Featured Author Interview : In conversation with the literary and lovable DL

The beauty of knowing someone over internet is that it allows you to paint the other person, define his/her persona and even at times decide on how he/she looks. With every new interaction you build this persona, you add a pair of specs, you make the hair go gray, you slouch the gait or just add few pounds of muscles. As you learn more, you unlearn some of the past learnings, you read about their profile and build the character by carefully hunting minute details like where did he study, how old is he, how far and wide he has traveled and so on. Sometimes I wonder that in many cases, you are better off not meeting this person ever in flesh since you may be in for a shock. But as everyone says, it is not the destination which matters but the journey. At Ghumakkar, not many of us have met each other yet. Through each others’ stories and comments, we try to make our own interpretations. This process of knowing someone through this virtual channel is fun filled and interesting. Sometimes a comment just makes you remember that person for many days. The romance goes on for ever. Our monthly interviews with ‘Featured Authors’ is just another instrument towards this romantic journey.

For June 2012, Ghumakkar Featured Author is D.L. Narayan, lovingly known as DL. Without further ado, presenting the talented, well-read and most-lovable DL in a tete-a-tete with Ghumakkar.

*About DL:*

Ghumakkar: Greetings, Congratulations and a huge welcome DL. Thank you for taking time off and dialing in to me from overseas.
DL: Thank you very much, Nandan. The pleasure is all mine.

Ghumakkar: You like to be called as DL. Multiple times you have requested (and reminded) people to address you as DL. Why ? What is the story behind this ?
DL: Heh Heh. Well, Yes. Let me first affirm again that I wish to be addressed as DL. Just DL, nothing before or after. It makes me feel more warm, more closer. I do not like salutations and lets keep it that way.

Now the story. Well, as you would know, I am from Andhra Pradesh. My full name is Dhanalakota Lakshmi Narayan (धनालकोटा लक्ष्मी नारायण ). We use surname as a prefix and amongst the boys of my generation every other person in Andhra was either a Laxmi Narayan or some other Narayan. Calling just Narayan was even more confusing so my classmates started calling me DL and it stuck on. All through, my friends, my close peers, and now you and people at Ghumakkar call me DL. And that is what it should be. Lol.

Ghumakkar: Indeed DL. Tell us about yourself and your family. Anything that your author page does not disclose.
DL: Well, I have been extremely fortunate, I guess. I have two daughters, Sunita and Ranjita. Both of whom have had the benefit of an education in the US/UK respectively. I have a lovely granddaughter Aishwarya and last, but not the least, Jaya, my wife for the past 36 years who has run the house efficiently and given me the luxury of indulging in my various hobbies. Professionally, I have been working in the Petrochemical industry for nearly 4 decades and have been an NRI since 1982. Presently, I work for petroleum major in the U.A.E. where I am involved in training upcoming young professionals in the intricacies of petroleum and cryogenic technologies.  Even though I am an NRI, I manage to spend half the time in India since I get 4 weeks leave after 5 weeks on the job. That gives me plenty of time and opportunity for indulging in my favourite leisure activities.

Jaane Kahaan Gaye Woh Din…

Ghumakkar: What about the time before you started working ?
DL: Since you asked it, let me briefly take you a couple of generations back. It humbles me today as I talk to you but it must be shared. My maternal grandfather was a doctor and he was progressive for his times, so my mother was able to attend a college, overruling my grandmother’s strong resistence. My dad, an eminent scientist, was determined on marrying a girl with tertiary education. This was in the pre-Independence era when there were few such women. My father’s search for his soulmate ended when he met my mother. Thereafter, my journey began and I am entirely what I am because of my mother.

DL’s Parents

Ghumakkar: Tell us more about your mother, DL.
DL: She was a really remarkable woman. As far as I am concerned, she was my teacher, my mentor, my philosopher and my guru. In a nutshell, she was my God. She also had to take on the role of a father, after my dad died prematurely when we were just kids. In spite of the tremendous personal tragedy, she internalised her grief (her hair turned grey literally overnight when she was just in her mid-30’s) and shielded her children from the kind of trauma that follows such an event. She never preached or scolded but taught by example. If I erred, I could see the disappointment in her eyes and it reinforced my determination to never subject her to such feelings. If there is any admirable trait in me, the credit for it goes entirely to her

Ranjita’s Birthday (DL’s mom is second from right)

Ghumakkar: Share with us something which we can take back home.
DL: She always told that whenever you hit into a situation with someone which is not of your liking, you have two paths to follow. You can either condemn that person and move on or you can give him/her the ‘Benefit of Doubt’ and include him. Always choose the latter path, come what may.

