thought that why the hell even we opt for this place after travelling so much and esp immidiate after landing we started. But we did’nt knew what was waiting for us there….

Finally we arrive Tiger Temple at 1330 Hrs, as soon as we entered one volunteer showed us the track to follow. Then they told us that we will have to walk with the last tiger who is joining other, we were quite stunned and scared as  we were seeing the tiger so close for the first time and he is telling us to walk with them !!! Anway volunteers gave instruction how to behave and walk with them, so we did the same. And we walked with tigers very comfortably.

Reached the place where now there are 15 tigers waiting. Then we have got the chance to take pics with all tigers one by one as you will see in the pics. Once we got scared while taking a pic with one of the tiger as he suddenly got up (ya the pic below one) . But later everything was ok as he settled.

Next place was a play ground with tiger cubs. We were allowed to go inside an area where 8 tiger cubs was playing and we can also play with them but in presence of temple volunteer. That was good fun seeing little cubs playing ,fighting  and jumping on each other.

There are some more shows which we did not attend where the big tigers will be out in open and we will be in a cage to watch them playing. It sounded too cool but we were so exhusted cause of non stop travelling for almost 18 hours including flight. At 1545 hrs finally we decided to put an end to this wonderful experience which I always wanted to go after I saw it on “National Geographic” . Now will look something different on “National Geographic” to look forward to !! I am really thankful to NAT GEO else I could have never fulfilled my dream to touch & see “BIG CATS”.

I can write more about it.. But if i write it all here then when will you plan to go there….

So what you thinking……. Plan your holiday… :-)

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  • Vibha says:

    These are huge tigers. I find it a little disturbing though to see these magnificient animals chained and leashed like dogs. Just my personal opinion!

    Great pictures Naveen!
    And thanks for taking us to this unusual temple.

    • naveen says:

      i know Vibha.. thats lil sad part but u can’t have it them in open, though they were very calm Tigers but u do not want to take any chances..

  • Virag Sharma says:

    Saw on TV (NatGeo/AnimalPla) , now seeing in pics.

    Nice pics Naveen

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Naveen,

    Couple of weeks back I saw this temple in NDTV Good Times.

    Good One !!!!

    • naveen says:

      oh yeah.. that’s how i came to know from NAT GEO that this kind of place does exsists that’s y i was dying to see that place.. so decided at last moment.. but belive me its a wonderful experience..

  • Gita AM says:

    Ive seen TV programmes about this place and always been curious.

    Your photos bring out just what an overwhelming, once in a lifetime experience this must surely have been.

    Do they breed tigers there or are they rehabilitated tigers from circuses or somewhere?

    • Naveen says:

      Hi Geeta, oh yeah this place is amazing but note that the Monk is running this temple got only 2 abandonded tiger cub in jungle. these are not any circus cats. yes they do breed and we saw around 4 new born cubs there but not allowed to take pic cuse there eyes were not open yet and camera flash can hurt them.. I would strongly recommend MUST vist place atleast once in a life time.. It is also good fun for kids as well.Take care… Naveen

  • Sahil says:

    Naveen , I too saw this temple on NDTV Good Times. Thanks for taking us there. Needless to say , the pics are wonderful.


  • Smita Dhall says:

    Suppperb!! 85 tigers is a huge number! Captivity aside, I think it is a great service to the near extinct number of tigers on the planet by breeding them. Thanks for the story.

  • Nandan says:

    Wow !! Amazing experience you must have had.

    tell us more about the temple please.

  • You have a very apt title for this – Place to be revealed. Because a lot of people who have visited Bangkok many times also do not know of this location though many local tour operators have it in their itinerary.

    We were in Bangkok just recently and like your last trip, had to miss this place as the time was not enough.

    But I have heard from few friends and even lonely planet mentions that may be the tigers there are sedated. Did you feel that ?

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