Divine experience in God’s own country-Rishikesh

Hey ghumakkars here I come with my next rocking travel write-up. This time it is Rishikesh, a very known place to all of you where most of us have either visited as a family spiritual trip or with friends as a fun trip. I have made this trip with my office friends which is a type of you can say official cum personal trip. I can understand that you guys are assuming that it will be mostly related to Rafting/Bungee Jumping/Cliff Jumping etc etc but a big Nooooo :P
So to maintain the excitement, will not waste much of your time and will directly jump to the main part i.e the trip experience.
Day 1 – 18 May 2018 – Friday night
We started our journey late night from our office campus. Booked a traveller so that we all gather at office and start our journey from there only. As some of my colleagues have their respective shifts so it was the better option to start the trip from office. So we started it at around 10:30 pm and took some snacks and juices with us as it is going to be a long and tiring journey specially after office hours. We got seated ourselves in the traveller and started our trip. When we reached near Meerut we thought to take a small refreshment break there at around 01:00 am at a proper restaurant which was open at that time. We had enough tea and tasty pakodas there to continue our journey onwards.
We all took a nap as we all were very tired and then in the early morning we reached Rishikesh at around 6 am. We have already booked our rooms in Divine Resort near Lakshman Jhoola. Although the resort is expensive approx. 5000 per room but it’s worth of it. We stayed there for 2 days and 1 night only.
Day 2 – 19 May 2018 – Saturday
So the driver parked its traveller in the parking area as after that point no big and heavy vehicles are allowed in the main city. The resort is not far away from parking area so we took our respective luggage and started walking from parking area to our resort. As soon as we saw the resort from outside it wasn’t a very good first impression on us but as soon as we enter the resort oh my god it was seriously a divine for us. The name Divine Resort suits it very well. We all spent some time on the roof watching the scenery around with the soothing sound of Ganges river.

Enjoying Divine Resort rooftop view

Girls gang enjoying the view

As check-in time was 12:00 pm so we waited for some time on the roof and requested the manager to arrange atleast some rooms so that we can freshen ourselves after a tiring journey. The resort staff was very supportive and they arranged some rooms for us. We then took some rest and freshen ourselves for the breakfast as it was till 10 am. We all went to the resort restaurant which was at 7th floor from our rooms which were at 5th floor. And it was an amazing breakfast with a lot of varieties, less spicy items and tasty one. The fruits were also an option who preferred diet food. We had our breakfast and returned back to our rooms. Took shower and thought to explore resort first as it has its own two swimming pools, the Ganges in front of the resort and many other its own luxuries to enjoy. The gardening area is also good there. A lot of scenery to enjoy and to take photographs which is always the first excitement for girls specially :P

View from our hotel room balcony

Girls masti at Ganges

After enjoying at resort we had our lunch around 1 pm and then had some of our fun activities in activity area of the resort. After that we took some rest and started getting ready for the near by sightseeing. Some guys preferred to see live Ganga aarti and some of us prefer to go Ram Jhoola and Laksman Jhoola. So we girls decided to go for some shopping, and some sightseeing near Ram Jhoola and Lakshman Jhoola. As it was evening aarti so there was a lot of crowd.

Ram Jhoola

Scenic view of Ram Jhoola

We roam around and did some shopping and came back to resort at around 7:30 pm. At night there was a DJ party planned on the roof till 10 pm so we started getting ready for the same. The party get started on time and we were ready to burn the floor on rocking dance numbers.

Divine Resort DJ party night

The party ended with a delicious dinner and at the same time we discussed about the next day planning. We all agreed to go for trekking the very next early morning. After having dinner we went to our respective rooms for a restful sleep.
Day 3 – 20 May 2018 – Sunday
The early next morning we woke up and took a small morning walk near Ganges. Then we freshen ourselves and went to resort restaurant for breakfast. Took the light breakfast like bananas to gain energy for trekking. The trekking distance is about 4 kms. The traveller was waiting for us outside the resort parking area from where we got seated ourselves and it dropped us near Neer Waterfall entry gate. We need to start the trekking from there only. From there itself we started our mission to reach the final destination. The road was full of stones, big and small ones, and sometimes the slope is too high or too low which made the trek adventurous and very tiring as well. The legs started paining when we had to climb the stairs in between.

Trekking masti

We reached to a small waterfall which was our first stoppage for rest. We took some selfies out there and sat on the big stones that surrounded that waterfall.
We started our journey again and then reached to second waterfall which had a small stall of tea. We sat there for a few moments and took selfies with the scenic view of that waterfall.
Now our destination was a few meters away so we gathered our energy and willpower together and continued further. After walking for around 15 minutes we finally reached to the main waterfall Neer waterfall our destination. The water was very chilled out but clean and white as it directly coming from the hills.

Neer Waterfall

Clean and White waterfall-Neer

We spent out some time there and have some maggi and tea at a small stall there. After having our precious time outing there we started walking down towards the parking area.

Trekking selfies

It was just 15 mins walk downwards the parking area while it was about 1.5 hrs trek when we started trekking and reached the Neer waterfall. The traveller was waiting for us out there. We boarded the traveller and headed towards our resort. As soon as we reached the resort, we rushed to restrooms for a shower as we need to do the checkout formalities within an hour so that we can reach to Noida on time.

Last pic – Hotel room scenic view

At around 12 pm we did the checkout and get boarded in the traveller. There was a heavy jam between Rishikesh and Haridwar which took almost our 2 hours. So apart than having patience we didn’t have any other way. As soon as we reached Roorkee we had light snacks and the lunch time was over at that point of time, so had some samosas and kachories on the way. When we reached Muzaffarnagar we thought to have dinner so we stopped at Gupta’s resort one of the finest resort out there and then we had our dinner. The resort service and the quality of food was very good. After having dinner we resumed our journey. The roads were clear thanks to almighty and then we finally reached back to our respective homes maximum by 11:00 pm.
Overall it was a small, sweet and adventurous trip with professional cum personal friends. The main motive was to find peace, fresh air and adventure which I hope was fulfilled in this journey


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