Ghumakkar: Yes, this is so true in all aspects of our lives and is so much relevant for a platform like ours where we do not have the advantage of knowing the other person completely and a comment or a note might make us feel like condemning the other person. We can , actually we must choose to give the other person, the benefit of doubt. I am sure all Ghumakkars would not only agree but would also demonstrate it through their actions. Thank you DL.

Ghumakkar: As you would have guessed that our readers want to know almost everything about each other. Tell us about your ‘Story Telling’ , you have a knack for telling stories as is apparent from your “Insights” article. Where do you get this from? How important are stories in your life?
DL: Thank you. I have always  wanted to be a writer as far as I can remember. As a kid, I was a huge fan of Enid Blyton and I even penned a piece called “The Mystery of the Diamond Smugglers” in which a bunch of kids unravel a plot to smuggle diamonds by hiding them inside fireworks. No one read it apart from my sister. However, all that I wrote so far has been technical stuff which does not require much creativity. Ghumakkar re-ignited in me the passion to write once again.

Group photo taken during Sunita’s wedding with Shravan

Kishore and Ranjita

Ghumakkar: We wish you luck DL. Insha Allah. You are also very famous for your well-researched, informative comments. Do you put in a lot of effort for this or are you actually, as some Ghumakkars claim, “an encyclopedia”? :)
DL:  Well, I read a lot on a wide variety of subjects, so my general knowledge is probably broad enough to convey such an erroneous impression. I comment immediately after reading a blog based on my impressions. However, before I write an article, I research it thoroughly to ensure that I get my facts right.

Ghumakkar: Besides travelling and writing, other hobbies or interests which you pursue?
DL:  Everything under the sun, :). I was a voracious reader since childhood and the nature of my job gave me plenty of time to indulge in my favourite pastime. I prefer non-fiction, mainly Indian history and Philosophy. I was a serious amateur photographer in my youth and accumulated a lot of stuff. Along came digital
photography and it has outdated most of the skills/equipment I had acquired over the years. I have recently purchased a DSLR and the process of unlearning and relearning has started once again.

Films and music are another passion of mine. I taught myself Urdu, just in order to understand the lyrics of my favourite songs, most of which belong to the golden era of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Ghumakkar: Before we dive into Ghumakkar specific questions, one last question. In your last 20-30 years, any specific travel which you can not forget?
DL: Well, it is not really a travel but more of a forced-migration. This was way back in 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait and my world turned topsy-turvy. I drove along with my family from Kuwait to Jordan via Baghdad and returned to India after boarding a flight in Amman. That was a life-changing moment for sure, but it is a long story.

DL and Ghumakkar:

Ghumakkar: You joined Ghumakkar in November 2011. How have the past seven months been for you in terms of your relationship with the Ghumakkar Family?
DL: I feel extremely privileged to be a part of such a vibrant and lovely family. My day feels incomplete if I do not visit the website and read the posts and the comments. Like any family, there is a wide diversity in perceptions and opinions, but there is a healthy respect and affection for one another. The editorial team is doing a wonderful job in providing the right kind of support.

Aishu is all set for her Aunt’s wedding

Ghumakkar: Your stories are concise, precise, and yet full of entertainment. What do you keep in mind when you write a story? Any tips for the rest of us?
DL: When I visit a place, I research it thoroughly. However, I do not go there with any pre-conceived notions. More than the sightseeing, the history and the psyche of the people and their lifestyles interest me a
lot. While writing, I depend entirely on my memory, since all my note-taking is of the mental variety. However, after writing a rough draft in which I post all my random thoughts and impression, I re-write it completely and mercilessly trim it down to ensure that it captures the essence in as few words as possible.

Ghumakkar: If there was one thing you would never change about Ghumakkar, what would it be?
DL: I think it is the spirit of tolerance and the freedom given to the authors to express themselves.

