Delhi Nainital Road Review

Last Saturday (July 15, 2007), I was driving on NH24 as I had some work in Naukuchiatal and thought that I would write a quick Road Review (and about Delhi to Nainital road condition), since there are lots of folks who use this road for going almost anywhere in Kumaon. Though I didn’t go to Nainital, but probably going till Bhimtal is as good as going till Nainital from Road Review perspective ;)

Delhi to Nainital by road. This road can be divided into many sections.

  1. NH 24 – Delhi, Ghazibad, Hapur, Garh Mukteshwar (NHAI)
  2. NH 24 – Simbhavli, Gajraula, Moradabad, Rampur (NHAI)
  3. NH 87 – Rampur, Bilaspur, Rudrapur (mostly UP)
  4. NH 87 – Rudrapur, Haldwani, Nainital/Bhimtal (Uttrakhand)

Section 1 (Delhi to Garh Ganga route) which starts from Nizamuddin Mode in Delhi has lots of small cities/villages en route. Expect a little jam at Ghazipur Crossing (almost all times of day), then one at Ghaziabad Trade Tax (just beyond Vijay Nagar) and usualy slowness as you cross numerous towns. Hapur bypass is lovely and amazingly smooth, you can go beyond 120 easily. I drove at 80-100 KPH (in my Mahindra Scorpio) as it was raining and road was wet, so less traction. Beyond Hapur, the road is mostly single and not too much of traffic till you get closer to Brij Ghat or Garh Mukteshwar where it can take from 15 minute to many hours depending upon whether there is anything big at Ganga. By the way, this is the closest point for Delhi-ites for a Ganga dip. Avoid mornings on major poornimas (full moons) or big festivals.

Section 2 is after Garh. Again single road for some time and then you start to see the NHAI work. There are stretches where the road work has been done and there are two roads, 3 lane each. On these stretches you can easily go beyond 120 and make merry but every 20-30 odd kilomters, you will enter a bottle neck, mostly at the places where they are trying to make a flyover, these bottle necks can actually kill your entire fun if its raining or if there is a break down. But all in all, this stretch is better than Section 1. Once NHAI is done, it would be cream. Moradabad bypass is already a marvel. I don’t know why they stopped accepting money at a single toll for the whole stretch, now you have to stop twice to pay toll. As you pass Moradabad bypass, Rampur City can get a littly stuffy but it’s just a  couple of kilometers, so, not too much of a pain.

Section 3 is when you cross Rampur city and take a left turn to get on NH87. Now the ordeal begins, now you are not with NHAI but on a road maintained (or not maintained) by government of UP. I have been driving this stretch for at least last 8-9 years and I have never found this good. You have to handle this till Rudrapur.

From Rudrapur, you again take a left leaving the road which goes till Lucknow, and now you drive along-side jungle. Infact both sides. Amazing drive. For 20 odd kilo meters you and this long serpentine road amid Tanda (thats the name of the Jungle Reserve), reach Rudrapur and then Haldwani. From there the road to Nainital is very good. For Bhimtal/Saat Tal/Naukuchia Tal or going to Almora/Bhavali/Binsar/Mukteshwar, you need to take a right exit at HMT factory, which is about 6 KM from Kathgodam station, if you don’t take a right and keep going straight you reach Nainital.

Tip – Start early in the day (5 for Summers and 6 for Winters) to avoid traffic and it should not take you more than 7 hours to reach Nainital or other places.

I was back on Sunday, July 16 2007.

  • Gogi

    A much better way to get to Nainital/Ramgarh is to do a LEFT U turn at the end of the Moradabad flyover,head towards Kashipur,after 15kms take a right to Bazpur-Kaladhungi.This stretch used to be very bad but now is tip-top.After Bazpur there is very little traffic and the drive through the forest is beautiful.From Kaladhungi go up to Nainital/Bhowali and on to Ramgarh.During the peak season,I avoid Nainital and go via Kathgodam,Jeolikote,Bhowali..again a very nice drive and great tarmac,fabulous in the rains!I do this atleast once a month and would appreciate any feed-back from other regulars.

  • gogi

    Some more advice re:NH24.Do not travel via GarhMukteshwar till the 12th Aug as there are lots of closures/diversions because of Shivratri/Pilgrims ferrying GangaJal/Amavasya.It would be wise to check the following link whenever you are planning to go through GM…you could get held up there for any number of hours!

    • navjit

      Which days should one avoid travel if one needs to keep the rush at Garh Mukteshwar in Mind. I checked the website:

      Does one need to avoid the Amavasya days only? Anybody has an idea?


  • Narrinder

    Thanks for the tip about the route via Kaladhungi. A friend who has just gone today was disgusted with the road via Rampur. I plan to go in 2-3 days.

  • Gogi

    A friend who has just returned from Kumaon says the stretch near Kaladhungi where the road goes thru the river-bed,is under water!

  • Narrinder

    Thanks for your prompt advise. However, since i’m going to nainital and not haldwani- would you still have to cross the water at kaladhungi on the bazpur-kaladhungi-nainital route???
    I was just looking up google earth and it seems that you have to cross the river if you go towards haldwani from kaladhungi.
    Can you check with your friend.
    Thanks in anticipation

  • Gogi

    You are right!The river crossing is on the Kaladhungi – Haldwani route,which you should avoid..there is a problem at a bridge as well after Kathgodam.The drive to Nainital is prettier thru Jeolikote,via Haldwani but maybe a little later.

    Please do post your comments here after you complete the trip!

  • Narrinder


  • Narrinder

    The road from Moradabad to Kaladhungi was really excellent.

  • Gogi

    What did you do after Kaladhungi?And did you come back the same way?

  • Narrinder

    went up straight (not via Katgodham). Visited Sat Tal. Stayed 3 days in naini and came back via the same route

  • Anoop Saxena

    Can any one advise me about taking a trip to Nanital on 30/08/2007 from Delhi.

  • Anoop, why dont you register at the forum at (click at forum on the top bar and register) and ask this. By the way what advice you are expecting from Ghumakkars on this ?

  • Anoop

    Actually somebody brought it to my notice that all the kaverias from Haridwar are blocking the Garh Ganga area so is it advisable to take that route or is there any way out from Delhi to nainital.

  • Kawarias thing stopped a while back, 11 Aug. So now no such blocks. Also Kawarias use Delhi-Roorkee-Haridwar highway and that is what is closed and you would need to take NH24. Garh Ganga is a ganga point so I am not sure whether there is any thing else going on there. Poornima is just over (Rakhi) , not sure but I wont be surprised if some Krishna Janmashtmi thing is going on at Garh.

  • Gogi

    Did the usual trip to Mukteshwar last week but changed the route a bit after Haldwani…Discovered a rather picturesque and less travelled road..there were quite a few waterfalls and a roaring stream to drive by..the road is single-lane but well tarred even after the rains.
    After the Bhimtal lake,head towards Bhowali.After another couple of Kms,look out for a hair-pin bend(called Khutani) that takes you to the RIGHT..This goes to PADAMPURI – DHARI – DHANACHULI BEND from where you can take the road to Bhatelia-Mukteshwar or the upper road to Paharpani…The towns on this stretch are small and not crowded..Did not cross a single truck but there was the odd bus.Area is famous for Herb farming.We stayed at The Ramgarh Cottages @ 1900/-a night,meals extra,rather nice!The rate comes down to 1250/-in the winter..definitely worth it!There is also a new Guest House coming up next door, run by a Lady-Doctor from Defence Colony… even cheaper!…more next time!

  • Sandeep

    1. Have been going to Naintal / Bhimtal atleast twice a year via Rampur.
    2. Returned on 17 Sep 2007 after a trip covering Delhi – Moradabad- Kaladhungi- Khurpatal- Nainital- Kilbury – Pangot- Nainital – Bhowali – Ramgarh- Nathuakhan – Hartola – Mukteshwar – Bhimtal – Haldwani – Kaladhungi – Moradabad- Delhi.
    3. Route Moradabad – Kaladhungi is way – way ahead of route via Rampur. Beautiful is the word. Literally No Trucks, No Buses, No overtaking hassles. Tension – free.
    For Nainital thereafter
    Option – 1 – Kaladhungi – Haldwani( Beautiful Forest Road. Negligible Traffic) – Naintal. Long Route. Atleast you avoid Rampur route.
    Option 2 – Kaladhungi – Naintal via Khurpatal (35 KMs approx). Road is bad only at places on account of extensive rains Uttaranchal had this year (under repairs currently, but not too bad at all) – Not more that 5 – 6 KMs stretch . Kaladhungi – Short of Mangoli is a Good Road. Bad Patch thereafter. Khurpatal – Nainital is very good.

    I personally would go for Kaladhungi – Khurpatal – Nainital route.Via Rampur – NEVER.

    Other roads – Naintal – Kilbury – Pangot OK. Too many twists & turns. Not a second off the road you can afford to see.
    Beyond Pangot – Bad Road.
    Road Nainital – Bhowali – Ramgarh- Nathuakhan – Hartola/ Mukteshwar – Bhimtal- Excellent to say the least.
    Was surprised beyond words to see the number of roads being built in these areas. These roads will take anyone to absolute interiors. Uttaranchal Govt appears to be putting their Heart & Soul in Road Building. My Complements to them.

