KUKRU- Jewel In The Crown

YES, it was the mountain Echo,

Solitary, clear, profound,

Answering to the shouting Cuckoo,

Giving to her sound for sound! -William Wordsworth

“Kukru” an obscure corner of Satpuda at the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra is true reflection of the above words of William Wordsworth. Seventy five Kms from district head quarter of Betul  in MP small forest bungalow stands at a cliff 3500 Ft above sea level, overlooking rampart after rampart of Satpuda mountains,   welcomes you in eternal tranquility and peace.

It is said that Satpuda the mountain god wanted to marry Narmada the river goddess and tried to hug her seven times but every time she managed to escape. Thus the seven folds of Satpuda came in to existence. Geology tells us otherwise. From the cliff you can count them, one after another. No wonder nature lovers always find solace in Satpuda.

Kukru is  not a  known destination ,and  is  over shadowed by Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh and Chikhldhara in Maharashtra. Despite lack  of amenities, a fine place for hangout for a day or two , having no inference of modern day gadgets mobile ,TV etc. One will be required to carry  raw food stuff either from Betul or Bhainsdehi. Firewood cooked food  becomes sumptuous, after having a walk through the Coffee plantation around . One is at liberty to cook food himself or the Khansama is wonderful in his job. Beware of Sloth bears who may take a chance to taste food if left out in open. Forest Department of MP has developed an eco-center having a few rooms with beds.

These rooms can be booked from Bhainsdehi forest office. These rooms are not luxurious but for some one having desire to reinvent by gone days of lantern Kukru is the right kind of place, as the power is rare commodity due drastic cuts in rural areas. So be prepared. Next time when you have time but the pocket is light, think of Kukru.


  • Onil Gandhi says:

    precise and interesting… keep travelling … keep sharing

  • ashok sharma says:

    achhi jagah batayee aapne.kabhi jayenge jaroor.
    hamare desh mein bahut see achhi khubsoorat jagahen hain,jinko achhe tourist attractions ke roop mein use kiya jaa sakta hai,and some day it will happen too.
    congrets to find such a jewel.keep it up.

  • nandanjha says:

    Welcome aboard !!

    I hope you find Ghumakkar a rich place to share your travel information and to read about others’.

    Kukru seems like a good off-the-beaten-path kind of place. How does one reach here ?

  • VCDubey says:

    You can approach Kukru via Betul (MP)the district headquarter, from Nagpur as
    well as Bhopal. Most of the major trains stops here and this is major trunk route
    Dhl Chhenai. From Betul you can book a taxi contacting local people .
    There are sufficiently good hotels at Betul and they may also help you
    in getting the arrangements. From Betul onwards it is road trip of
    about 75-80KMs and the road is good.For Booking eco-tourist cottages
    you may get in touch SDO Forest Bhainsdehi or DFO South Betul. at
    07141-234266. As matter of fact so far no established system of
    booking in place and one will have to take little pain in getting the
    things done but it is not so difficult as it appears at first sight.

  • Parvez says:

    Kukru is a baeatiful place to visit.
    Facilities are slowly being developed there.
    Never been there but will try this out very soon.
    All the best.

  • Dr Pronob Chatterji says:

    Thanks for the information. We plan to drive down from Bhopal to visit this place for a weekend getaway.

  • deepankar says:

    I heard about it when CM ShivrajSingh visited the place to relax after campaigning. I live in Sarni in Betul District itself but never gone to Kukru. Now planning to go. Thanks :)

  • pranjal singh says:

    I’ve great business plan why can’t we build a small resort over there.

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