With Aishu during a visit to the farm

Ghumakkar: What is one area where Ghumakkar can do better?
DL: It is doing just fine. However, I have observed that while the readership is by-and-large bilingual, there is a marked preference for either Hindi or English. May I suggest that ghumakkar should consider having two sections, one in English and the other in Hindi. Popular posts could be translated so that nobody misses out on account of insufficient proficiency in a certain language. I can be of a little help in this regard as I probably will be able to translate from Hindi to English but not vice-versa because my Hindi grammar is atrocious.

Ghumakkar: Is there anything in particular that you would like to say to your fellow Ghumakkars?
DL: All I can say is that I am immensely proud of being a member of the ghumakkar community. It is a privilege and an honour. I am overwhelmed at the affection, encouragement and support I have received from all of you.
Keep travelling and keep sharing your experiences with us. Thank you

The pleasure is all ours DL. Thank you again for calling in and for being around us, helping us become better individuals. Thank you.


  • SilentSoul says:

    DL is one of my most favorite persons on Ghumakkar and I am really very happy to know more about him through this interview.

    I am deeply moved to know about the Great Mother of DL, the shakti behind his making.

    Nandan I wish to congratulate you on this interview. It was brilliant and more of a soul searching than a monotonous interview.

    DL nice to know more about you…. till we meet Insha Allah

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Congratulations DL and many thanks for the lively, thoughtful and enriching conversation. We would work on the suggestion around better navigation for different locales (this has come out from few more people, so your suggestion validates the hunch). Thanks again.

    @ SS – Thank you SS. The credit is all for DL to enjoy and cherish. I am just a medium. :-) (do you already see an impact of DL on me ? lol)

  • SilentSoul says:

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  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Thank you, SSji, for your extremely kind words. I feel the same about you and hope to read all about you soon.

    Nandan, thanks for the interview. This was probably the only interview which was not connected with employment, lol. It was a real pleasure interacting with you and Vibha. It is amazing how you wove together my incoherent and rambling talk into a well-structured interview.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Dear Ghumakkars – Guessing that this story would get the most reads, let me affirm again the publishing time of stories from now onwards.

    We would now be publishing a maximum of 3 stories every day, at 0400, 1200 and 1800 hrs. Out of these three slots, 1200 would be sparingly used initially hence we would restrict this for Editors.

    There would be hiccups in the beginning, please demonstrate patience and exercise restraint. The quickest and most effective way to fix anything would be a direct mail to us. I would remove this comment in a couple of days. For any feedback, please write directly to me.

    Now back to DL’s interview.

  • Mukesh "Ghumakkar" says:

    DL is one of the favorite persons/authors/commentators of mine also. This interview was a most awaited event for me and the reason behind this was the curiosity to know something more about DL and Nandan have presented it in a really interesting manner.

    It was really great to come across the various untouched facets of great personality of our lovable DL. Thanks Nandan for giving us such a great opportunity to peep into the life of DL. Now I am feeling some more closed to DL.

    The arrangement of these valuable photographs has enhanced the grace of this incredible interview, specially the first photograph of the young couple is the sole of this presentation. Through these photographs we could meet the entire family of DL from his father to granddaughter.

    One thing which was missing in personal interview was the information about the siblings of DL. I think DL is the only son.

    So……………..Congratulations to DL and Thanks to Nandan.

    • D.L.Narayan says:

      First, Mukesh, may I cogratulate you on your nom-de-plume…it suits you perfectly.

      Next, thank you very much for showering so much affection on me. It is truly humbling.

      Now, let me share a secret with you. I chose that “young couple” photograph after seeing how immensely popular your picture with Kavitaji at the Bandra Bandstand was :-)

      Regarding my siblings, I have an elder sister, Soujanya, who is a retired professor of dermatology and a younger brother, Swarup, an anaesthologist, who died about five years ago. The deaths of my brother and mother in quick succession has inflicted a massive wound on my psyche, which has been ameliorated to some extent by the arrival of Aishu, my granddaughter.

  • Mr. ENCYCLOPEDIA ( D.L.Narayan jee) ,

    Once again congrats on becoming featured author. Dear Viewers, I don’t have words today for describing this personality called D.L.NARAYAN. Even the word encyclopedia will be not be enough to describe D.L. Narayan jee ( please let me use jee today), because encyclopedia does not have emotions and DL jee has.