  • Neeraj

    Guys I heard there is a direct raod towards Bazpur as well and we need not take the Kashipur road for reaching Kaladhungi.

    Its visible on the as well.

    Any updates?


  • Ganesh

    Planning to visit Joelikot on way to nainital. Plan is also to drive down from gurgaon. please suggest the better road.

  • Take NH24. Take a U turn from Moradabad bypass (towards Corbett). Head towards Bazpur and then Kaladhungi. Take right and you would each Haldwani. Then Kathgodam, Jeolikot.

    On the way back, I would suggest that you come from Khurpa Tal side. That would take you to Kaladhungi and then back with the same route.

    If you do make it then please comment on this blog on road condition. That would help fellow ghumakkars.

  • sach

    is Kaladhungi road good for low floor cars like Honda City?

  • Yes. Its a pretty decent road with some rough patches which tend to get worse during rains. So avoid during Monsoon but otherwise its pretty good for any car.

  • sach

    Is there any good food joint (value for money) for family on delhi naninital road?

  • Yes there are quite a few at Gajraula (Bhajan Dhaba, Giani dhaba etc). I would recommend that you stop at A1 Plaza (look for Reliance Pump sign). Its after Gajraula, between Joya and Moradabad.

  • ARIF


    How is Rampur Delhi road in Moradabad..?

  • Not sure whether I got your question.

    The moradabad stretch on Delhi – Rampur road is one of the best. Joya – Moradabad is high speed double and then you have this lovely bypass.

    Can you be more clear please ?

  • ARIF

    Hi Nandan
    Thanks for replying my question. what i meant was how is delhi moradabad highway in general.

    i have never been to jim corbet national park hence I am not sure whether delhi moradabad highway leads straight to jim corbet national park or not..?
    what i want to know is the follwing:
    1: Is delhi – moradabad highway going straight to jim corbet national park or not.?
    2: if yes then how far is jim corbet from moradabad.?
    3: is it safe to drive at night?
    4: is it a quiet road or a populated area?

  • Thanks Arif. Here’s my response

    1. Delhi – Moradabad or NH24 doesn’t go to CTR (Corbett Tiger Reserve). For CTR, you get off NH24 after Moradabad by-pass.
    2. Read Delhi-Ramnagar road review for route details.
    3. I would advise that you avoid driving in night since you are not familiar with the route.
    4. mix of both.

  • Rajeev

    Anyone done this route through Kaladhungi – Khurpatal to Nainital lately? I’m planning to drive down next week. any help will be useful.

  • Sandeep

    The route is good. I have done it twice – last in Jan 2008.
    My Sep 2007 observations on this site were as follows –

    Sep 2007- Kaladhungi – Naintal via Khurpatal (35 KMs approx). Road is bad only at places on account of extensive rains Uttaranchal had this year (under repairs currently, but not too bad at all) – Not more that 5 – 6 KMs stretch . Kaladhungi – Short of Mangoli is a Good Road. Bad Patch thereafter. Khurpatal – Nainital is very good.

    May 2008 – Should be good

  • Sandeep

    Want to visit areas beyond Nathuakhan – Hartola. Can any one advise the places to visit and stay.

  • Vib Sharma

    Sandeep and all other contributors,

    Thanks for your inputs on the route to nainital. I went there last week – and against your sane advise – but following some local person’s advise, i went straight to Rampur from Moradabad (I started from Delhi) even though I had made up my mind not to go thru Rampur. The inevitable happened…… there was a never ending 3 km long blockage on one side of the road due to the trucks parked there, and only a narrow lane for the two way traffic. And after 3 kms of driving and not facing any traffic, I got surpised, but to my horror I saw that there was a jam and the traffic had been held up for hours . Knowing the alternate route from your mails above, i turned around quickly to Moradabad before the traffic behind me could stop me. Then followed the Baazpur, kaladhungi, haldwani, kathgodam route…..that was sheer pleasure. No buses, no trucks, no honks, all forest and clean roads. My trip was a big success mainly due to the route that I took on your advise.

    Thanks a lot for putting your experiences for others benefit.

    All others who visit this site, please go thru Rampur on your own risk. The route to nainital is best enjoyed from the path of Moradabad, Baazpur, kaladhungi, haldwani, kathgodam, Nainital.


  • Patrick Jones

    Absolutely right, Vib.

    I too took that route on the way to Kausani last week and thanked all Ghumakkars for the pleasure of jungle drive.

    However, had to come back via Rampur as we were held up in the hills for long. Though there weren’t any hold ups on the national highway, it wasn’t a good drive for most of the way with all the widening going on.

  • Gautam

    Guys I just got back from Nainital this Wednesday, June 25th. The Road is quite bad. From Hapur to Gajraula, there are some very bad stretches mostly due to the road construction. Gajrraula to Rampur the road is good. The Muradbad bypass is already in for some major repairs. Every 20 odd meters, the embankment has caved in and NHAI has resorted to sand filling and quick fix measures.

    Traffic is a big concern though. After Bilaspur, the road gets better and once you enter Uttrakhand, the difference in road quality is visible.

    I wanted to do the Kaladungri rout but was advised against it as a bridge in that route is broken/ under repairs. Moreover, there have been a few land slides between Khurpatal and Nainital.

    The road from Rudrapur to Nainital is very good and the drive is great.

    For people travelling with their family, I would recommend that you stay at the Palace Belvedere in Mallital. It’s a heritage property being managed by Welcome heritage. It is a very convenient location. Walking distance from the Flatts, the ropeway and the boad club.

    The view from the front rooms is the best you can get in any of the Nainital properties. Staff is friendly and the place is well managed.


  • Lokesh

    Gautam is absoultely right. DO NOT TAKE THE BAZPUR – KALADHUNGI ROUTE. The bridge is broken and you will struck in the middle of the route. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND PROMPTED BY LOCALS, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TAKE THE MUD PATH ALONG SIDE THE RIVER. Locals will tell you to take the kuccha road to kashipur and from there to Bazpur and Rudrapur. Do not pay heed to them. The road aheads gets invisible and totally messed up and you land up in mud patches and in fields. Car can get struck up and no decent poulation. I recently travelled on 28th June through this route. Thank God we could safely make it through this route but were scared to our wits ends and so thought to warn all the others. The Moradabad – Rampur route is good enought except for some 20 km stretch which is rough as I returned through this route itself. One more warning though. At Moradabad, there will be a sign post of Bypass at 2 Km ahead but at the turn, there is no sign board and u have to take a right turn under a under construction bridge. Keep an eye for it.

    For something good, after Gurmukhteshwar, you can find nice bamboo stools (muddhas) at the road sides. Bargain them hard at 50% price and you will strike a good deal.

    Happy Driving.

  • Thanks Lokesh. Thats very very helpful.

    Do you have a sense on when this bridge would get fixed.

    Also if down the line, someone makes the trip via this road, and could update it on current status, it would really help fellow ghumakkars.

  • Rohit

    HI Lokesh,

    I am planning to visit nanital tomorrow. Given your advice i assue its not good to go by kaladhungi route.

    I’ll take the normal route. Could you also share good hotels and places you visited during your stay.

  • Sachin

    Hi Rohit, Any idea if the kashipur bridge is all set?
    I am planning to go to nainital by kaladungi route from delhi on 2nd Aug 2008.
    yr comment would be helpful.

  • Ammy

    Hi all

    looking at all comments -the recent ones I guess
    NH 87 – Rampur, Bilaspur, Rudrapur (mostly UP)
    NH 87 – Rudrapur, Haldwani, Nainital

    seems to be the good option If I am travelling tomorrow.

    can anyone be quick to answer please.

  • Ammy – Take the usual route i.e. be on NH24 till Rampur, take a left towards Bilaspur, Be on it for most of the time.

  • I agreed with you

  • vikram

    I am planning to go to nainital on 14-17 august on bike.I want enjoy my ride most so will it good to move along with mooradabad ramnagar road.
    will the condition be favourable?

  • For a bike, I would suggest that you take the usual route (Delhi – Moradabad – Rampur – Bilaspur – Nainital) because of Monsoons.

  • vivek sharma

    I am travelling in the next 2 days to Binsar. Wanted to know which is the best route to take right now considering all the rains. Is the kaladungi route from moradabad a good one or take the traditional route of rampur-haldwani-kathgodam-alomora. I have new skoda so dont want to go over rough roads as far as possible.

  • One of the ghumakkars (Anand) took the Kaladhungi road and you would need to cross a river on road. I would think that with a Skoda it should not be a problem to be on the Kaladhungi road.

    I would pass a note to Anand to see if he could reply to your query since I guess he was on this road, last weekend.

  • Anand

    Dear Vivek,
    The traditional road is OK. But one patch – from Rampur to Bilaspur is really bad (I came this Sunday). You can go from Moradabad to Haldwani via Bazpur & Kaladhungi. This route though a bit longer would be better.
    The river crossing was on Ramnagar – Kaadhungi road. You would not pass through that river crossing.
    I will confirm the exact route by tomorrow.

