Drive to Dehradun , Mussoorie , Haridwar during Monsoon of 2010 – Part-I

My last road trip to Haridwar was in Feb this year. After this trip again in March this year I did a road trip to Wagah Border.And now after five months here comes my road trip again.This time too during Rakhi Holidays , we again planned a road trip to Dehradun, Mussoorie and Haridwar similar to every year. My Last years wonderful Mussoorie experience is described in my previous post -“Road Trip to Mussoorie – The Queen Of Hills “. This time Rakhi was a little late ie. in the last week of of august , and this time was the peak of monsoon. However , our plan was made a month in advance. We had to go to Dehradun this time by different route. We had decided to follow the Route – Delhi – Panipat – Shamli – Saharanpur – Chutmulpur – Dehradun. But rains played havoc to our plan. We knew that this is the state highway and the condition of roads were not good due to heavy rains. So just a day in advance , we changed our plan and decide to go by the same old route of National highway. Details of the trip –

No. of Adults – Four
1. Myself – The solo driver
2. My Father
3. My mother
4. My Great Grand Mother

My Car – Maruti 800
Total distance covered in the trip – 750 Km
Avg distance per litre – 18 Km/Lr
Total cost of fuel consumed – Rs 2500

It was 22nd August’10. Rains were on its full throttle. But our plan was made. We left Delhi on 22nd at 5 am. Continous rains were pouring. We followed the route from ISBT , Dilshad Garden on NH-24 towards Ghaziabad .
From Ghaziabd we turned on NH-58 towards Meerut.

We crossed the Meerut Bypass by 7 am. But it seemed the rain would not stop the whole day. I drove the car continuously in rain. The condition of NH was not good at all. Due to continuos rains , there were really bad patches on the roads , with huge pit holes filled with water. Meerut Bypass is mostly double road now.

Newly constructed Toll Plaza after Meerut

There were some really bad patches on the Meerut Bypass and crossing them in rain was really a hell. However we continued further. We reached Khatauli at Cheetal Grand at 8:30 am. Took some snacks there. We stopped there for 30 min.

Cheetal Grand

After Cheetal , the road was a hell for 10-15 min. Bumpy roads , broken and the pit holes filled with water and above all the continous rain. My small car was really feeling the pain.

Some really bad stretch

After Khatauli till Muzaffarnagar , NH-58 was in good condition. The Muzzafarnagar Bypass was in a good shape.

But just after crossing the bypass , something happened which was never expected. My car stopped in the middle of highway. It was raining heavily at that time. Really confused what to do now. Our family was with us and the car broke down at Muzaafarnagar – Roorkee stretch. There was no mechanic in the near viscinity. Then my father decided that he would go to find a mechanic and I will remain in the car with the ladies. He took a lift from a bike and decided to go towards Muzaffarnagar city. My father came back to the site with the mechanic after an hour walking a distance of 2km as nobody gave lift. When the mechanic opened the bonet he told us that the timer coil in the car was broken. He told us that there was no option left. The only option left was to toe the car and take the car to his shop. Then by chance a vikram ( type of Auto ) came. He asked us Rs 200 to toe the car just at a distance of 2km. Then the car was toed to the auto and he pulled the car.

Car being repaired.

After the car was brought to the mechanic shop , the mechanic told that he did not have the Timer Coil. We must go to the Muzaffarnagar City to buy the faulty part. There was no mode of transport there except taking the lift. Also as it was heavily raining heavily no one was stopping the car. When I asked the rate of the coil from the mechanic he told Rs 600. Just then I called up my Delhi Mechanic he told that its cost was Rs 200. The road side mechanic was charging Rs 400 extra for the part. Just then I decided that I will too go to the shop to buy the part

However one bike stopped. Then , myself and the mechanic took the lift and went to the city. Only one shop was there, which was closed. We moved further we found another shop. We bought the coil from the shop. Again we waited for a lift or some tempo on the highway. A tempo came. We took a lift and came back to the mechanic shop after 2hrs. My family was waiting there. Then the mechnic took another 1.5 hrs to replace the faulty part. He took Rs 1100 total as his labour. After the car was repaired we again continued our journey. It was really a very horrifying experience that the car broke down in the middle of highway and with you the whole family is there and continous rains accompnying you. But then, All’s Well That Ends Well.

After that experience and wasting around 4hrs there we moved further. From Muzaffarnagar to Roorkee we continued on NH-58.

Roads were good except some bad stretches at Purkaji. After Manglaur we reached Roorkee. From Roorkee turned left on NH-73 towards Chutmulpur.

At Roorkee

NH-73 From Roorkee to Chutmulpur

Roads were now pretty good after entering Uttarakhand. From Chutmulpur, Turned right on NH-72A towards Dehradun. Then moving further we stopped at Biharigarh for some famous Pakodas. Roads were good till Mohund. After Mohund the Hills start.

Groups of Monkeys

The roads in hills were also good except a few landslides which were being cleared by the JCB Machines.

Flock of Goats grazing

My little car resting besides the river

My little car resting in mountains

Just before entry of Dehradun , we stopped at Dat Mata Mandir which marks the finishing of hills and entry into Dehradun

After the Mandir , there comes the tunnel marking the entry into Dehradun.

