My Rocking Adventure Camp at Mount Abu

As I came back from Uttrakhand I got ready for my adventure camp of Mount Abu. We sat in our school bus and went towards Mount Abu on 29th night. No one slept in the bus all enjoyed all night. We reached there on the next morning. We took out our luggage and arranged them in the tents which were assigned to us. Some of the tents in our camp site.

Then we came out and got ready for that days activity. Before that our camp teacher Ashok sir told us the rules of the camp. Afterwords we went for our first track of the camp.
All of us going for tracking.

We felt very exited. We went to the Lower Codhra dam. It was made by the Britishers. It had a very little water stored there. We found a goat’s skin hanging on a tree branch.
A view of the Lower Codhra Dam.

Than we came back to our camp site. Than came our food time. The food usually is not good in camps, but here it was like eating food of hotel. We than were sent to our tents because it was very hot outside. At evening we went to the Toad Rock. It was a rock with the shape of toad. What a GREEEEEEEEEEAAATTTT view we got from there. The Toad Rock .

Than we went on BELLY’S  walk. We walked through the forest. We reached at the sunset point. It was a great sun set. We watched for at least one & a half hour. The SUN’S  golden light show.

WE than came back and enjoyed camp fire and dinner. On the next day we went to base camp 1. There we were trained with the obstacles. THe different obstacles were best till now.

One of the obstacles.

Next was our Nakki lakes visit. We visited Nakki lake in the evening. The beauty of the lake was great. We enjoyed boating & the evening view.

A view of great NAKKI lake.

On the next day it was time for our caving activities & night tracking. We went to the Upper Codhra dam. at around 7:30 p.m. we went into a cave. It was dark in the cave. We weren’t able to see our way & our teachers told us to leave torch outside the cave. I got hurt a little bit in the cave. Then as we were coming back to our campsite it was dark. All of us switched our torches on & came back to our campsite.

A view of the Upper Codhra dam

Next day was our day for rock climbing & rappling. We had to climb a big straight rock with our hands and feet. We many times slipped in our way to the top but none got hurt.  Then came rippling. Rippling means to come down from the rock. It was very easy & much better than climbing. A child climbing the rock.

It was a great fun there. on that day we again went to Nakki lake.

The next day was the last day of our camp. On that day we did horse riding, gun firing & river crossing.

Me riding on a horse

We did all these things at base camp 1. Then we ate food, packed our luggage, sat in bus and came back to our home.


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Wow Sajal what a great experience you had rock climbing , horse riding etc. Its looks that you enjoyed all the activities arranged while your stay in Mt. abu.

    I have been to Mt. Abu long back may be around eight nine years back but never had been to Codhra dam.

    All the pictures are good, specially toad rock & sun set.

    • Sajal Chaplot says:


      Yes we had a great experience. We fully enjoyed there even if it was hot.

      The pics were taken by my friends. I thank them.

  • I would say Great experience Sajal. I was waiting to read this write-up, to understand that what was making you more excited about Mt Abu trip, even more than the trip to Uttrakhand and now I can understand.

    Seeing you kids passing through the trench covered with barbed wires and then doing rock climbing and rappling, even reading about your cave experience was quite scary. You know we parents are over-cautious when it comes to kids :-)

    Bailey’s walk was one of the hidden corner we saw on our visit to Mt Abu, and I would say that I would like to go there again and sit for hours there.

    BTW we never visited Codhra dam (I was not even aware that there was something of that sort that existed). The picture of Upper Codhra dam is amazing.

    Some pictures are hazy as well, are they scanned ??

    In total a great experience. Thanks for sharing and keep on travelling and writing :-)

  • Coral says:

    Nice post… I have been in mount abu but not get chance to do rock climbing and all.
    Good capture.

    • Sajal Chaplot says:


      Thank you. ..The rock climbing & other activities were only for the scouts.

      & the pics were taken by my friends.

  • Jaishree says:

    Good going Sajal!

    It was indeed a great trip for you. You forgot to mention that it was your Scout and Guides’ activity.

    Do write about all such adventures.

    • Sajal Chaplot says:

      Hello mausi,

      How are you???

      Yes, it was a great trip for all of us & sorry for not mentioning that.

      I would write about another camp which was held at Teju Ka Guda, Kumbhalgarh.

  • Rachit Khamesra says:


    We all have to sleep at night because we feel tired.
    How come you did not sleep a full night?

    I have never been in tents.
    I will ask papa to stay in tents at some place.

    Did you get hurt by those barbed wires? Your caving activity and obstacles seemed like Secret Seven adventure.

    • Sajal Chaplot says:


      We are children & we can do anything. When only children are going alone without parents they can do anything.

      The tents are for Scouts NCC etc. take part in these and you can sllep in tents.

      And I was not hurt by those wires. These really were like SECRET SEVEN adventure.

  • vibha says:

    “When only children are going alone without parents they can do anything. ”

    Careful Sajal…hope your parents are not reading this….

    Else your next trip with friends could be in jeopardy!!! ;-)

    • Sajal Chaplot says:


      I am carefull about that thing so don’t worry& that line was for the bus experience.

      I will keep going in such camps which is a good thing.

  • nandanjha says:

    What fun, Sajal.

    you seem to have enjoyed it thoroughly. Good. Best wishes and blessings.

    • Sajal Chaplot says:


      It was a great fun to be there.

      We enjoyed it very much & I
      want to keep going in camps like this.

  • Rishi Badola says:

    Awesome yaar!
    It was really an awesome trip n i just love ur description!
    A very fine representation!
    love it

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