  • vivek sharma

    Hi Anand,

    Thanks for the details. I will wait for your updates. Would appreciate if you can give the detail route details. Will the kaladhungi route be faster to reach from delhi and is it safe to drive on that since its just me & my wife only.

  • Pramesh

    I am taking my team for a trip to Saat-Taal. The route map that our travle agent has sent us is the traditional Rampur-Bilaspur-Haldwani road. However, my past experience has been much better with the Kaladhungi road.

    My question is – Where is this bridge that everyone seems to be warning about ? Has the construction/repair been completed yet ?

    We are leaving this Friday and I would like to take the Kaldhungi road through bazpur but if the bridge is still under construction then we’ll take the regular ramnagar route.

    Has anyone been there recently ? Any advice would be helpful.

  • As far as I remember, this bridge is not between Bazpur – Kaladhungi – Haldwani. So you are good.

    Also, when you come back then please update here on the road status please. Even if you end up taking the normal route then too, would be helpful for fellow ghumakkars.

  • dear Pramesh
    am regular visitor of Nainital…..came back last week only. Bridge between Moradabad and Bazpur is still under construction,dont go via Kaladhungi. if you want to go via Kaladhungi only than take Moradabad-Doraha- Kashipur-Bazpur-Kaladungi…….i came back via Rudarpur-Bilaspur-Rampur……..actualy both routs are horrible at this moment,but Rampur is better.

    Ajay setia

  • Pramesh

    Thanks Ajay and Nandan. I guess we’ll take the regular Rampur Route this time then. I’ll update the status of the roads when I’m back on Tuesday.


  • Ajay – Very interesting thought. I dont frequent this route but I am sure there would be lot of people who would be.

  • Pramesh

    Hi Guys,

    I’m back from Saat-Taal and as promised I am here to report back on the road conditions. Sorry for the delay though :)

    So..The road up to Garh is pretty ok ..although there are patches where you might have to use the makeshift diversions. After Garh and till Rampur, the road is still a road although with very big craters on it almost throughout, like it has been bombed or something.

    After Rampur and till Bilaspur, the road is quite bad. Can’t pick up any speed at all….is going to eat up a lot of time. After Bilaspur, it getts better and then of course after Kathgodam its a better road uphill.

    Though I haven’t been through the Kashipur, Baazpur, Kaladhungi road, but people at the camp said that the road that side has been repaired and the bridge is safe too…although they have now posted a barrier at the bridge, so the trucks etc cannot pass through on it .. Buses are out as well. Only Cars etc can pass through there.

    So there it is …anyone who’s gonna travel there soon … Enjoy the trip

  • Thanks Ramesh. Sad to hear that road beyond Garh is bad. I thought that the new roads which NHAI has recently laid, would survive rains.

    Good to hear about the bridge. I should be driving that side in october and would update on what I find.

  • Thanks Nandan ji and Pramesh ji,Nandan ji i have read u on another chapter also,but am not still sure , unless someone write his/her on experience.because Pramesh only heard from someone.i hope i will come to know soon,and than i will inform to u also.
    thanks guys. ajay

  • mansoor siddiqui

    how can i go to nainital by air from delhi

  • mansoor siddiqui

    better you give me air lines name fare no probleum from delhi – nainital

  • mansoor siddiqui

    ist week of octobar 08

  • Nainital is not connected by air to any place. There is a airport at Pantnagar but that doesn’t help too much.

    Best way to go there is to either take a train till Kathgodam and then Taxi from there or take a Taxi from Delhi.

  • Hi Guys

    am going to Nainital tomorrow via Rampur,because after visiting Sattal,i have to go to Bageshawar,so this rout will be better,i hope i will be coming back by monday or tuesday via Kaladhungi,than i will come back here to report the road condition.


  • Amit


    I am planning to visit Binsar on 12th October. Please tell how much time it will take me to drive down from Delhi. Also road condition please?

    I wish it is a safe route for family of two three people?

  • Can’t say about road condition but in terms of time you should plan for 10 hours assuming that you are driving during day time.

    If you start early enough from Delhi then you would reach there by late afternoon.

  • Is the condition of road motorable from Lucknow to Nanital in this month.

  • Nitin

    Hi Ajay,

    Hope yo had a nice trip to Nainital last week. I am planning to go there as well from Delhi, next week. Can you tell us about the Kaladhungi road, if you happened to take that route on your return.


  • Vipin

    How is the road condition between Garh Mukteshwar and Moradabad? How much time does this stretch need this time of the year?

  • Akash


    Came back from Nainital on sunday(12th oct). While going took the noida-hapur-garh-moradabad-rampur-haldwani route. Despite knowing the bad road condition of rampur-haldwani streach, I took this route because of my desire to visit my College (G. B. pant University at Pantnagar) after a long long time. It’s around 14 km from Rudrapur towards Lalkuan.

    The road till Garh is ok but after that there are so many diversions because of NHAI work. This goes on till moradabad. Moradabad to rampur is again ok and then starts the nightmare…from rampur till bilaspur there is absolutely no road, it’s only craters…too bad…eats up a lot of time. Bilaspur to rudrapur gets little better and thereafter it’s very good till nainital.
    We started from Noida a bit late at around 8 in the morning and reached Naini at 4:30 in the evening after spending more than an hour or so at Pantnagar and two breaks of about 30 mins each.

    While returning we took the Kaladhungi road (which i came to know from this site only ..thanks guys:)) and this was a surprise for me. Roads are very good and much more scenic and I really enjoyed the drive. Though I took a longer route kaladhungi-ramnagar-kashipur-moradabad but this was great. There is a place just before ramnagar where river flows over the road (they are making a bridge there) and we couldn’t stop ourselves from getting our feet into the water.

    Next time will try Bazpur route which i guess is shorter by 40 km from ramnagar one.

    One important point i would like to mention for the people who are not very familier with moradabad bypass. I missed the moradabad bypass because there is no signage. When you are about to reach Moradabad, look for the Flyover which is under construction (turns left from main road) and turn left under this flyover and then get on to the Moradabad Bypass otherwise you will end up in the city traffic which will spoil at least 30 mins.

  • Akash

    One correction regarding the last point of moradabad bypass. it turns towards right and not left. So take the right under the flyover. Typo error you see ;) .

  • Vivek

    Hi Akash and all,

    You are right. I recently made a trip to Bhimtal (from Noida) along with my family and followed the Hapur bypass, Garh, Moradabad bypass, Tanda, Bazpur, Kaladhungi, Haldwani, Kathgodam route both ways and found the route quite good except for the construction that is happening at various places between Hapur & Moradabad.

    Thanks to the owner of The Satvik Resort (where we stayed) who advised me to take this route. Later I learnt from others that the Moradabad to Rudrapur road on the alternate route is extremely bad.

  • yogesh modi

    cab anyone suggest me best and shortesh road route from hazrat nizammudin station to nainital .

  • yogesh modi

    can anyone suggest me best and shortest road route from hazrat nizammudin station to nainital .i am planning to visit there on 21st october-2008.also tell me how much it takes time to reach nainital from h.nizammudin

  • Hazrat Nizammudin -> Ring Road -> Right at NH 24 (just after Sarai Kale Khan) -> Be on NH24 for next 150 KM or so till you are at Moradabad bypass

    The usual run-down route is go straight from Moradabad till Rampur and then go via Bilaspur – Rudrapur. The road has always been very bad.

    I would suggest following

    After Moradabad bypass take a Hard Left (Almost a U Turn). Then head towards Bazpur – Kaladhungi – Kathgodam – Bhimtal – Nainital

  • Yogesh – In terms of time, it would depend on when you start and how many stops you take. I would budget for 9 hours for this journey, give or take 1.5 hours on other factors.

  • yogesh modi


    i m comming to nizammudin at 11.00 am.then in journey i will take 45 min break for lunch and tea break for 15 other break so according to u i have to take -After Moradabad bypass take a Hard Left (Almost a U Turn). Then head towards Bazpur – Kaladhungi – Kathgodam – Bhimtal – much it take time and how are the roads me.thanks for previous reply

  • Yeah, thats right. You can break at ‘Tadka Restaurant’ (just after Gajraula) for a late lunch and probably a tea-break somewhere in hills, while its still not dark.

    Assuming that you are going by a cab and are able to start by 1130 from Railway station, you should probably reach Nainital by 9 PM or so. Give or take one hour.

    It can take a little longer once it gets dark. Some patches of roads are bad (Hapur-Garh section for example) but overall the roads are pretty good.

    My time guide would be

    Delhi – Moradabad (4 hours)
    Moradabad – Nainital (4 hours)

    All the best and do write back on what you experience.

  • Gogi

    Just for your info:Sunday the 19th there was a massive blockade by trucks on the Moradabad Bypass,close to the toll booths..nobody knew why..I was stuck for four hours!!

  • yogesh modi

    thanks nandanjha-yogesh

  • Hi friends,

    Happy diwali to all.

    Am very very sorry,that i could not came to site earlier.