    Coming to D.L.jee’s comments and posts , I feel each and every word is out of lot of experienced and knowledgeable person. Lot of thought, effort and research is put on each and every sentence which DL jee has wrote.D.L. jee ‘s pictures used in the posts are one of the bests I have seen in anywhere. Even while taking pictures I think D.L. jee puts lot of effort I feel,please reply on this .

    Coming to DL jee’s interview, I was waiting for this interview from past 15 days a lot . Even I woke up early today to see whether this interview was posted or not.It was wonderful interview to know more about D.L. jee. Thanks to Nandan once again. Hats off to your mom D.L.jee for having taken great care and bringing you up while in utmost tragedy. And also about her views on giving benefit of doubt were great. I felt very good to know about your family also.

    As far as D.L. jee as an individual is concerned , I have mentioned earlier in one of my comments that he is ” ???? ????? Encyclopedia “. Ask him anything he will have it or will find it out accurately for you. I give him the Tag of “Mr. ENCYCLOPEDIA” . Apart from this DL jee is a very spiritual person as rightly described by Silentsoul. His views on spiritualism are amazing and one can learn lot of him.

    Finally I don’t have that much words in praise for D.L.jee , just want to give one message to DL jee that Always be associated with ghumakkar family via posts and comments and definitely one day would love to see you.

    Congrats once again , keep travelling, keep posting and keep commenting on ghumakkar.com :-)

    • D.L.Narayan says:

      Thanks, Vishal. You are being extremely kind. I am just an ordinary kid of guy. I have just been around for a longer time than most of the authors here and experience is good teacher.

      Regarding the pictures, obviously the pictures of my parents were not taken by me, nor were the pictures in which I was present. I just chose them because I wanted to show all the persons I had mentioned in the interview. Jaya, my wife, helped me in choosing the pictures.

      I too am looking forward eagerly to the day when all of us ghumakkars can meet one day.

  • JATDEVTA says:

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    • D.L.Narayan says:

      ???????? ????? ???, ??????????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ??? ….?? ????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??????? ???

  • Ritesh Gupta says:

    D.L. Narayan ji……
    Heartiest Congratulation for being Featured Author of Ghumakkar.com
    Nice to know about your & your family in this interview….

    @Nandan Ji…. Thanks for Interview of Great Person D.L. Narayan..

  • Sudip says:

    Congratulations on being the Chosen One!

  • Naveena Israni says:

    Congratulations Narayan ji for this well-deserved honour :)

  • toddler ved says:

    Heartiest congratulations DL ji for the well deserved feat. Very touching revelations indeed especially of the mother, who use to hold her child’s hand for a short while but his heart for ever. This outburst is in view of the fact that I do miss my mother the most…. Anyways, all the best and plz do mail me The Mystery of the Diamond Smugglers.. will certainly love to go through ur creativity.. :)

    • D.L.Narayan says:

      Ved Prakash jee, where are you ? All of us are deeply missing your presence. Please keep writing.

      Regarding the book, I wrote it as a 10 year old schoolboy during the summer holidays and my sister, the only person to read it was not at all impressed. “What a childish plot,” she scorfully said, “and stop copying Enid Blyton.” She was spot on in her criticism. She wanted to study literature but she ended up as doctor because of our educational system which tries to make doctors and engineers of all good students, irrespective of what their real aptitude is.

  • Thanks DL and Nandan, I am so impressed as this conversastion narreted here. Congratulaions to both of you. Success in life not easy, I salute to DL and his Mom. In India as we relay on Sifarish , rest of world Link play a key role. I feel fortunate in Ghumakkar we have so intellegent people .

    • D.L.Narayan says:

      Thanks Sharmaji. It is heartening to see people like you joining the ghumakkar family and enriching it with your presence.

  • Kavita Bhalse says:

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  • D.L.Narayan says:

    ???????, ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?????????? ?????? ??
    ???????? ??? ?? ????? ??: The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
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  • Stone says:

    Pleasure to know more about you DL sir ( sorry I can’t stop me from suffixing sir, it comes naturally).
    Thanks once again for sharing all those beautiful posts and your insightful comments with us.

    @Nandan – As usual, brilliantly sewn interview. Thank you.

  • Brilliant interview from both side. Questions were equally good. Thanks Nandan.

    DL : It was very good to know more about you and about your mother. Her teaching about including even the not so liked persons in life is extremely good, and something to be definitely followed.

    You get so much holidays to enjoy from your employer ! I am thinking to forward my CV to you :-).

