Kasauli Chalein !!!!

It was a good day of September when I heard the news of one of my friends working in a gulf country coming back to home for his annual vacations, and as it was his annual vacation it meant that this trip will incomplete if we didn’t went to greet the hills. So it was decided that no matter what and no matter where but we all have to go somewhere to spend some time together in the serene hills.

From that day the search for places started and after considering all the options we zeroed down to Kasauli. Kasauli is a small cantonment town of the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, it is a very beautiful and serene place to relax and chill with your friends and given its proximity and convenience to reach it is also a famous weekend gateway option from Delhi. Though there are many places to visit and see but the best one can do there is to just sit or walk in peace and drown in the thoughts of eternity, it is a secluded place with very less crowd as compared to other famous hill stations of Himachal or Uttrakhand.

“Lovely flowers

Coming back to our ghumakkadi, as decided we all four met at the designated place and started zooming out of Delhi, leaving our hectic office lives at the borders and we headed out towards freedom of 2 days to gain some tranquillity. We left at around 11: 00 PM and by 12:30 AM we were crossing Murthal and how that can be possible that one passes by those swanky dhabas and not stoping over to grab some butter dripping parathas of Amrik Sukhdev.

We halted over there for 45 minutes to have some good parathas and afterwards resumed our journey towards Kasauli, after that we all got busy in our talks and our driver also got in flow and by 4 AM in the morning we were in Panchkula sipping our morning tea. From Panchkula, Kasaul is about 50 KMs and it takes about 90 minutes to reach there.

Yes, I’d love to have a garden of my own–spacious, and full of everything that is fragrant and flowering. But if I don’t succeed, never mind–I’ve still got the dream

And by 6 AM we were at our hotel which was on Sanawar road, the air was so clear and crisp that one can feel the freshness going into your lungs, there is something in the air of hills that it energizes you soul and mind instantly, I forget all my fears and feel that I belong to the hills only. After some sleep we all were ready by 11 to head towards the main town, though it’s a small town but Kasauli has many things to engage you.

Heritage Market

We started our walk from the parking on the Upper Mall side and glided towards the lower mall, there is a market called Heritage Market, though it is a market but you won’t feel like it, it is very clean and organised. There is a very famous tea shop known as Sharma Tea Pakora stop known for its creamy tea and vegetable pakoras, I first time saw and ate Bhindi pakora I have never heard about it and it was a first time and tasted good.

There are many eating options on the lower mall road, we strolled down the by lanes and were mesmerised with the beauty and simplicity of the town, slanting roofs with smoky chimneys gave it old world look and the entire view was picturesque so perfect that trying to capture it in camera lenses would mean losing moments which can be enjoyed with your naked eyes, there was a point from where one can see the meandering lanes eloping into the mist.

After a break we again started walking and this time we stopped at the Christ church situated at the upper mall, it is a beautiful piece of structure so humble yet powerful enough to leave impact on you, we stopped there for a quick photo shoot session and by the time we ended with our “quick photo shoot session” we realised that the sun has moved towards the western horizon so it was decided to march towards the Gilbert’s Trail or Sunset point to not miss the beauty of the settling sun.

Kasauli Church

Out of the city and over the hill, Into the spaces where Time stands still..

Gilbert’s Trail, not far from Kasauli club, is one of the most charming trails in the Kasauli region. it is known for short walk amid great natural beauty and serenity. Gilbert’s Trail is a must visit place for bird watchers and the nature lovers. Close to Sunset Point, Gilbert’s Trail falls within army area and offers some amazing views. There are beautiful flowers planted on the hilly side of the path and on the other side one can see the deep valley full of green pine trees and mist flowing over them filling the valley with white camouflage.

The Gilbert trail ends near the beautiful Holiday Home building. While on the way to Gilbert’s Trail one can stop over at Sunset point to witness some scenic views while relaxing on the benches.

The world keeps on changing, but there is always something, somewhere, that remains the same.

Aaye thehre aur ravana hogaye, zindagi kya hai, safar ki baat hai….

Kasauli is a complete package if you want to take a break from your routine hectic city life; this palce has so much of positive energy that will make you feel re-energized and it is surely a palce which will bring calm and peace to your mind and soul.

The best part about Kasauli is you will find very few people coming over there for staying, people generally stops here while they are on their way to Shimla or Delhi, but if you want to enjoy the beauty of Kasauli you need to spend at least two days with this picture perfect place.

“ …for everytime I see the sky I’m aware of belonging to the universe than to just one corner of the earth.

We ended our first day at the Gilbert’s Trail and headed towards our hotel. Though our hotel was a little away from the main town, but it had lovely location and views. We spent some quality time walking on the pathway leading to the main road, we did countless round of walking but none of us felt anything called tiredness, and at the passageway we made some moments which will be cherished throughout our lives.

After having dinner we all gathered in one room and started doing all the nonsense one can think of, right from pulling each other legs, discussing serious life situations, making silly mistakes while playing cards and what not. It was a best time spent with friends and I really wish that we could have more trips like this.

It is always the same with mountains. Once you have lived with them for any length of time, you belong to them. There is no escape.

Next morning I woke up early and went for a walk around the place and it was really a lovely morning. As this was the day we had to leave back to Delhi, we all got ready and checked out of our hotel after having breakfast at around 12, while on our way back we made small halts at various places but sternly missed the views which we had at Kasauli.

Though the trip ended with a heavy heart, but this was the trip which I will cherish forever as I spent some quality time with my friend and beheld moments which will be always be near to me.
Kasauli a must go place for all!!!!!

live close to nature and you’ll never feel lonely.


  • Pooja Kataria says:

    Nice post! Keep travelling and sharing!

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Kasauli is a big favourite among Delhi-ites. Very well connected, with the new bypass, all the Kalka-traffic can be avoided.

    I last went with my colleagues in Nov 2015 and it was heavenly. Thank you Shadab.

    I wish the pictures were larger.

  • I came back to this favourite website today again while searching for Kasauli and as usual, it did not disappoint me at all.
    Shadab Noor, thank you for guiding me about Kasauli in a nice manner. I hope to be able to add my experiences of zkasauli next month.
    Keep writing and keep sharing.
    Sushant Singhal

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