Iceland – the forgotten heaven !!

Well there is no other way to start this story, but stealing words from Nandan Jha… Wow! SRK’s dialogue in OSO validated Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words around the universal conspiracy behind happening things so well used by Paulo Coelho for ‘The Alchemist’
We always fancy ….from childhood  till we are alive.  Fancy is perhaps an action which makes us separate from animals.  We fancy things and the Universal Matrix of energies, starts conspiring to bring that fancy as material truth before us…. and when it comes we might have even forgotten our fancies.

=> Did you ever wish that after a day’s boring work and irritating bosses, you see out of your window and instead of seeing the inexhaustibly irritating traffic, air and sound pollution… you see snow covered hillocks separated by a small stretch of dancing sea waves … so near that you can almost touch them ?

=> I always fancied that I was sitting in a sub-zero terrain, with hardened ice and trembling with cold and then suddenly Mother Earth felt her love for me and opened a gush nearby spewing 100 degrees hot boiling water ….. the hot steam touching your face and giving you the warmth of a loving mother ?

=> Did you ever wish you read newspaper on and on for months and years and dont find any news of Robbery , theft, murder, rape or wars ??

=> How seriously i had prayed god to remove all the mosquitoes and flies from my life and make the jungles safe without carnivorous animals snakes and scorpions and blood sucking leeches…. so that I can roam around freely dancing with ecstasy !!

= . Have you ever wished sitting before a beautiful water fall…. water coming down dancing and in waves of bliss…. and you wished you could switch a button and stopped time.  The water-fall stops there in time showing you the depths of its dance of joy ?

well the list can be un-ending… from a demon holding the Sun not allowing its rise, or a painting of Nature on the canvas or giant glaciers spilling out of its cauldron of mountains.. to welcome you !!  But time passes and our struggle in this survival of the fittest planet, makes us forget our dreams and fancies and we become a mechanised part of the system.

Going to the lap of Nature… re-surfaces such hidden fancies… and we find many of them coming true… specially when we visit Himalayas.

But my all the childhood fancies became Truth after I visited Iceland…. the last country before the North Pole.  First some magnificent photos of this wonderful place.

A view from my  window

A view from my  window

Frozen water- Fall in ping-Valley of Iceland

Frozen water- Fall in ping-Valley of Iceland


A beautiful Sun rise as seen from my room in Reykjavik Iceland

A demon of clouds hiding the Sun behind its back

I had to fight hard and kill this demon to free the Sun.

When Indian travelers go to Europe, the prime target is always Eiffel Tower of Paris, alpine meadows of Swiss or Rome or Venice or London or  Keukenhof at the farthest.  

Iceland is not even known to many Indians.  It came to news mainly when its volcano erupted during summer of 2010, causing major disruption in air traffic across Europe, bringing many  airlines to the brink of bankrupcy.

But coming and seeing Iceland, will fill you with awe and you would see many of your fancies  fulfilled.

In this story I will take you around to a heaven forgotten. Iceland which

=> has two of the top 10 water-falls of the world
=> where lies the biggest glacier of Europe
=> where you can see the tectonic plates movement
=> where Hot water geysers erupt before you, giving you warmth
=> where nature is in its RAW form…waiting to be explored
=> where there are no murders, no rapes and no terrorists, no warring neighbours
=> Where there are no dangerous snakes no scorpions, no malaria, no dengue and no pollution related diseases. 

So be ready for this journey to this heaven on earth….wait for my next part…till then see some photos

An unknown water fall in Iceland


HraunaFoss where water is coming out of dry barren lava fields


Steam coming out of mountains

Main Church of Reykjavik city

City of Reykjavi – capital of Iceland

Wouldn’t you like to have your tiny cottage near this water fall ?

A church on top of a hill

Thanks and cheers


  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Wow Silentsoul,
    It was a beauuuuuuutiful post. The post was full of entertainment & Information. The narration was worth appreciation. The pictures were fabulous. Through your post we got an opportunity to know the facts about Iceland, I can imagine how beautiful the Iceland would be.


  • Amit Kumar says:

    It was a wonderful teaser and now I am anxiously waiting for the game to begin. What an exciting way to start new year with such a beautiful post. Thanks a lot for sharing this story. And do tell us something more about yourself. Your profile seems to be equally exciting as your stories.

  • Silentsoul says:

    Mukeshji, thanks…. i hope you will like this series on Iceland.

  • Silentsoul says:

    Amit….thanx i hope you will like the story of volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls and lakes all in its natural form, with no disturbance from humans

  • Babu says:

    Hello – a lovely article and lovely pictures. I wish I could drop by.


  • Silentsoul says:

    Babu tks… come and be my guest.

  • Pradeep_Neha says:

    Great Pics, especially the tree between two rainbows.