The road condition inside the tunnel was a hell with large no. of pitholes full of water. Finally we reached our grandparents place at Rajpur Road at 3:30 pm. We were late by 4hrs. But we reached Doon safe and sound . But it was really an expereince.

Jungle at Mohund

View of Mountains with thick cloud cover from our house.

The next part will feature the road to Mussoorie and local sight seeing of Dehradun. Till then – :-)
To be continued..
Thanks for reading…


  • Its a beautiful hill station known for its weather. I was also there on 28th July, just a month ago than your visit. Hope you also felt the clouds in your room as I. It was unforgatable experiance of mine.

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Sahil,

    I usually take left turn after Muradnagar (canal road ) , which is comparably better than the Merrut bypass road.

    Looking forward to see your next post.

    • Sahil says:

      Hi Mr. Mahesh,

      Usually I also use the Canal road when I am driving alone. But with family , I generally prefer taking National Highway , mainly because of safety. Likewise in this trip when my car broke down , the availability of mechanic is more on the NH rather than the canal road or any other State highway.


  • Sundeep says:

    Dear Sahil,

    It seems I was following you on the same day (22nd Aug), on the same route to D Dun. However, I started from Delhi around 8.45 AM.

    I was not carrying the Camera, but your pics are showing what I saw


    • Sahil says:

      Sundeep , Good to hear that . If you left Delhi at 9 AM , you must have crossed Muzaffarnagar bypass by 1PM approx. I was too there at 1PM just 2Km turning right from the byepass turn where my car was being repaired. I think we must have been on the same road very close to each other.


  • Amit Ranjan says:

    Hi Sahil,

    I also took the traditional delhi-Ghaziabad-Merrut-Roorkee-Haridwar-Rishikesk-Dehradoon-Musoorie route and went in rainy season in July 2009 end. It was really a pleasant experience. I completed the journey in 5 days and visited every place listed here and that too in full rains……..At roorkee we were struk becoz of waterlogged roads. At haridwar we were struk becoz of very long jam. Thankfully our car (Santro Xing) didn’t broke down anywhere and we were a family of three. I stayed at a hotel at rajpur road and shahastradhara was amazing. I can imagine the wonderfull experience that u had……wonderfull pictures posted….

    Amit Ranjan

    • Sahil says:

      Dear Amit ,

      Last year also in July’09 , I drove on the same route. But last years monsoon was less as compared to the Super Monsoon of 2010. And Yes , driving in monsoon is a sheer pleasant experience.


  • Kartik says:

    Hi Sahil , very nice and simple write up. Photographs are very good. Waiting for the next part.

  • nandanjha says:

    You are right when you say that ‘All’s well that ends well’ (mine is “All’s well that end”). I can imagine. We had a similar experience where we got into a flat tyre situation and the 5th tyre was not having enough pressure.

    Good to hear that it passed.

    I haven’t been on this road for a while. Pics are superb.

    When do we get part 2?

  • prabhat says:

    Dear Sahil ,
    I appreciate your work , your photographs and all that i read it and feel that u enjoy each and every movement .
    I also like to travel in Incredible India. i covered many place in india by car and my fav BIKE riding.
    so , I am here to told you that these problem which u feel on NH-58 are become dream in upcoming years because some information i collect from net are as below
    now gov increase package from 30 cr to 70 cr for Delhi to meerut section of nh 58 .this amount is used to elevate NH 58 where u found water in raine days . For more detials check this URL
    as u write (After Khatauli till Muzaffarnagar , NH-58 was in good condition. The Muzzafarnagar Bypass was in a good shape. ) same condition WE get till Dehradoon after some time (click below for more info)
    NHAI open two tender for NH 58 from meerut to Muzaffarnagar for four leaning , since today almost work completed by company . second tender get by era group from muzaffarnagar to dehradoon section, era group also started work i see it on 11 sep when i m going to haridwar . They start work from chhapar (Near muzaffranagar bypass where first phase forlaning end) i think near about location where u got broke down car :-) .
    i like nh 58 because it gives green environment every where and holi place also.
    Well Sahil every movement in share able when we travel in india .

    • Sahil says:

      Thanks for givivg such a valuable info about Nh-58 . Very well said Prabhat , I too really find NH-58 good ,as it is quite different from other express highways.


  • nandanjha says:

    I drove to Rishikesh and here’s a quick update.
    1. ‘Raj Nagar Extension Bypass’ is now open. It saves a lot of GZB. Its on the road which connects Mohan Nagar with NH58. Just before hindon bridge.

    2. From Murad Nagar, I hopped on to canal road or ‘Kanwar Marg’. Its a 12 feet single road and one has to be careful while driving but its a better alternative than the rush-y NH58. We met NH58 just before Cheetal and then were with NH58 all through.

    Meerut Bypass is good, so is Muzaffarnagar bypass. Khatauli, Purkaji, 2 KMs just after Cheetal, Muradnagar-Gzb sections are very bad. You feel like driving on moon with those big craters.

