Ganapatipule – The best in Konkan

Its was long time I been deciding on getting on to some beach destination for 3 days with my family. I began to prepare my itinerary for weekend tour to Ganpatipule. I called up my friend Shanker who joined me along with his family. We decided to drive from Mumbai to Ganpatipule.

Ganapti Pule Temple

Day 1
It was a joy ride to Ganapatipule from Mumbai. The road was very smooth as compared to the usual roads we encounter and the scenery, no words for them. We started early morning around 7:00 PM from Thane. Filled up our gas and headed towards the experience. Around 2:00 PM we reached Ganapatipule’s Landmark Resort. The resort was placed on the Hilly side of the beach and we got the room on the topmost side. I was excited and started to capture my surrounding which was facing the magnificent sea. I was so flabbergasted watching the spectacular view.

View from hotel

It was an experience to see sun go down for 2 days.

We went down the beach after having a good lunch at MTDC hotel. Best meal you could get there and Solkadi which is must have drink when you are in konkan ….we roamed around the undisputed beach.
Beach View
Beach View
View from my Hotel


Early morning myself and shankar thought of exploring the beach. Its was awesome and beautiful could see couple of fisher man on there boat some reef and stone caves ..It was mindblowing.

Beach view

Then with family members we went to Ganpatipule Temple. This temple is meant to be one of the Navas (Wish Fulfiller) and Swayambhu (self-originated) Ganapati. It’s a very old temple and must say a well maintained temple. According to The mountain exactly behind is Ganapati’s head or stomach. You need to circle around the mountain whose radius is 1 km instead of idol.

We thought of having lunch at MTDC but then we found a Veg joint which was called Brahmanache Jevan. It had a good Authentic organic food. After a good meal we headed off to Jaighad Sea Fort. A structure so authentic at its kind.


The Narrow and beach siding roads made our day to ride. Felt like this road shouldn’t end. As we moved on we could find good beaches and a distance a head we could also see some pillars I couldn’t figured out what were those .I guessed they were here from the days of Shivaji Maharaj.

View from Jaigad

As we were nearing Jaighad i could see a big power plant coming up and the things on the far end beach was not good. Some company has started to build a port.

The best part of the Jaighad ruins is that its raw and earthy. Bricks are so strong that i would stand more than thousand years relishing the history of Shivaji Maharaj. The creek on the other side was sparkling and the village below was beautiful.

View from Jaigad
Another View from jaigad

After a while we headed towards light house which was build during the British Raj. Road was not so good infact there was no proper road go there. So we just watched it and moved towards Karateshwar mandir..
Light house

A splendid view below the rock , One can just get carried away with the mesmerizing beauty. Visted the temple and went back to our hotel.
Karateshwar mandir viewKarateshwar Mandir

Evening we spend by watching sun go down at the other end

Sunset View


Day three was quite amazing ..WE thought of starting from ganpatipule very early as we though of going to Maleshwar temple. I must say its a MUST see place .. Between the big moutains the temple is situated inside the cave . The cave is so dark that you could hardly see any thing ..and (Which came to know later) there are snakes on the roof of the cave …

Towards Marleshwar

Marleshwar Hills

Cave Temple of Marleshwar

waterFall at Marleshwar

After the Darshan we made our way back to Mumbai with memories and Snaps to cherish ..

Hope to see somewhere while Traveling


  • tripper says:

    i think u have done full justice to the place with ur awesome pics…i have studied juzzz 20 kms away from ganpatipule and marleshwar temple…. uhave brought some really good memories back to me…..ganpatipule and marleshwar temple were our hangout places…..we were regulars over wen i studied my engineering at devrukh….sangmeshwar..ganpatipuleMTDC resort is a must visit……

  • Vijay Shivdasani says:

    Hi Rajesh,
    Thanks for the excellent views of one of the best beaches of the Konkan. Looking forward to more pics from your camera.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    What bright colors, such rich pics are not common. Thanks for sharing.

    There have been couple of stories at Ghumakkar on Ganapatipule (both good and not-so-good experiences) and it looks like that this place would make a great weekend option from Mumbai.

  • Nandan,

    I think its not only a great weekend option, but may be a destination to look forward for the unspoilt Konkan beaches. Alas! I too have not been there. I had to cancel my plans at the last moment.


    Beautiful pictures.

    I felt that you must have some gap between two photographs as some of them look as if they are sitting on each other and it reduces their impact. Konkan area really had an interesting terrain to explore. Thanks for the glimpses and also for sharing the information about the veg restaurant.

  • Rajesh Kotian says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the reviews..Indeed its one of the great places from mumbai..I had been here three times and i love this place so much….


  • Capt. Narendra says:

    Cor Bligh me! Never knew such a beautiful place existed in my 49 years in India. Now I have to be content with the photos and your narration – which were as good as taking me along on your journey of lifetime! Thank you for such a lovely experience!

  • Nisha says:

    Your pictures are very beautiful. Reminded me of my time there.

    @Nandan: It’s such a beautiful & serene place that I would want to settle there in my old age. :)

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