Himachal Revisited (Aug,14)

– Jwalaji & Rewalsar

This time, while in India, visit to Himachal was more of necessity than tourism… leaving behind Iceland, Landing in Delhi full of heat and humidity was not a joke…. at the airport itself, we were almost fainted and without waiting for my friend to come to pick up, hired a taxi and went home…the heat and humidity was unbearable as the body had tuned to climate of Iceland…. so to go back to Iceland settings, Himachal trip was mandatory

So the programme for Himachal was rescheduled and within a few days we left for Himachal…in a Bolero and a Santro. Jwalaji visit is must whenever I visit Himachal and other places are added to it.

This time after Jwalaji we went to Rewalsar -Mandi – Parashar Lake – Manikaran – Jalori Pass – Narkanda and Chail.



Bhakra canal -Nangal

We started from Delhi at 6 in the morning.  Weather was fine but the road had become a mess.  They are charging lot of money as toll, but that seemed wasted  There were works going on all the way and the Delhi Ambala route which was a pleasure to drive, had become a nightmare.   We crossed Ambala without much traffic and turning on towards Ludhiana, took a sharp right turn towards right and took the Chandigarh bypass, reaching Kharar.

Crossing Anandpur Sahib, we reached Nangal, had a photo session and moved towards Himachal.  From Amb, we took the right turn to Nadaun… but the road was all broken.  We had come here 3 years before and the road was Ok, but now it was  a pain in the ***.



travelers in Nangal

Then we stopped on a tea shop near and unknown baba Balak Nath temple.  The shopkeeper informed us that there is another small but good road going to Jwalamukhi from there.  I was excited to know about the new route, as I had never heard of such a road…even Google maps do not show that road.



Baba Balak Nath temple enroute Jwalaji


The road was indeed good and the scenes around were beautiful… we crossed the Beas river and reached directly into the market of Jwalamukhi.  This road not only presented beautiful scenes but also saved at least one hour.



New route to Jwalamukhi



Beas river enroute jwalamukhi

We had a quick darshan of Jwalaji.  I have written in details about Jwalamukhi and Rewalsar in my earlier post Himachal Yatra, hence I will avoid duplication here.  After having Darshan at Jwalaji, we rested for the night in HPTDC hotel Jwalaji for 1700 Rs. a night… since the rooms had ACs, the amount was quite reasonable (this room is Rs.2200 in season)


Jwalamukhi Temple



Sun Set in Jwalaji

Next day we started our journey….started towards Hamirpur and then Bhota.  From Bhota we turned left on a road which took us directly to Rewalsar, saving us from pot hols and truck traffic on Shimla-Manali highway.  We reached Rewalsar at around 2 p.m.  The weather was cloudy but Rewalsar was shining in its full splendor.  We had a round of the Rewalsar lake and took langar in Gurudwara, (which we missed last time).  The langar as usual was very tasty.



Buddhist Gompa on Rewalsar Lake



Beautiful Rewalsar Lake




clouds playing above Rewalsar

We then went above Rewalsar till Kunti Lake, the weather was looking beautiful but with a promise of coming rain or storm… hence we left Rewalsar half way and proceeded towards Mandi.



Panchmukhi Hanuman @ Kunti Lake

DSC_0116-1-2 DSC_0112-1

In Mandi we got a good but cheap hotel for 800 bucks per room and we retired for the day.  Next day was going to be hectic and a journey to all new places.. as the plan was to visit Parashar lake.  We woke up early morning…. The scene outside was mind blowing .  Beas river flowing behind the hotel and a small hanuman temple on the banks of the river along with magnificent Bheema Kali temple on the other side.  I had my photo session and we all enjoyed our breakfast and started our journey towards Parashar


Good Morning @ Mandi



Bheema kali temple, Mandi


  • Dear Silent Soul,

    I could finish it in a single go. Very nice with marvellous photos. For photography 100 upon 100. Cheers!

    Yes I read your old post on Himachal and they were full of good humours and interesting tales. This time sir, you are very lucky to get it passed by Nandan with 600 odd words. Sir, once I got rejection from Nandan :)

    Your story is short but comprehensive for reader and traveler who wish to visit the place. Thanks for sharing.

    • SilentSoul says:

      Anupam… thanks for going through the log. Thanks for your genuine appreciation….the server of ghumakkar downgrades the quality of fotos for obvious reasons of saving space… for example you can see the foto of Good morning @Mandi on RoC and here and notice the difference.

      Like an ideal “??????? ” you found the weak point of the story…well the words are less but powerful :)?? ?????? ????? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???.. ??? ????? ?? ??..LOL. (In fact seeing my pathetic condition due to heat and humidity Nandan offered me a treat of chilled beer, which he never fulfilled… so to remove his guilt, perhaps he allowed this short story)

      Thanks for your heartfelt comments

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Wow…..very interesting post SS Sir. The post is written in a very innocent and interesting manner. The pictures are really awesome specially pics with caption “Beautiful Rewalsar Lake”, “clouds playing above Rewalsar” and “Good Morning @ Mandi” are mind blowing.