    I also hope that situation gets better.

    • Sahil says:

      Mr. Nandan , you are right. There were practically no roads in Khatauli and Purkazi , just the broken roads and pit holes filled with water. I also use the Canal Road when I am driving alone , but with family I prefer driving on NH-58 mainly because the availability of a mechanic on a NH is slightly better than on any of the SH or MDR’s , like in my this case when my car broke down.


  • Prince says:

    Dear Sahil,
    Thank you for a graphic description of your journey to Mussoorie and clear photographs. You are very courageous to drive in heavy rains on a road with potholes and broken edges and this too with you relatives. Or should I say, they are more adventurous to come along with you specially your Great Granny.
    Several years ago I too had a break failure in a Fiat car on Muzaffar Nagar bypass. My kids were small but mercifully a family run dhaba were very kind to us while I went to get a mechanic. Nothing has changed since, mechanics overcharged me then and now you too were ripped off. Sad.
    Last week the same route was worse hit due to heavy floods. The road to Rourkee was closed, no vehicles were allowed to move from Haridwar to Ddun. I am hoping it has all cleared up now. Have to travel next week. What’s the canal route like?
    Where are you planning your next trip?
    Best wishes,

  • Sahil says:

    Thanks a lot Prince , for your appreciation. Its true that the mechanic on the highways have made a business of overcharching the people , and to our pity people have no other option left.
    Coming to the Canal route . From Muradnagar , turning left takes you to the Canal road. It was a road which was earlier made for the Kanwariyas , but now it is used by many people. It is a single two lane road. My personal recommendations –

    ADVANTAGES This road is smooth and keeps you away from the crowded NH-58 mainly till Khatauli.
    DISADVANTAGES 1. Driving at night by this road is not at all advisable.
    2. Also the avilability of Mechanic on this road is less , compared on NH-58


  • saleem says:

    The DELHI-Modinagar-Meerut bypass- partapur-Khatauli-Muzaffarnagar-Roorkee stretch is now better due to Toll patches at approx. 170 kms. Can do in 3 1/2 4 hours..

    Delhi-Modinagar 45 kms. Takes about an hour .. Dabur-Mohan Nagar-Ghaziabad-Murad Nagar-Modinagar strech is all crowded at most times of the day though there is a bypass after Mohan Nagar now after hindon bridge via Raj Nagar Extension Housing project which saves you atleast 20 mins.

    Modinagar Modipuram Toll Gate 25 kms is a good strech with flyovers on the partapur bypass meerut and you can do 80-90 kmph here.

    Modipuram Muzaffarnagar 50 kms strech is the Best !! Once you pay the Toll you can cruise at 100+ kmph and pass the sakauti Tanda Rail overbridge and stop at Khatauli bye-pass @ Cheetal Grand.. This is Must Stop.. Excellent food and ambience/service. Muzaffarnagar bye-pass is also good.

    Muzaffar Nagar Roorkee 50 kms is a single road with oncoming traffic and just 2 lanes as soon as you exit MZN bye-pass.. 4 laning is in process in patches and will take another 2 years !!! Road is bad in patches and to add to it is the Trucks line for Uttrakhand Border tax. Easily 01 hour until you reach Roorkee.

    Overall 4 hours for 170 kms with a stop.. Safe strech though avoid Night driving and Kanwariya season in July..

  • saleem says:

    Roorkee Muzaffar nagar bye-pass 50 kms . Road is not too good which is bad in patches. Being 2 lane and loads of traffic saharanpur/haridwar/Rishikesh/Dehradun/Mussorie it can be quite bad.
    Be careful of speedbreakers at Gurkul Narsan and Barla which have no markings and appear out of nowhere.

    Muzaffarnagar Meerut : 75 kms is an excellent stretch and can be done in an 0100 0115 hours. Once you start off from the MZN by-pass via khatauli bye-pass, Toll plaza at Mawana crossing, Modipuram, partapur meerut bye-pass its a great hassle free stretch with speed upto 100 kmph.
    Lots of food stops on this stretch starting with Cafe Midway/Mc Donalds/Haldirams/Bikano before Katauli and Cheetal Grand once you pass Khatauli.

    Meerut Delhi: 50 kms.. 0115 0200 hours . This is the worst strecth with you slowing down from the word go as soon as you exit from the Partapur byepass. Modinagar stretch for sure takes 30 mins minimum sue to bazaars esp. after 4 pm until 10 pm. If its the sugarcane / marriage season then Lord may help you !!! Then you have until Murad nagar canal of clear but packed traffic before you hit the Ghaziabad stretch to crawl again.. Take a right at the Hapur Mod tri-junction red Signal. This will take you via Raj Nagar extention housing societies.. and again take a right at the signal tri-junction after the traffic Triangle.. This is a pontoon makeshift bridge for LMV/2 wheelers and takes you straight to Mohan Nagar After this is smooth though packed traffic of Autos, tempos, buses, trcuks until you reach Delhi Border.

    Minimum 4 hours for this trip !!!!

    NO CNG on this route, though plenty of petrol pumps and Dhabas

    Cheers !!


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