    I went to Nainital via Rampur, road is bad as earlier.i went upto Bageshwer , in between i stoped for one hour only in Bhimtal to check my hut,which is under construction.

    Road is very good form Rudarpur.

    On return,i came via Kaladunghi……road is very good now……any one want to go to Nainital from Delhi,should go via Moradabad Kaladunghi.

    Best of luck to all.

  • Please Note Bazpur,Kaladunghi rout is shorter also.

  • Lokesh Sejwal

    Hi friends,

    Next week i am planing to go to Nanital.Which route i should follow after Moradabad.
    Can i follow the route form KALADUNGHI to Nanital via Khurpatal directly. How is the condition of road.Some body pls advice.

  • Prem Negi

    dear Lokesh

    Go straight on thaty road from moradabad to nainital road……. it’s via rudrapur, tanda, haldwani. the roads r little bad but the work is progressing, go through plublic transport

    Prem Negi

  • Lokesh – I would go by Ajay Setia’s advice and take the Kaladhungi Road. Even if some stretches around Khurpa Tal may be bad, its still worth it and would be better than the other road.

  • major_amit

    Hi All,

    Planning a trip to JIm Corbett NP on 15 Nov 08 with a couple of friends (by road). The start point is Jaipur. Jaipur Gurgaon, rather Dhola Kuan is no problem beyond that I am lost. Can someone guide me from DK to Ghaziabad and onwards from Ghaziabad to JCNP. I beleive Moradabad –> Kashipur –> Ramnagar is a better route?

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • Major Amit – As you are coming from Gurgaon, you would hit Dhaula Kuan. Its a clover leaf flyover setup so you would have to be attentive to stick to correct lane. You need to take the Ring Road which leads ‘Ashram’. In terms of direction it would be a right turn but since there are no signals, you would probably have to take a multitude of flyovers-flyins to make a right turn.

    So ask just to be sure. Ring Road circles Delhi so if you get yourself in the other direction then it would be a while before you get a chance to take a U Turn, so be extra vigilant. There are huge sign-boards.

    Stick to Ring Road. Beyond Ashram you would see “Sarai Kale Khan Bus Terminal” (which would be on your left). Remain on left lane here and dont take the next flyover. You would reach a point called ‘Nizamuddin Mode (turn)’, from here take a right which would take you to NH24.

    If you find yourself at a point where you see a rail overbridge then you have missed the Mode (turn) so take a U Turn somewhere and ask for Nizamuddin Bridge.

    Once you take the right, you would be on a real wide super road and a not-so-sparkling Yamuna. If you see Yamuna, you are on correct road. Watch the massive Akshardham Temple Complex on your left as you cruise towards Ghaziabad.

    Be on NH24 all the way straight till Moradabad and I think rest you can figure out.

  • major_amit

    Thanks a ton Nandan. I am sure I will be able to find my way now.

    Can I also request you to address the PART II of my question – Is Moradabad –> Kashipur –> Ramnagar a better route?

    Look forward to your reply. Will definately post my experience once I am back from the trip.

  • I haven’t been there off-late but I haven’t heard any complaints. The road is pretty good. Best wishes.

  • Dear Lokesh
    I think you should go via Moradabad,Kaladhunghi< this is better road than RAmpur-Rudarpur, i have experence of both in Sept, i will be going by Nov end again on this rout.


  • major_amit

    Thanks Guys, will update current status once I am back.

  • Lokesh Sejwal

    Thanks to all,
    I am planning to go by Swift Dezire.I will update the status of road once I am back.

  • tanya

    does anyoen know an alternative route to jim corbett???

  • From Moradabad, you can go towards Bazpur (instead of Kashipur) and then from Bazpur, go to Kaladhungi and then Ramnagar.

    I have come back from this route, mostly out of fun than for anything else. The route is more scenic, quiet and hardly any traffic. Beyond that its not a great choice if you want to make it short or to make it quick.

  • Raj

    Dear all,

    I just came back from Nainital on Sunday and took the Moradabad, Bazpur, Kaladhungi route both ways.

    The route is excellent.

    Take special care to get onto Moradabad by-pass. To get onto it, you lookout for a hotel named Westview just after the Mahavir Jain college on left hand side.

    Building for this hotel looks impressive for this stretch. Immediately after this hotel there is a flyover which is under construction.

    Take a right turn below it and get onto the wrong side of fly over. That is the way to get onto the bye pass.

    As mentoned in one of the posts above, take a left turn at the end of bye pass. This left is as good as a U turn. Few km down this road you will hit a Y junction where you have to keep right and then it is one straight road to Nainital via places like Udham Singh nagar, Doraha and then finally a place called Corbett Nagar or something like that. At corbett nagar you have boards marked where you have to take a left to Nainital.

    I had no problems whatsoever on this route and driving my SX4 on it was pure fun.

    Happy vacation and happy motoring..

  • anaggarwal

    I am planning a trip from Chandigarh to Nainital in December. What is a decent route? I have been suggested Chandigarh – Yamunanagar – Saharanpur – Roorkee – Hardwar – Najibabad – Dhampur – Kashipur – Haldwani – Nainital. Is it OK?

  • Yes.

    Thats the right route. I haven’t personally been on some of the stretches recently so wont know the road conditions but its a fairly decent route.

  • Nimish

    Went to Mukteshwar (Nainital) last week from Delhi. The Tanda-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Haldwani road is very good.

  • Bakul

    Hi Guys,

    Can Any one tell me if we do take a left from the Kaladhungi i see a WAVEY Approach to NainiTal this looks a bit Shorter Approach wrt the Haldwani
    ATLEAST from the GOOGLe Map,

    Any Ideas has anybody taken that root

    Please update me on this as i am planning to take it up this weekend


    • Rajeev

      Hi Bakul, The left turn from Kaladungi goes to Pangot (15 KMs from Nainital) via Kilbari but if you cross Kaladungi, you are almost inside the Nainital township. It is definately shorter than Haldwani and the best part is that you do not have to go the Haldwani enroute to Nainital. I would say that Pangot is also a beautiful place but there was no mobile connectivity there at least till 31st Dec 2008.

  • Bakul ,

    If I am not wrong then you are referring to ‘Khurpa Tal’. Post Kaladhungi, instead of going all the way to Haldwani, you are going left-up and hitting Nainital from the court-end (other end).

    I have been to that road some years back and though it was not as good as the other stretch but it was secluded, beautiful and looked much more less-trampled by hordes of tourists who throng the beautiful Naini lake.

    I might be on the same road this weekend and if I make it then I would come back and update on the state of the road.

    hope this is helpful

  • Gogi

    That is indeed a lovely stretch.About two weeks ago even the tarmac was fine and no traffic!Must take it just for the scenery…

  • I went to Kausani on Republic day long weekend. I did Hapur-Moradabad-U Turn after the bypass towards corbett-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Khurpatal- Nainital.

    Fabulous route. No issues what so ever at any point.

    By the way, shows a non-existing connection beyond pangot/kilbari to Kausani. Well there is no such road.

  • Hi everybody

    Am leaving for Nainital this sunday, can anybody inform me,what is the latest position after Rampur. Road from Rampur to Rudarpur was in very bad condition, when i last traveled on this rout. Normaly i was going through Tanda Bazpur Kaladunghi, but this time i have to go via Haldwani, if this Road is not yet repaired than i will take Haldwani after Kaladunghi.

    Please inform , if anybody have the latest position.
    AJay SEtia

  • Ajay – I was there during Republic Day weekend, which is not too far back and it was perfect. I dont think roads would have gone bad during last month since its not a rainy season.

  • Sukhminder

    Plz let me know the safe and good road route from Patiala to nainital

  • Patiala – Ambala – Yamunanagar – Saharanpur – Roorkee – Hardwar – Najibabad – Dhampur – Kashipur – Haldwani – Nainital

  • Hello everybody.

    last week i went to Nainital via Rampur, road is repaired, but going via Tanda,Bazpur, Kaladungi is better, this rout will take lesser time. i came back by this rout and reached Delhi in only six hrs.


  • Sushant

    Thanks a bunch for your responses in this thread.
    Done the Delhi – Mukteshwar – Delhi last weekend.
    Route taken = Delhi – Hapur – Moradabad bypass – Tanda – Baazpur – Kaladhungi – Haldwani – Kathgodam – Bhimtal – Khutani – Padampuri – Mukteshwar was an absolute delight.
    Started at 4.30 in morning from delhi and reached Mukteshwar by 12 noon. Best time to start in summers, beat the heat in till Kathgodam by starting in morning, the remaining stretch is anyways cool.
    Nicely maintained roads, greenery on both sides, no issue of bridge at Kaladhungi (this is not monsoon).
    316 km by Hyundai Accent, quite comfortable. Fuel Station – I guess the nearest fuel station on the route was at Khutani. Petrol was for Rs. 40.96 per litre.

    Any special comments / queries welcome.

    • Sushant

      One minor change – 316 km from Ghaziabad (not from Delhi)

      • navjit


        Need some advice. Am traveling to Sitla. is the route from Kaladungi to Nanital to bhowli route not better than to do kaladungi to haldwani to khadgodam to Bhimtal ? Please let me know if possible?