    Thanks for sharing your life with us. Please keep us enlightened more.

  • AUROJIT says:

    Hi DL,

    Congratulations for the well deserved honour.

    Thanks for the insightful interview. It is a pleasure to know so much about you. Now perhaps we know the secret behind those well informed posts and comments :)

    Keep enriching us with wealth of your wisdom, Thank you.

    @ Nandan, Thanks for yet another great job. Also that bit of information about publishing slots.


  • D.L.Narayan says:

    @ Sandeep Bhaskar, Deependra and Aurojit: Thank you, gentlemen, for your effusive praise. The credit must go to Nandan for the skillful way in which he conducted the interview and framed the questions.

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear DL,

    Its nice to know about you, your comments are full of information.

  • Nandan says:

    @ Auro, Deependra, Stone, Kavita, Sharma jee, Vishal, Ritesh, SS – Thank you folks.

  • Sunita says:

    Great Interview Dad! As Usual u r Awesome and Brilliant! Grandma was indeed remarkably wonderful and beautiful-inside out. Lol

    • D.L.Narayan says:

      Thanks Sunita. I am sorry that I could not mention much about you and Ranjita in the interview…but you know that I am immensely proud of you and Ranjita.

  • Manish Khamesra says:

    Dear DL

    I don’t know should I congratulate you or congratulate us that through ghumakkar we come to know more about you in such great detail. Going through the interview and knowing about you in such a great detail is a pleasure. ?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ??? ?? your mother was able to keep her dreams of giving good life to all her kids with sheer determination and grit. The high education even your grand parents had at that time is remarkable.

    You are a jewel among us, keep on updating us, adding that little extra with every comment of yours.

    Thanks Nandan for bringing ghumakkar authors so close and also making us proud to be associated with such accomplished people and such a wonderful site.

    • D.L.Narayan says:

      Thank you, Manish ji, for reading the interview and for your kind words. Coming from you, it is high praise, indeed.

  • Bidisha says:

    The revelation of the soulful inner self of DL combined the candidness and the gift of gab has created a beautiful read. Thanks Nandan for presenting this crisp yet complete interview. It was indeed wonderful to know DL, the real person behind so many lively travelogues and value-add comments.

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  • D.L.Narayan says:

    @ Bidisha: Thanks for your words of appreciation. Looking forward to reading your next post on ghumakkar.
    @ ??? ???: ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??, ????? ???? ???????? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ????? ??? ?? ?????????? ???? ?? ???? ????, ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ?? ????? ???

  • Pat Jones says:

    Yet to read one of your blogs (apologies!) but after going through this post I feel you should’ve been here during the ‘golden period’ of 2008-10.

    ‘Woh Din’ snap look really sweet.

    • D.L.Narayan says:

      Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. Thanks a lot for the kind words.

      I do not know about the golden period, but right now, there are plenty of talented ghumkkars and they have come out with some really amazing posts. Please do come here more often, Mr. Jones.

  • vijayasai mutyala says:

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    • D.L.Narayan says:

      Sushantji, thank you for kind and affectionate words. I am a huge fan of yours from day one and I think that you are undoubtedly one of the most loved and admired writers on ghumakkar. So, compliments from you do mean a lot to me.

      However, I have to disagree with you on the point that I am something “khaas”; I am very much an “aam aadmi,” an ordinary person who has been singularly fortunate and extraordinarily blessed to have had great parents, supportive family and friends and lots and lots of luck and opportunities.

  • Vipin says:

    It’s quite enriching flipping through the pages of Ghumakkar.com…missed this interview earlier…:(…It was really great to learn about you & your interests DL Ji…your name ‘Dhanalakota’ justifies your personality…some initial letters sound like Dhana (riches)…:)…and you are pretty rich with your knowledge, affection etc…by the way…what is the meaning of Dhanalakota, just out of curiosity?…:)…DL Ji’s comments on one’s post is much sought after…Thank you Nandan for bringing this out so beautifully!

    • D.L.Narayan says:

      Thank you Vipin ji for your kind words. My surname means a fort of wealth in Telugu. The root words being dhana and kota which are of Sanskrit origin. Some distant ancestor of mine must have been rather wealthy; a pity that it did not percolate down to my generation :-)

  • Nirdesh says:

    Hi DL,

    Finally, I know you!

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