  • Silentsoul says:

    Tks pradeep_Neha… this photo is from my garden.. the rainbow looked like starting from my garden.

  • ?? ????? ???? ???? ?? ???, ??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???????, ???

  • ashok sharma says:

    wonderful place, amazing sceneries,great snaps.

  • Silentsoul says:

    ??????? ????? ? ???? ??

  • ram dhall says:

    Thanks for introducing us to Iceland with a vividly written post.

    I did know about the location of Iceland, nothing beyond. Thanks for the detailed information about Iceland.

    Looking forward to the second part of the post.

  • Silentsoul says:

    Tks RamDhall ji.. hope you will keep encouraging me on my nexts posts on Iceland too.

  • Sahil Sethi says:

    Lovely log Silentsoul :-)
    Nice pics and thanks for taking us to Iceland.


  • Silentsoul says:

    tks sahil.. pls keep watching next parts

  • Nandan says:

    Now this is unfair SS. You took us close to icecream and now we see a glass wall , separating us. :-)

    Is tourism popular in Iceland ? I do not remember seeing a single advt/package from small-to-big tour operators. Anxiously looking fwd to part 2.

    My line in the beginning of this log does remind me the overly-twisted text I used to write and cherish. Guess with age, I have become more straight, simple and wise. he he.

  • silentsoul says:

    Nandan tks.. sometimes twisted text conveys deeper meaning than straight text. Iceland’s main industry is tourism. They have double the number of tourists than their population every year.

    Last year only two Indians from India visited Iceland and they were my own invitees LOL. But I have seen lot of Indians coming from USA and UK.

    Package tours are for the profit of the tour operator, not for ghumakkars. Those who are coming to Europe on their own, can have one extra trip to iceland, with not that much money.

    Iceland is for Ghumakkars… not for over-protected Tourists !

  • Silentsoul says:

    and yes, 3 months before a bengali boy came from Calcutta to Iceland…on a bicycle (now that is extreme ghumakkari)

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Thanks for the philosophical introduction to Iceland. Mounatmaji, I have this feeling that you are able to connect with your spiritual side in extremely cold places.

    I think that this a FoG as far as Iceland is concerned. Thanks for the fantastic pics of that desolate land. I am amazed that to know that there are waterfalls in Iceland. Was under the impression that water can exist only as ice at those sub-zero temperatures.

  • Silentsoul says:

    Narayanji, thanx for your valuable comments, which I was waiting. Iceland has 2 of top 10 waterfalls, full of rivers and lakes. They freeze during Jan-Feb only. Pls continue reading my series on Iceland and many new things will be known.

    Yr Alexandria post is very-2 good. I was neighbour of this place 2 times but could not visit despite my desires. In my future series on Lebanon, i will write abt this also.

    Yes you got it right… cold places give me more spiritual strength, and that z why I love Himalayas.

  • Roopesh says:

    Great post. I have one of life’s desire to visit Iceland and did not expect to read about it here. I always wonder how the life would be for its residents on a cold, island nation? Do give us any anecdotes about life of natives or any interactions with them that you may have observed.

    • Silentsoul says:

      tks roopesh. I am going to write many posts about Iceland… part -2 just now publishe. pls keep reading all parts

  • Naman says:

    Very well written sir! The rainbow and the sunrise pics are damn awesome! :)

  • Abheeruchi says:

    Hello SS ji,

    First of thanks to Nandan ji for giving link of ur post in the recent post of Ghumakkar of the year.

    Really liked the photos and narration of dream world.

    Ise padne ke baad ab saare posts padne ka man hai, isliye jaldi hi padungi.

    Bahut sundar lagi apki jagah,mera passport abhi tak use nahi hua hai that means maine abhi koi bhi international travel nahi kiya hai.Par agar bhagwaan chahenge to mai ye jagah jarur dekhna chahungi.

    Ek personal question hai ya curiosity bhi keh sekte hai, aap waha pahuche kaise? :)
    Sorry to ask you this.

  • He Bhagwan! You came! you saw!! you conquered !!! And while you were doing all these things, I slept and slept and slept !!! God can only explain to me ???????, why I missed this superb post of yours, so full of tantalizing details for so long. And even today, for no apparent reason I opened and searched for Reykjavik. And lo! Silent Soul was found standing before me chiding me for missing him for so long!

    Better late than never, so people often say! I had heard of the existence of Reykjavik for the first time from a member of the delegation who had accompanied President APJ Abdul Kalam while on a tour to Iceland and thereafter from you! All the strange things, in fact, wonders of the nature, make me bechain to see these places. ?? ???? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ????, ?? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ! Therefore I am enjoying this place through your eyes only. Thanks a lot for expressing yourself so eloquently.

  • By the way, why there is no terrorism there? Any insights?

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