        • navjit – Kaladhungi – Khurpatal – Naini – Bhowali is better. I took this route on 26 jan 2009 weekend, was going to Kausani.

        • ASHISH

          Hi Navjit
          Would give you latest update as I was in Nainital yesterday & went to Mukteshwar today. Took Nainital – Bhowali route which was fantastic. As Nandan Jha said I would also recommend the same route. Happy driving.


    came to Nainital from Delhi today. latest update on Road condition is as below:
    took Hapur- Moradabad Bye pass – Left U Turn – Tanda – Bajpur – Kaladhungi – Nainital route. Road was fantastic & smooth except for small stretch from Sambhavli to Garh which anyways is always bad & under construction. kept me stuck in jam for 1 hr after which I decided to let my new car pass through Kuchcha farm area.otherwise would have stuck there itself for hours.
    But overall would recommend this route to fellow GHUMAKKARS as its smooth & short. Sarita Vihar, New Delhi to Mall Road , Nainital took 290 kms & 7 hrs.
    CLIMATE: weather websites are showing temp as Max 33/ Min 15 BUT actually wheather is very pleasant over here . had to purchase woolens which I forgot to bring , courtesy : weather forecast.My advice carry light woolens alongwith.

  • navjit

    Nandan and Ashish:

    Thanks. I guess both of you were traveling via Nanital so that made sense. If i have to go direct to Sitla or Mukteshwar from Delhi then should i go from Kalagundi to Haldwani and onwards to Ranibagh ?

    • ASHISH

      Both routes are good. But Kaladhungi – Nainital – Bhowali route is 50 Kms Max (from Kaladhungi till bhowali) which is 10 kms shorter than Kaladhungi-Haldwani -Kathgodam-Bhowali which is nearly 60 kms. So would suggest via Nainital. Also its very scenic. You will love this route & roads are very smooth so no problem.

  • navjit

    What days are best to avoid the traffic at Garh Mukteshwar. Does one only aboid the Amavasya days?


    • ASHISH

      Yes Navjit, one should generally avoid Amasvasya, Poornima & festive days like Chhat puja etc. But then also worst road patch is from Sambhaoli to Garh because of construction work & Trucks coming in. But after Garh till Moradabad bye pass end its a marvel. Easily one can get 140 KM/hr.

  • Sabareesh

    Good Review Ashish………..Cheers Buddy Hope you had a gud time there..

  • Gogi

    Here’s a good site to check out AMASVASYA etc:

    Have fun,fellas!

  • Joshi

    I am planing to go Haldwani.
    I am living in Gurgaon. please tell me the route hoe to reach Hapur bypass through Delhi, Ghazibad.

    please tell me the main (landmrk) point to remmber ………….

  • Mr. Joshi,

    Take NH8 and reach ‘Dhaula Kuan’ and then go towards Ashram. Be on Ring road till you cross ‘Sarai Kale Khan Bus Terminus’. Take first right after the ‘Bus Adda’. Now you would be on NH24, this is the road which you need to be on for next 150+ KMs.

    All the best

  • Joshi

    i hav some confusion from Akshardam……… should i have to go through Shaibabad

    • ASHISH

      Mr Joshi
      from Akshardham route is very simple. no need to confuse yourself. if you are coming from Ashram-Sarai Kale Khan Bus terminus – Nizamuddin bridge route then Akshardham would be on your left. you are on right track ….just be on the same road….. drive for approx 150 kms (as Nandan Jha says) you will reach first Hapur bye pass & then Moradabad Bye pass.

  • KC

    Have visited this route last week (26-28 April). Just to inform all Ghumakkars that both the NH-24 and NH87 strech of this route are in almost good condiction, and if you plan to go via Haldwani take this route instead of via Kaladhungi.

    In fact, even if you want to go vis Kaladhungi, what I’ve noticed is it is the common part of the route ( NH-24, Delhi to Rampur) where you will find some parts of the road full of craters, diversions and off course , jams some of the time. Once you cross Rampur and head towards Haldwani on NH87, this road is almost smooth, except 1 Km strech between rampur-bilaspur. It was a pleasant surprise to drive on an unexpectedly good road right from rampur. You can maitain your speed above 80KM in this part, but be attentive as it is a two way road without dividers.

    Coming back to section by section detail of the route: we can devide it into 4 broader parts from the smoothness perspective of the road. first section from Delhi upto gajroula is more or less in good condition. you can maitain good speed once you cross Ghazipur chowk.
    Second part is the worst portion of this route, right from gajraula to joya in onwards direction, and garh Ganga to gajroula in return direction. you will find suddenly road converting to two lane two way without dividers. on top of this, you have to be very attentive to keep your eyes on the road for large craters , and sometimes , blade like speed brakers. even tough, you may be unsuccessful to keep yourself away from all this. I think once this strech of NH is complete, the drive will be very comfortable and one would be able to save at least 45 min – 1 hour in total journey time.You will also notice most of the accidents in this part ( it was unfortunate to see fatal accidents both ways in this part).

    The next section from Joya to Rampur is mostly good in condition, though diversions are still here and there, but you can save yourself from cratters, there are not many in this part.

    once you cross rampur, there is absolutely smooth road , except 1 or two small portions. picturesque dirve with trees on both sides of the road.
    Once you’re on Rudrapur- tanda- haldwani section, do not forget to purchase those juicy and sweet , fresh guavas from roadside furit sellers, you will find them between the point where SIDCUL ends and next railway crossing on tanda road.

    complete journey from Delhi to Haldwani , with 45 min break both ways ( onwards at Bhajan , and return at A1 – it’s a new reliance site, only retaurant is operational, pump is yet to function, but good food and services) took around 6 hours and 30 min.

  • navjit

    I just returned from a trip to Ranikhet and Mukteshwar this evening. On the way up there on Friday, the road at tanda was blocked and we had to take a diversion throught some village roads and join the kashipur road to Bajpur. The diversion created a delay of atleast one hour. On the way back was caught at Garh Mukteswar because of the festivities going on there. Again a delay of an hour or so. I found that the road from Gajroula onwards till the Hapur bypass is in quite a bad shape. The best road improvement is between Gajroula and Moradabad bypass which is quite good now.

  • Hello friends,

    I am planning to go to nainital on 10th june for 3 day vacations. As I have planned my vacation as 1 night stay corbett and the next 2 nights for nainital.

    But this will be my first ever road trip, as i prefer train to road trip. I would like you to help me getting my way right for delhi to nainital via corbett and nainital to delhi with some places of interest on my coming back.

    Can somebody explain me the way from moradabad bypass to corbett in detail as this will be first ever trip to nainital.

  • Dhiraj,

    Route from Delhi – Corbett : Take NH24 (Nizamuddin Bridge Road) and be on it till you reach Moradabad Bypass. At the end of Moradabad Bypass, take a hard left (almost a U turn). Take first right and then again first right. Keep going straight, you would find few forks so ask for the road which goes to Kashipur. Reach Corbett via Thakurdwara – Kashipur – Ramnagar.

    Corbett – Nainital is very simple. You need to go to Kaladhungi and then go towards Nainital via Khurpatal.

    You can make a quick stop at Kaladhungi and be at Jim Corbett Museum (his old house converted into a museum).

    Leave early, if you can leave by 4.30 then you save lot of city traffic (Delhi – GZB – Hapur etc).

    all the best and do write back here, about your experience.

    • Hi Nandan,

      Thanx for your very helpful tips.

      But now there is only one confusion here “Take first right and then again first right.”. As I have been asked to take a first right and then go towards crossing over small bridge to reach to Thakurdwara.

      So please revert me with some more details in route after Moradabad bypass.

      • I hope its not too late, Was out of town.

        As you take a U turn (hard left) after the Moradabad bypass, you drive for about a KM or less and then you reach a fork, keep on right. The right fork turns right, go for about 200 odd meters and then take a right towards Thakurdwara. You would find folks on the road to help you with directions. Thanks and all the best.

  • anand _delhi

    hi all. i am planning to go on 13th june 09 night starting 8:00 night from delhi to binsar and to chakouri with family in car. whether the main route via rampur-haldwani will fine in there any good hotel for stopover near rampur.we 2 persons will be driving the car(wagaon-R)

  • Anand – I avoid driving on nights unless its critical and I do not have a workaround , because of road safety reasons (and not security) so I would advice against it, but its a personal decision/preference.

    You should be able to find hotels in Haldwani/Rudrapur. Try speaking to Kostubh Pandey (0-9837092025), though he is based in Corbett, he might have contacts in Ramnagar. Give Ghumakkar as a reference.

    Best wishes.

  • Archna

    We are planning to drive from delhi to Nainital/bhimtal around Jun 18. Please suggest on the route we shud take. What are the current road conditions via Rampur and via bazpur, kaldhungi.
    Also if we want to go directly to bhimtal instead of nainital is there an alternative shorter route and please let know the condition of the road too.

  • Archna – The last report which we have on the route is from KC

    “…Have visited this route last week (26-28 April). Just to inform all Ghumakkars that both the NH-24 and NH87 strech of this route are in almost good condiction, and if you plan to go via Haldwani take this route instead of via Kaladhungi……….”

