Best of Bikaner, Rajasthan

To start with, I would like to let you guys know that I chose Rajasthan in these still going summers because I am fond of Rajasthani culture, people and food. Last year in August I have already been to Jaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Udaipur, Mount Abu and Jodhpur so this time again thanks to my planning skills and management :-) I suggested to my hubby to visit the remaining areas of Rajasthan which include the desi and originality of Rajasthan. I will cover these areas in parts because there are too many palaces and temples where we have visited and I donn want to get the ghummakars bored :P. So here we go.

Days that we have to play around: 15th Aug, 16th Aug, 17th Aug, 18th Aug. Uff 4 days and too many places but we did it yayyyyyy:):)

So lets start with our journey from Delhi to Bikaner.

I have booked seats in a train from Delhi Rohilla till Bikaner. Day: 14th Aug and Timings: Around 11:30 pm. The train arrived at station at the very right time and thus we reached Bikaner(15th Aug) at around 7:40 am. We have not stayed in any hotel at Bikaner because one of my good friend is basically from Bikaner so for 2 days and 1 night(15th Aug and 16th Aug) we stayed at his house. So sorry about this I will not be able to tell you about the hotels, restaurants, taxi details etc in Bikaner. I can tell you just about the places we visited and what is good(or bad if any although I never say any bad about Rajasthan :O). So we started our trip at 11:00 am on 15h Aug after doing breakfast at my friend’s house.

Places we visited:-

1. First of all we started with Durga devi temple (a replica of Vaishno devi) to get the blessings to start a good journey/trip as I am a very spiritual person.

2. Next target is Junagarh Fort. Wow this is an awesome palace to visit. This is a big one with beautifully architecture. There would be a waiting line for the visitors and the visitors can sit there on the available benches. And then a guide calls a bunch of people. You do not need to hire any guide. The palace tickets will include it all. Then the guide will roam you around the palace and will tell you all about the history etc. of this palace. Really this palace is unique in its own. The monuments and the historical things that has been preserved in this palace really stunning. You will not feel like that you have seen this things before as well. It has unique things which will attract your eyes.

Junahgarh Fort

Junahgarh Fort

3. Next we visited Laalgarh Palace. This is 25% Museum, 25% restaurant and 50% residence of current Maharaja. This museum is ok. Not very big museum and no AC:( You can see passports, identity cards of maharaja also. This is the different thing that I saw there. Otherwise you can or cannot visit this place.

Laalgarh Palace

Laalgarh Palace

4. Next online is Gajner Palace and Gajner Lake. This is more a high-class hotel and restaurant. But the beauty of Lake around the palace and the beauty of parks around it is awesome. You can roam around it, no one will stop you. And you will hear the peacocks humming sounds here and there which will give you peace. Just wow. You can visit there. There we bought a night one Mirinda botel for 150 rupees only so you can understand the high-class what I was talking about :P

Gajner Palace

Gajner Palace

This is all about the very first day. Then we returned to our friend’s house and had dinner and slept on the roof because the weather at that time was awesome. The cool breeze, the peace around which you will never ever find in NCR. Now next morning, we ate breakfast and started our trip again at 11:00 am around. The places we visited:-

1. Shiv Bari Temple: This is a big temple and you will find only Lord Shiv pindis. The architecture of the temple is good. You can or cannot visit this depending how spiritual you are.

2. Then we moved ahead some 30 kms away from Bikaner to visit Mata Karni Temple in Deshnok. There for a difference you will see only rats, rats and rats all around :-) I dont get scared from rats so I felt good there ha ha ha ha :P But seriously this is different. You can visit there if you, your wife or your children do not get scared :)

Mata Karni Temple

Mata Karni Temple

3. Next we visited Kodemsar and there we visited Bhairav mandir.

So this is all about Bikaner. Actually most of the time we spent with our friend’s family otherwise Bikaner is 1.5 day trip or less depending how much time you would like to spent in these palaces and temples.

Next will be Part 2–Bikaner to Jaisalmer.


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