Enjoying Christmas in Alwar

Alwar is a good place but we didn’t stayed at Alwar . We stayed near Sariska wildlife sanctuary in Sariska Palace. Ah! What an entrance it had. Large gardens, variety of flowers, large area and a great decoration for the Christmas.
Christmas decoration at the entrance of hotel Sariska Palace
Christmas decoration at the entrance of the hotel.

Garden in Sariska Palace
Garden in Sariska Palace

It took us about 5 minutes to reach our rooms from the reception. We entered a room which was fully decorated for Christmasroom decorated for Christmas

room decorated for Christmas

There were three families. Our family, Kamlesh uncle’s family, &  mama’s family.

We stayed there for two days.  On that we only roamed in the hotel area

3 of us looking the depth of channel

We roamed in the whole area of the hotel. It was a very big area. The hotel had a channel attached to it. We saw the channel and the forest attached to it. It was a dense forest.

A view of the forest attached to the channel

As we were alone, we came back because we were frightened. And again we went there with our parents at night. As we came back we went at the back of hotel to the restaurant for our dinner. It was very good. Then we sat near the fire and enjoyed the Rajasthani dance organized by the hotel.

Boy dancing in Rajasthani dress

That night we enjoyed most. On the next morning all of us woke up early and elders went for a walk. All the children played badminton in the garden and felt tired after playing. Next, on that day we went to see the Sariska wildlife sanctuary. Ah! it was again a dence forest. We took two jeeps and went into the forest. We took different tracks. As we came across a lake we saw crocodile’s baby. It was sleeping in the sun. we then next saw many animals and stopped at a checkpoint. There we gave birds some food.

Crocodile’s baby sleeping in the sun.

Me feeding the Tiger bird

There we discussed about the full day trip in the safari. We then went to Neelkanth temple, Pandu Pole, & Bhangadh.

Market in Bhangadh kindom

the story of this kingdom is that a magician wanted the queen so he mixed some magic in the oil but the queen knew some magic so she knew  about the magician’s magic. the magician got very angry with this and with his magical power he destroyed the whole kingdom in one night. There the Government has declared that noone would go in the kingdom before sunrise & after sun set.

destroyed fort of bhangadh

Next day we packed everything and came back to Bhilwara. there we dropped my mother & mama’s family & came back to our home. This was how our trip ended. It was a great place for enjoying Christmas. I liked the trip & want to go on another.


  • vibha says:

    Welcome Sajal. Nice post to start with.

    The picture of you with the Tiger Bird eating out of your hands is especially good.

    Keep Traveling and Writing!

    • Sajal Chaplot says:


      Thanks. The Tiger bird was so fast that we got only one good photo of mine with it. We clicked many photos of others.

      And my new post is coming very soon.

  • Ram Dhall says:


    Thank you for taking us to Sariska Palace through your well written first post. The supporting pictures also say a lot.

    Good first time effort and do keep on writing.

    Shall look for your new [post.

  • Sajal Chaplot says:

    Ram Dhall,

    Thank you.
    Well I wanted everyone to know the best hotel in Sariska so I described it.

    Very soon my new post is coming.

  • Welcome on board Sajal. Good that you decided to put your travel accounts on web.

    Some of the pictures are really very interesting esp of tiger bird and Bhangadh. I have been to Sariska but not to nearby Bhangadh. I feel that this place is a must in any itinerary to Sariska.

    Before moving ahead, please do some editing, picture of you three looking into canal and the associated caption is looking out of place.

    Where are you taking us next.

    • Sajal Chaplot says:

      Manish mausaji,

      Hello. How are you?

      I found this very interesting so i started to put my travel accounts on web.

      I think you should have to go to Bhangadh as it is very interesting place like haunted fort.

      As I put the photos at last so I got that photo wrong. I’ll try to do correction.

      My next post is not a surprise for you as you know which post I’ll write.

      So be prepared for my new post.

  • Rachit Khamesra says:

    Sajal Bhaiya,

    So you went to Alwar on Christmas. The entrance to the palace looks wonderful and WOW what a room you had. It would have been very interesting to sit around fire in winter and to see the dance.

    • Sajal Chaplot says:


      Hi. How are you?

      You should also go there at Christmas. it’s a nice place for enjoying Christmas. And yes it was a great fun, siting near fire and watching the Rajasthani dance.

      When are you going to write a new post?

  • ashok sharma says:

    amazing place and amazing narrator.
    keep it up

    • Sajal Chaplot says:


      Thank you. And yes it was an amazing place. We could be able to see the tiger in the forest if we don’t go to Bhangadh. But Bhangadh was much better than watching the tiger.

  • nandanjha says:

    Welcome aboard Sajal.

    Nanhe Ghumakkars are stealing all the credits. The likes of Manish Khamesra and Ram Dhall need to better watch out.

    I went to Ranthambhore early last year and there I saw the ‘Tiger Bird’ for the first time and someone was doing the same trick and I was like, WOW, what a thing to do.

    Eagerly awaiting your next post.

    One quick thing – get yourself a gravatar. Here are instructions


    Once you do that, you would see that picture before the title of your stories as well as in comments.

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