    Please read his comment fully for route details. You can try both, go via NH87 for the to and come back via Kaladhungi.

    For going to Bhimtal, after Haldwani, look for a right cut (ask around) which would take you directly to Bhimtal.

  • Max

    If it rains heavily, as it did in late May, don’t take the Kaladhungi road. There may be landslides and washed-out sections that took place only hours before and no one knows about.

  • SandeepSehgal

    I traveled to Nainital via the Kaladhungi road on July 18. The road is extremely good. Also heed to Max’s advice on the rains and resultant landslides.

    I left Delhi around 5:15, as I live in East Delhi NH 24 is just 10 minutes drive for me. I was able to avoid traffic at GZB, Hapur, Garh Mukteshwar, etc. I missed the Moradabad Bypass, and went thru Moradabad city. Although onroute I was advised by a couple of people to go thru Rampur I chose to go thru KalaDhungi and was more than happy with the experience. The road is a pleasure, both in terms of road quality and the scenic beauty.

    Another thing, avoid driving on the NH 24 after dark, the road widening is a work in progress, and the diversions are difficult to make out.

  • mkgarg

    am planning to go to nainital from Ghaziabad on 14th aug. greatful if someone advises on the latest road condition and which toute to


    I am planning to go to Nainital from delhi on 02nd Sep. i am greatful if someone advises on the latest road condition and which route is safe for
    family trip through car.

    tn sharma

  • Sandeep Gupta

    Dear Mr Sharma,

    We do Nainital twice every year and hence this input. Have come back after doing Naintak – Ranikhet – Kausani on 16 Aug 2009.

    Please take the following Route :

    Delhi – Hapur Byepass – Gajraula – Moradabad Byepass. Take a full left at the end of the this Moradabad Byepass Go a few KMs and you will hit a Y Junction.

    Left goes into Moradabad Half right goes to Jim Corbett ( Very Well marked it is ).

    Take the Jim Corbett Road; 15 KMs or so ahead turn right towards Bajpur ( Very well marked) and on to Kaladhungi . At the Jim Corbetts housein Kaladhungi, the road bifurcates into two Left for Naintal and straight goes to Haldwani. You could visit Jim Corbett’s House in Kaladhungi also; It will take about 15 minutes or so to see it and it is bang on the Main Road
    Take the road to Nainital from Kaladhungi via Khurpatal.

    The route is perfectly safe, good road, very light Traffic, shorter route too.

    Do not take the Rampur Route.

    Except for the stretch between Hapur – Simbhaoli – Gajraula, balance of the route is definitely good.

    For some more detailed inputs about enroute see my article on the subject – Go to – Archives – Sep 2007 – Corbett Village by Sandeep.

    Heres wishing you a very Happy Holiday.

    Sandeep Gupta

  • Jupi


    M plannning to go to nainital – ranikhet – kausani – reetha Sahib gurudwara in September last week. Can you all experienced comment about the weather in September end – starting october ?


  • Its post Monsoon so fabulous scenery all the way. Early morning would be nippy (light jacket), sun is pretty good in hills so days would be warm (T-Shirts, shorts etc), late evenings would be cold esp if you venture out.

  • Hi everybody

    going to Bhimtaal and sat taal next saturday, i hope Bajpur Kalladunghi Road is best yet.


  • Jupi

    Hi Ajay,

    Hope you had a good weekend at Bhimtaal.. So, after so much of rains, what is the current status of this route ?

    Any one having the latest updates ?


    • Jupi,

      Do you have the latest information on the road conditions on this strech?


      • Jupi

        Hi Saurabh,

        M going this sunday i.e 27th and would be back on 03rd October. Would share my part after that.

        My plans are to go via Bazpur, kaladhungi – Khurpatal.This would gimme a good driving pleasure as compared to the other route. and since I am going to Nainital first, I would enter the area onto the Stadium parking ground ! So planning to park the vehicle and search for a hotel on the mall road (naini).


  • I am planning to go to Binsar via Almora on Saturday, 19th September from East Delhi in a Swift.
    It would be great if someone can through some light on the road conditions and suggest which route to take:
    Delhi – Moradabad – Bazpur – Kalladunghi- Haldwani
    Delhi – Moradabad – Rampur – Haldwani – Kathgodham

    Please I am driving through this region for the 1st time. Your inputs would help me a lot.


  • Saurabh – Take Bazpur road. At Kaladhungi, instead of going towards Haldwani, go the other way i.e. towards Khurpa Tal and you would enter Nainital from the other side. From Naini, ask for Bhowli and then on to Almora and finally Binsar.

    All the best and once you are back, please update us with current state of road.

  • Can anybody update on the road conditions after the monsoons?

  • ABCD

    As of last weekend, the kaladhungi bazpur haldwani bhimtal bhowali route was good. The route via nainital bypass was horrendous in comparison at rampur et al.

    I would say, take kaladhungi – go to haldwani, from there take the main road to nainital – best route and short enough as well.

    Took self about 11 hours driving back from Binsar

  • pulkit saigal

    what is the condition of road from muradabad to nainital via kaladungi

  • Sunil

    Hi All,

    Just returned from a trip to Naukuchiatal. Thought will share with you the state of the roads. Left at around 5.30 am. Onwards from South Delhi till Hapur its a smooth ride..then a bad stretch of repairs, unfinished and even abandoned at parts. Break at Gajraula..till Moradabad was fine..then got caught in heavy traffic at Garh Muktheshwar (it was amavaysa day). Thankfully, it was smooth after that and we reached destination by 1.15 pm. Total running time just short of 8 hours.

    Did not take the Bajpur, Kaladunghi road as we had a toddler and so thought will stick to normal route..worked fine this time.

    Return jouney (same route) was smooth except that as soon as we enetered Ghaziabad all traffic lights failed and massive jams at every junction (despite being a sunday). Took two and half hours from Ghaziabad to home. Total running time 9 hours.

    Overall, roads in good condition post monsoons-except Hapur stretch and usual traffic in towns along the way.


  • Rahul

    I m planning to leave for nainital tomrrow , i will try the kaladhungi route.

    I will be driving maruti 800,
    anbody recently visited this route please tell
    are teh roads good enough for this car?

  • Gogi

    Have just returned this afternoon from Kotabagh,near Kaladhunghi.The stretch after Hapur bye-pass to the bridge at GarhMukteshwar(about 60kms)is bad but the rest is fine.See plenty of Maruti 800s whizzing around.We left Gurgaon at 5am and after two stops of 30mins each at Tarka(Restaurant)and at Bazpur to buy some vegetables,we reached Kotabagh at 11am.

    Hope this helps!


  • Jupi

    Hi Guys,
    Came back (Delhi) on 03rd October after my trip to Nainital/Ranikhet/Kausani/Reetha Sahib Gurudwara. Went throught Tanda/Kaladhunghi and came back through Haldwani/Rampur.

    Both the routes are equally good to drive overall :)) Would be posting my travelogue for this very soon..


  • Punit

    Dear Friends,
    Did Delhi-Bhimtaal-Nainitaal-Mukteshwar recently via Rampur/Haldwani/Bhimtaal/Nainitaal/Bhowali/Ramgarh/Mukteshwar and returned via Mukteshwar/Bhimtaal/Haldwani/Tanda/Kaladhunghi. Road is equally good.. bridge at Bilaspur is opened. Rampur-Bilaspur-Rudrpur is crowded than Haldwani -Kadungi-tanda route.
    It is better and safer to go to Mukteshwar via Bhimtaal than Bhowali ramgarh route.
    South Indian food is just great at Udipiwala, Purani Chungi, Kathgodam.. a must visit en route.
    Take Care


  • Barad

    Dear all,
    I am planning to go Nainital from Moradabad via Bazpur – Kaladhungi by own car. Please tell me the road condition of this route. How much kilometer and time will I save by adopting this route instead of via Rampur – Rudrapur – Haldwani – Kathgodam.

  • k.d.gupta

    Dear sir I am planning to go Nainital via Rudrapur by road and than want to go kashpur and Naintal in one stroke . Please advice to rout from Rudrapur to Naintal via kashipur .

  • Mr. Gupta – I am not sure whether I understand your question correctly.

    I am guessing that you want to go to Rudrapur, Kashipur and Nainital with Nainital being the last destination. I am also guessing that Rudrapur should be the first halt. If my understanding is right then here is the route

    Delhi – Rudrapur – Bazpur – Kashipur. And then from Kashipur, go to Nainital via Kaladhungi route, essentially you would have to back track from Kashipur to almost till Bazpur to take the road to Nainital.

  • Priyavrat

    Going to Nainital from delhi on 29th Nov. KIndly suggest the best route considering that I will be driving and will be having a toddler with us

  • sid

    Hi ppl, i am planning to leave for nainital on coming saturday monring, are the roads still good to drive, i heard there are some land slides happening these days!!

    Can you advice me the best route possible & time required for travel.


  • I went to Nainital last weekend (19-21 Dec).

