Madame Tussads, Baker Street – Even Museums close at 5 – Day 8

Our plan for the day was to go visit Madame Tussauds & from there we were to go to Baker Street, 221B, the famous house of Sherlock Holmes.

Right Outside Madame Tussauds

I was quite keen to go. I remember my mom showing me pictures of my first trip to Madame Tussauds, when I was just 6 months old. My mom tells me that I had caught Gandhi ji’s stick & had started shaking it. The best part was that Honey (my mausi) was busy taking pictures of me rather than stopping me.

Come, let’s take the tour

We reached Madame Tussauds, there was again a long queue at the museum entrance, but that cleared up when the real exhibits started. First there were the film stars’, we clicked a lot of pictures standing next to the stars, but it wasn’t really as much fun as I expected. Then we reached the sports stars exhibits. There was Pele, Jose Mourinho, David Beckham & all. This was much more fun, tho’ there weren’t any Arsenal players & surprisingly Arsene Wenger was not included☹.

with Edson Arantes do Nascimento aka Pele

With Jose Mourinho

Skipper, the armband looks cool

We then progressed to the great thinkers section. There was Charles Dickens & I was to do a school project on him for our summer vacations. I took some pictures & pasted them on my school project☺. There was the Royal Family too.

Rich Uncle & his nephew

What’s on your mind

We then proceeded to the musicians & world leaders section. There was an extraordinary long line to click a photo with MJ (Michael Jackson). I finally got my chance but the mean guard just let us take two pictures. There were a lot of other musicians like Justin Timberlake & all but I wasn’t half as interested. We then went to the World leaders section. There I saw Mahatma Gandhi, his stick still intact ;). There was Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barrack Obama, Dalai Lama too. The World leaders section was the most interesting.

Jamming with Bob Marley

with the King of Pop

Then came the scream- The Chamber of Horrors. They had put Alfred Hitchcock just before the chambers – it’s location kinda made sense☺. I anticipated the scream place to be really scary, but it was too short & unscary. It was just people with horrible make-up trying to startle you. They managed to scare my mom pretty well. Anyway then came a short cab ride, which showed you the history of England as you drove thru on the track. Then came the comic book exhibit. There was nothing interesting in there. But then came the best part about that visit. No, it wasn’t an exhibit. It was a 4D movie!!! ☺. It was 3D obviously; the 4th dimension was that you felt the effects of what was happening. Like when the guy in the movie screamed you would get a spray of his spit (water thankfully). When some one got stabbed you felt a little thrust from your seat into your back. It was amazing☺.

Outside Baker Street Tube Station, seems Sherlock Holmes’ got a new assistant

Day 8 Pic 11 – Sherlock Holmes Museum

Gazing around

Anyway, that was the last thing at the Madame Tussauds. We stuck to our original plan & we went to Sherlock Holmes museum. It was post 5pm☹. Remember I told you about Brits closing shops by 5 (refer to Day 5 – Arsenal Visit) & so the museum was closed:P*. Disappointed, we took pictures from outside and walked away. My dad took a lot of pictures of the other buildings nearby too. We then took a coffee and fish ‘n’ chips break & then carried on home.

Coffee break on Baker Street

Walking back home

We had a nice & peaceful dinner & as usual watched a re-run of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ & went to sleep.

* Sherlock Holmes Museum actually closes at 6; we lost track of time & reached late.


  • Ashok says:

    Really impressive

  • Dhruv Malhotra says:

    Nice one Shubham. Liked the pics as well. Holmes new assistant needs a bit more camouflage. The one of your mom & Whoopi is really cute. Keep it up.

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Shubham,

    Pictures and write up were equally impressive. During going through your pic’s in madam tussads I was waiting curiously to see your pose with statue of any indian celebrity e.g. Sachin Tendulkar or Amir Khan… but i couldn’t find it, Did you saw them there?

    Good, keep on travelling keep on writing.


  • Kumar says:

    Dear Shubham

    Kemone achen?

    Having gone through all your posts, I don’t think I need to even visit England. All your posts of the trip to England along with the pictures have been really great. Keep it up.

    Best wishes

  • Soham Mandal says:

    isnt the madame tussauds museum awesummm???i went there ’bout 2-3 years ago but beckham nd alll werent there!!!and btw nice job

  • Lovely Writeup Shubham…I love the humour, the pics, the writeup…everything about the post actually :)

  • birbala mausi says:

    Hi shubham
    I feel one day your statue should also be in Madame T. I enjoyed going through your pictures more than going to the museum it self
    keeop it up . it made my evening.
    we have just returned from Geneva and France , family holiday trip. wish you were there to witness.
    best wishes to you and you mom amd dad

    • shubham says:

      thank you mausi ji :) i was very flattered to see your comment about me being in madame tussauds :)
      hope geneva was fun, i look forward to my next holiday with you :)

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