Dhanaulti: A little Paradise

Last year I planned my Christmas vacation to Mussoorie in and around. Although I never been there but I had this feeling that Mussoorie is gonna to be so crowded and I’ll not like it. So, I search more about nearby excursion and I came to know about Dhanaulti.

Situated at an altitude of 2286m
Through overnight bus I reached Deharadun. The hill bus station is within the Dehradun railway station premises. Some 30-40 bucks and 35 km something drive will take you to the queens of hill through a bus. The journey was quite pleasant and one have to make choice that where to get off because usually buses are ply to distant route. Most of the buses will take to famous Campty fall.

First Glimpse of Mussoorie
May be due to Christmas or probably its proximity to Delhi and other major cities, Mussoorie was over crowded. So I decided to move to Dhanaulti which I already had in my mind. Before that i had great breakfast in highly recommended Kalsang restaurant.

Must visit Place : Kalsang Restaurant
Table top of Kalsang Restaurant
Waiting to get served
At Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie there is a Garhwal Tourist information centre but that day unfortunately no trip for Dhanaulti was planned because of lack of tourist on that route, so I asked about alternate ways and someone suggest me that you go to Tehri Bus stand from there you’ll get the bus for Dhanaulti. Also they said lightly it is just 30 minutes walk. A word of caution, never trust on Hill people on distance related matter, because they probably measures the Arial distances. Steep paths will easily take just double or may be triple time for people belongs to plane. Anyways I clicked few more photographs while walking and reached Tehri bus stand uncomfortably.

The bus charge was another 35 bucks for Dhanaulti which is relatively on much higher altitude. You can see breathtaking views en-route.

It is a very small place; just few 100 meters stretched but like a jewel in crown.
Rooms are available here from 6000 to 350 Rs, being alone I choose the least one, which was yet decent with a TV and Geyser. Except ‘Star Utsav’ and ‘Zee Smile’ all channels were from Doordarshan network which one has to bear to save some money. I slept for few hours then stroll with locals on tea shop and dhabas to get the first hand information about the place. One thing I always felt in hill people that although they are keen to know about the life of big cities like Delhi but still feel satisfied about their hustle free cozy lifestyle. And when we confirmed that we are getting uncomfortable with fast pace of our life and came here in search of peaceful moments they always welcome us with a sense of proud.

Next day I woke up early and clicked lots of photographs. What to say just have a look;

Skyline of Dhanaulti
Hawa se baten karte
Around 8 in the morning and you can still see moon
Dawn is mesmerizing in Dhanaulti
You will followed by nobody
This image is my favorite

Completely mesmerized with the charm of this magical tiny place I came around 4 pm to Mussoorie. I had little spare time but not sufficient to visit Campty falls so I visited to Company Garden, which was a real disaster for lone travelers like me. It was so much crowded, offers absolutely nothing and was like a family picnic spot.

Mussoorie as seen from Company Garden

You can be at this place through Rickshaw for 150 bucks to and fro, which is actually a pleasant surprise because I have never seen Rickshaw before in a hill station. Lal Bahadur Shastri IAS training academy is also close to it.

Finally I back to Dehradun by 7 pm to catch my train Mussoorie express.


  • vinaymusafir says:

    You are a great story teller. The feellings of hill people are very well said in post. You are right, they would feel proud of themselve on being in hills and living peaceful life.
    In June, I am planning to be the part of a camp at Vikas Nagar near to Dehradun. But after looking Dhanaulti in your story, I am eager to visit there. Tell me the best time to be there.

    • maheh semwal says:

      Hi Amit,

      Good one !!!

      I have been to Dhanaulti around 3-4 times, last year in June while coming back from Yamnotri & Gangotri , we stooped at Dhanaulti for couple of hours. Eco park is one of the attraction in Dhanulti, which was not there four years back.

      • Kapil says:

        Dear Mahesh,
        I am planning to visit Dhanaulti in 1st week of May’11. I have 2 days to roam around with my spouse and 1 year Kid.

        Please suggest what all near by places to visit?

        Which is the good place & Hotel/Resort to stay in Min. Cost with Max. Amenities?

        What would be preferable mode of transport to roam around?


      • amitk227 says:

        Thats Great Sir. I too wanted to visit ‘Yamnotri & Gangotri’. When I’ll plan to go there I’ll ask more details about it. You are right about Dhanulti Eco Park. I was there at the time of sunrise and it was amazing.

    • maheh semwal says:

      Hi Vinay,

      If you are planning to visit Vikasnagar , you can visit Dak Pathar , Assan Barrage & Kalsi.

      • vinaymusafir says:

        Thanks for suggestions, Mr. Maheh.
        I have 3 days camp at village Gram Juddo, 65 kms from Dehradun on the bank of River Yamuna. Someone told me that its near to Vikas Nagar.
        After camp I have one whole day to see around that area.
        Can you suggest me where should I go, as I would not have my own vehicle then, all I will have to travel by public transport.

        • maheh semwal says:

          Dear Vinay,

          Village Juddo is almost 24-25 kms from Vikas Nagar

          Village Juddo to Kalsi (14-15 Kms.) — Visit Ashoka’s Rock Edict.

          From Juddo there are two ways to come down to Dehradun , one via Vikasnagar – Harbatpur or M ussoorie – Kempty fall. Mussoorie is around 40 kms from Juddo.

    • amitk227 says:

      Hi Vinay thanks for your compliment. First of all best of luck for your upcoming tour. That was the first and last time when I visited Dhanaulti, considering its high altitude and as far I learn about this place through various blogs and travelogues, Dhanaulti can be visited any time in the year, In December snow capped mountains were clearly visible, but I hope June will also be not disappointing. I have visited Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh too in this month that is also a great place to chill. I’ll post about it in my following posts.

  • ashok sharma says:

    bahut hi achha hai,

  • Nandan says:

    Beautiful pics. On the way back to Doon, there is a Zoo which is a good place to take a halt if you have kids with you.

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