    The roads are in best state as of now. I went through “Noida-Garh Mukteshwar-Gajraula-Moradabad-Tanda-Bajpur-Kaladhungi-Nainital” route and came back through the more trusted “Nainital-Kathgodam-Haldwani-Rudrapur-Bilaspur-Rampur-Moradabad-Gajraula-Garh Mukteshwar-Noida” route.

    Both routes have very good roads now.

  • Andrew

    Hi Everyone…

    I wanna know how much time will it take to go from Rudrapur to Nainital….

    Pls respond ASAP as I have to go in 2 hours…

  • 2 hours. If you are driving very early morning then probably less. Its about 90 odd KMs and you can go faster till Haldwani since the road is very good.

  • prashant

    hi i m from mumbai and planing to come to Delhi on 29th of april2010 and we are reaching at 11.00 am so can you help me how i can go to nainital and what will be ideal time to leave is it safe to drive at night or we have to leave immediately i reach Delhi or we can do site seen of delhi and leave at night and reach early to nainital

  • Prashant – Here’s my suggestion

    1. It would be very hot in Delhi, esp between 1100 – 1600 hrs so I would suggest that you take enough precautions during your sight seeing here. I am not sure on what interest you, whether you are along or with kids or senior folks, how mobile you are , and so on. But if you let me know some of it, I can probably suggest a few places to you.

    2. Without waiting for any further time, book yourself (or more people) a ticket on ‘Ranikhet Express’ (5013). Its a overnight-er to Kathgodam which is about an hour away by road from Nainital.

    I just checked and tickets are available in SL. It would not be too hot , esp during night (be wary of mosquitoes though, esp during the long halt at Moradabad).

    hope this is useful

  • pankaj

    hi everybdy.. i m planning to go to nainital with my wife and 3 yr old daughter on march 26… can you pls guide me the best route to reach there, and wat will be the road condition at present. as i m driving for the 1st time to any hill station.. pls tell me whether it is safe to go there driving its own… are there any blind steep dangerous turns…as i dnt have any previous experince of this kind of drive.

  • pankaj

    sorry i forgot to mention that i will start from delhi…. to nainital.

    • sameer

      i just went to nanital on 14 april from delhi go via ghaziabad-hapur-simbhaoli-brij ghat-gajroula-moradabad-rampur-rudrapur-haldwani-kathgodam-nanital

      this route is awesome most of d road is double sided except in hapur and brij ghat and u can hve a midway stop in gajroula here u can hve MC.d or u can go to meriton MC.d while goin MC.D will b on ur left side while meriton on right and after stop before haldwani in Athithi its awesome taste and quality is good and thn go straight to nanital

      start early at 4 or 5 in mrning and ull reach their 6 hour includin stops and there no blind and sharp turns….nd avoid night driving as there is a lot of heavy traffic on highway at night….go enjoy hve fun…….and got ur fuel tanked filled bfore entering nanital as everytime u enter nanital u hve to pay rs50 so save ur money…..

  • Pankaj – the last comment about the road status is of ‘Dec 24 2009’. Its by Akshaya, please look at comments. I am mentioning them again here.

    I went to Nainital last weekend (19-21 Dec).

    The roads are in best state as of now. I went through Noida-Garh Mukteshwar-Gajraula-Moradabad-Tanda-Bajpur-Kaladhungi-Nainital route and came back through the more trusted Nainital-Kathgodam-Haldwani-Rudrapur-Bilaspur-Rampur-Moradabad-Gajraula-Garh Mukteshwar-Noida route.

    Both routes have very good roads now.

    General Safety rules are
    – Do not overspeed, Have lot of patience and enjoy your drive
    – Avoid traveling in night and use horns extensively at turns in hills

  • bindaastraveler

    Hi Everyone

    While looking for the best route for my next road trip, I stumbled across this wonderful website and registered after reading only a couple of posts.

    Being new to the website, I am not sure how it works. But what I am searching for is a best route from Delhi to Nainital just like Pankaj

    I am planning to take the trip next week. I found two routes mentioned over the internet and in this post as well.

    It would be great, if someone could help me out with the following

    (1) Considering I am mostly a plain driver, I would like to keep the hill journey as minimum. Which route offers minimum hill journey.

    (3)What will be the best route considering I will be leaving at 4-4:30 in the morning from Delhi.

    Any kind of suggestions are welcome.

    Looking forward to a warm welcome from the Ghumakkar’s family



  • bindaastraveler (thats a very interesting name) – Take Delhi – Moradabad – Rampur – Bilaspur – Haldwani (so far plains) – Nainital

    All the best and do come back and update the state of the roads. Wishing you a happy journey.

  • Hi all,

    I shall be driving first time to hilly area. kindly advice would it be safe for me to drive on the route to nainital Please.

    Thanks & Regards

  • testerrahul

    It is one of the best motorable hill roads in India. So, you should not worry.


  • I drove last weekend and here’s the current status of roads.

    I took Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur-Haldwani route for the onward journey and Haldwani-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Moradabad route for the return journey.

    Delhi – Hapur – Close to Garh (Excellent)
    10 odd Km Patch before and after Garh is Mixed. Prone to Jam.
    Then till Moradabad, its excellent.
    Moradabad to Bilaspur – Mixed. Prone to Jam.
    Bilaspur – Haldwani – V Good.

    Return Journey
    Haldwani – Bazpur (V. Good)
    Bazpur – Moradabad. (Bad)
    Moradabad – Delhi. Except Garh which is prone to Jam as well as some bad road, this stretch is very smooth.

  • Amit Kumar


    I shall be driving Noida to Nainital first time. Couple of questions i have in my mind.

    1. What will be the best Route to Nainital.
    2. Which place in nainital good for accomodation.
    3. As i am seens you guys went there suggest me budget hotel.

    Thx in advance.

  • without photo no reality.

    reality is here.

  • Latest update. Just back from 7-tal.

    I took Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur-Haldwani route for the onward journey and Haldwani-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Moradabad route for the return journey.

    Delhi Hapur Close to Garh (Excellent)
    10 odd Km Patch before and after Garh is Mixed. Prone to Jam.
    Then till Moradabad, its excellent except ‘Buxar’ where the flyover is still not done.
    Rampur Railway Corssing – Horrible. (I no longer use this, got a workaround which works for vehicles have a good ground clearance)
    Moradabad to Bilaspur Good/OK.
    Bilaspur Haldwani V Good.

    Return Journey
    Haldwani Bazpur (V. Good) The bridge is now done so no worries during Monsoon.
    Bazpur Tanda. (Bad) – About 30 KMs.
    Tanda – Moradabad (Ok to Good)
    Moradabad Delhi. Except Garh and ‘Buxar’ flyover thing which is prone to Jam as well as some bad road, this stretch is very smooth.

    I would recommend taking Route2 if you are Nainital bound. Take route 1 with the railway fatak workaround if you are Haldwani/bhimtal/7-tal/9kuchiatal bound.

    • Sandeep Sehgal

      Hi Nandan

      I will be travelling to Nainital day after tomorrow, need a quick update on th Bazpur – Tanda stretch. Was it bad because of the traffic or the road condition? Thanks

  • Road conditions. I would recommend taking this route and sustain the bad roads for this section. Rest of the road is pretty good and with zero traffic its a very non-rushed and relaxed drive.

    • Sandeep Sehgal

      Thanks, will update this when I am back.

  • Sandeep Sehgal

    Last update as on June 12:
    I took the following route:
    Nainital – Kaladhungi – Very good roads
    Kaladhungi – Bazpur – Excellent roads
    Bazpur – Tanda – Really Bad, there are stretches which are simply a series of potholes with no visible sign of a road
    Tanda – Moradabad – Ok

    Will endorse Nandan’s recommendation despite of the Bazpur – Tanda stretch

    • Mahavir


      I am planning to go to nainital next week. Can you please tell which route to take from delhi. I have read all the above, but not able to decide. please help.

      • rajvir

        Hi Mahavir,
        believe you must have travelled to nainital. which route did you take :-
        how were the road conditions.
        am planning to drive down to nainital shortly.

  • Take Delhi – Moradabad – Tanda – Bazpur – Kaladhungi – Khurpatal – Nainital.

    Remember to not go towards Haldwani but go directly to Nainital. Also please update here on current road conditions.

  • Rajvir – I drove down Dli-Moradabad-Rampur-Haldwani-Naini during 15 Aug weekend. We returned on Aug 17 and it was very bad since a lot of landslides had created a havoc.

    The only route we could take was Nainital – Kaladhungi – Bazpur – Tanda… so we started on that road. Bazpur was submerged and before Tanda we were diverted towards Rampur since Moradabad was submerged as well. Rampur – Moradabad (NH24) connection was not available and closed so we came via Rampur – Shahbad – Bellari and finally meeting NH24 at Pakwada.

    This was about 2 weeks back so connections to Nainital were really bad so I would recommend that you call up your Nainital contacts (Hotel, friends etc) and if you can delay your plan, then delay it for at least a couple of weeks.

    In any case, avoid Tanda route.