    It’s really a treat for all ghumakkars to have a post from you after a long time. Eagerly waiting for the coming parts of this series.


    • SilentSoul says:

      Mukesbhai thank you very much for your comments. Comments of friends like you is the main motivator for me to write here :)

  • Avtar Singh says:

    Hi SS Sir

    Its good to see your post on Himachal.

    The post started with a good promising and humorous note, like the well publicized reactions of most of our NRIs. No wonder, after living many years in abroad you felt the same!

    Although it is difficult to digest that ?? ?????? ????? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???, but this time you remained very economical with the written words too!

    Nevertheless the lack of words has well compentiated with amazing pics.

    All in all, a balanced post in which the role of making balance was done by the pics. Hope in ur next post, once again we will feel your magic of playing with the words! Gud Luck… :)

    • SilentSoul says:

      O paahji … spend one week in Himalayas in June and then come back to Dilli… you will feel the same… so think of those living in ice cold countries for 4 years !!! NRI ki baat nahin body ki habit change hoti rehti hai…. And I chose a wrong time to come to Dilli.

      Thanks for you comments :)

  • Naresh Sehgal says:

    Quick and interesting post. Pictures are very beautiful. Selection of scenes for pictures is awesome.
    thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Naturebuff says:

    A good post with outstanding pics!

  • Kavita Bhalse says:

    ??????? ??? ????,

    ????? ??? ?? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ????? ????? ?? ??????? ?? ???, ???? ???? ???? ?????? ???. ???? ??? ?? ???????? ?? ???? ???? ????? ????? ?? ??? ???. ???? ????? ?? ??????? ??? …..

    • SilentSoul says:

      ????? ????? ??????… ???? ?? ???? ????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??????-?????? ?? ???… ???????… ???? ???? ????? ?? ???? ??? ???? .. ??????? ??? ?????? ???? ?????? ?? (???? ?????? ??)..??? ??? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???????? ?? ???? ????? ?? ???..
      ??? ????? ???? ????? ??? ??

  • Stone says:

    No, I won’t complain about the length of the post but will be definitely disappointed if next post doesn’t shows up soon :-)

    Always a pleasure to read your posts.
    Sir, your last comment made me curious, where is Narayan sir?


    • SilentSoul says:

      Bhaskarji many many thanks for your arrival on my post… in fact I remembered you when I started writing this story……. due to electric failures and faulty service providers… it is very difficult to upload fotos…still will try :)

      I miss DL Narayan ji a lot, who most probably left due to dirty politics of some members on selection of GOY award…. hope one day we will see him back

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    SS Sir,
    I too miss those comprehensive and detailed comments of DL Narayan ji, and today after going through your above comment I am getting nostalgic. Do you or anybody else have any contact details of DL Sir ? If I get his no. I’ll definitely call him.


    • SilentSoul says:

      Sirji We have tried our best to contact DL, but no results… he never replied to our dozens of mails and his phone number is silent

  • Jatinder Sethi says:

    If artificial Iceland setting ,combined with HP weather can replace the real Iceland, you
    needn’t go back to the real thing. That will give all of us opportunity to see the lot more of Silent Soul, with all the icing..
    Loved reading it. great.

    • SilentSoul says:

      Sethiji Namaskar….. I am really happy to see you on my post. You are right Iceland has no parallel.. it was only to avoid the heat of Dilli, I went to Himachal…which is a beautiful place.

      Pls continue reading next parts TKS

  • Now a days Short is Beautiful because of less time to read long posts. :)

    Pictures are amazing. My journey in Himachal has never crossed Shimla/Kasauli , now I think I have to decide….

  • silentsoul says:

    Thanks Solankyji… Himachal is much more beautiful than Shimla etc….. the rural part is mind blowing…. hope you have a visit to Rewalsar, Manikaran etc

    Thanks for your comments

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Yes, the new road is pretty good, if you are taking about the same road which further goes to Jahu n all.

    Chiller Beer is waiting for you but guess the summer took the better of you. Yes, it was not a great time to be here.

    Regarding DL, I spent a lot of time including a letter to the address I had. No luck.

    I have been trying to catch up for quite some time. I hope to cover the lost ground soon enough with all my editorial check-n-balance soon. Hope to read about your new adobe soon. Wishes.

  • SilentSoul says:

    Nandan I am surprised..you know abt this not-known road. .yes we crossed Jahu and then instsead of going to Ner chowk, turned left to Rewalsar.

    chilled beer :??? ???? ???? ???? ?? ????? ???? :p

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