    • Rajeev


      I drove to Nainital by Noida-Moradabad-Tanda-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Nainital on 16th Sep 2011 weekend. And road from noida to Moradabd is very good and after Moradabad to Bazpur its very bad condition, so you wont find even a 20m road to drive without big potholes. So its straight no.
      Once we reached Bazpur, there was a small river which was overflowing and leaving 2-3 feet water on road, from which passing car is impossible. So we had to toe our car by tractor.
      After this, road is very good till Nainital

      And on return journey, we followed Naianital-Kathgodam-haldwani-Rampur-Moradabad-Noida.
      Road is good but there was lot of traffic in Kathgodam/Haldwani. And road from Rudarpur to Rampur is also in not very good condition. Another problem on this route was jam in Rampur, which after enquiring we found, it usually happens after 4pm in the evening so we crossed around 3pm and there was no jam.

      Hope, this will help you to plan better.

      • AS

        Planning a road trip from Ghaziabad to Nainital next week. Is Kaladhungi route in a very bad shape? Also are there too many jams on the Haldwani route? Which of the two routes should we take?


    Hi everyone,
    I am plaanning to travel from Janakpuri (New Delhi) to Nainital on 14th October by Maruti Alto. I would prefer to start in the morning 6AM. Can somebody guide me which road to follow for 1. Janakpuri to Hapur bypass, 2. Moradabad to Nainital. I want to travel in shortest time.

  • Just back from Bhimtal. I took

    Date of Journey – Oct 7, 2011
    Start Time – 0630 hrs from Indirapuram
    Bhimtal – 1400 hrs

    Dli – Moradabad – Rampur – Haldwani – Bhimtal route : We lost about 40 mins at Garh Mukteshwar Bridge. Ramur Fatak was a breeze, still can not believe that we got through. Roads are overall good except some stretches between Bilaspur-Rudprapur. Rudrapur was under curfew. We reached there at 1130. Police was non-helpful. After asking around we came to know that it opens from 12.00 in the noon to 4.00 PM so we waited at the closest restaurant (Sahaj Restaurant, avoidable). I do not know that how long the curfew would go on.

    We returned from the same route today. Started at 12ish from Bhimtal and it took us about 6 and a half hours. We had a 40 minute lunch break at Apni Haweli, just before Moradabad Bypass. OK Place.

  • @ Nandan Ji , I too drove back Haldwani today. Yesterday from Moradabad went to Kashipur. Today Haldwani- Delhi.
    Moradabad – Delhi was 3 hours. Now the whole highway is good.
    I feel you go to Bhimtaal quite often ?

    BTW , 5 days ago drove back from Dhanaulti…

  • Manish Kumar was also on the road :-), seems like a lot of us were there.

    Yes, I go there almost every 6 weeks, if not sooner. Work related, personal.

  • Kunal

    Hi All,

    Plannig an excursion to nainital on 21st of this month, please suggest a viable and comfortable route to nainital as i will be driving with my family. Thanks

    • hi kunal,
      The best route is delhi-hapur-gajraula-moradabad-rudrapur-haldwani-nanital,the road from delhi to moradabad is good double laned with some single road patches in between.It will take around 6 to 7 hours depending upon time you leave the delhi.Dont take route from ramnagar as on that road there are lots and lots of potholes.

      • Kunal

        Thanks for the prompt reply but are suggesting via Baz and Kaladhungi

  • Sandeep Sehgal

    Any update on the following stretches?

    Kaladhungi Bazpur
    Bazpur Tanda
    Tanda Moradabad

  • @ Sandeep – I was last there 4 odd months and it was BAD. Moradabad was closed because of some flood situation so I would suggest that you stick to the regular route.

    Came back from Nainital last night only through Haldwani-Rampur-Moradabad-Delhi route. If you take the different route for a reason then please update there on the condition of the road. Thanks


    I am just back from the drive to tal area. The much awaited, ‘Railway Crossing’ flyover is now open so no jams at ‘Rampur Railway Crossing’. I went yesterday and came back same day. Both ways, It worked pretty well.

    The 4-laning between Moradabad-Rampur is under way in certain sections. Bilaspur continues to crawl, and right before Uttrakhand border (6 Km short of Rudrapur), you have a bad batch of half a KM.

  • Rostan

    Is is safe to drive in night from Delhi to Nainital. I’m planning to start from Delhi at 5:00 PM.

  • I do not see any security issue but I do see road-saftey issues so I wont recommend. If you can not leave by 2PM then try leaving for 4.30 AM next morning.

  • Satyander

    we are planning to visit Nainital in last week of april 2012, so just want to queries:

    1. We will start from Panipat, haryana. Google Map is showing 2 routes
    — one is via muzaffarnagar – bijnor- dhampur – bazpur-nainital and the 2nd one is Panipat- Merrut- mordabad-bazpur-nainital.
    so just want to know which one of the above is better one. 2nd route is around 30 Km more than the 1st one.

    2. Can u pls advice about the road condition of the preferred route.

    3. Any other suggestions as i will be travelling with my wife and 2 kids in a small car.


  • @ Satyander –

    1. I would suggest that you take Panipat – Meerut – Moradabad – Rampur – Bilaspur – Haldwani – Nainital. I am not sure on the condition of Bazpur road so would recommend that you avoid it. It was very bad during the last rains.

    2. Moradabad onwards the road is perfect. I have not been to Meerut-Moradabad and Panipat-Meerut off late so can’t comment.

    3. Start very early. Take small breaks after every 3 hours and enjoy your time.

    Best Wishes.

  • Gaurav

    Planning a road trip from Delhi to Nainital day after tommorow. Is Moradabad-Tanda-Bazpur-Kaladhungi route in a very bad shape? Also are there too many jams on the Haldwani route? Which of the two routes should i take?Please suggest me i am waiting for your reply

  • Nandan

    I drove last weekend. Pls take Delhi – Moradabad – rampur – Haldwani route. Pls go through comments for latest update. I have not been to the other route since last monsoons so do not know. I am not very hopeful that it would have improved whereas the Haldwani one is getting better and better.

  • Sandeep Gupta

    Requesting for Apr – May 2012 inputs about the following routes –
    Moradabad – Kashipur – Haldwani.
    Moradabad – Rampur – Haldwani.

    Leaving at 6a.m. tomorow morning. Hence regret short notice.

  • Sandeep Sir –
    Moradabad – Rampur is OK. Road widening is going on after Jubilee Dhaba so prone to Jam.
    Rampur – Haldwani is pretty good with brief snarls and non-existing roads at Bilaspur and just shy of Rurdapur.

    Take Moradabad-Rampur-Haldwani only.

    If you spot a Green Scorpio then give a shout. If I cant leave today afternoon than I would be there on the road as well. All the best. Nandan

  • aravind

    iam planning to go to nanital from 22 jun. is it advisable to stay in rudrapur and then travel around or go directly to nani? hotel booked in rudrapur.are the ghat roads tough to negotiate?please advice

  • aravind

    iam planning to go to nanital from 22 jun. is it advisable to stay in rudrapur and then travel around or go directly to nani? hotel booked in rudrapur.are the ghat roads tough to negotiate?please advice


    • Go directly. Rudrapur is going to be super hot. I came back yesterday. Roads are perfect except a stretch before Rampur.

  • Navjit

    I am planning a trip in July from Delhi to Sitla. Please advice what is the best route to take? How many hours is it taking now if one leaves at 5 AM.

    • @ Navjit – I am guessing that it is on the way to Mukteswar. Take Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur-Naini-Sitla. Till Naini it would take 7 hours, including a 40 minute food/fuel break. Jubilee Dhaba (beyond Moradabad) is a good point to make a halt. Good luck.

  • Kamal

    I am travelling to Nainital on 4th to 5th july by my own car.

    driving is my passion and I drive very patiently. I only went to Mussuorie (uttrakhund) with my friend.

    I would like to know following:

    1. Is driving to nanital is difficult?

    2. Which route u guys suggest me.

    thank s and regards

  • @ Kamal – No it is not at all difficult. The roads are pretty good. Just have a lot of patience and drive safe. Take Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur-Kathgodam-Nanital. Good luck and best wishes.

    • KAMAL

      thanks @ Nandan thank u so much for information.

      Do u think july would be crowded that time…

      what about parking?

      • Naini is always crowded. Beginning July, the tourist season begins to wane off because schools open, rains begin etc. For parking, if your hotel doesn’t have a parking then you can park it near ‘Flats’ (INR 100) but if your hotel is a little away then try to work something out with your hotel guys.

  • Raj

    Kamal, Roads are good and if you are travelling in a day time you can also take Delhi – Moradabad – Ram Pur – Suar (Swar) – Bazpur – Kaladhungi – Nainital. this route is more scenic, but I suggest you to take this route on in a day time as it is less crowded and some stretches is from forest area. In july it may be some crowded but not as in the month of June. Best of your journey. Raj

  • Raj


    There are two parking one is Flats just adjecent to Naini Lake as nandan suggested and there is one more parking I dont know the exact name may be Metropolis. Raj

  • Siddhant


    I am planning to drive to Nainital on 10 of August with my family from Delhi. I will be driving for the first time to the Hills. It will be helpful if anybody can please provide me the update on the following queries.
    1. Condition of the Kaladhungi / Haldwani road currently?
    2. Which one to prefer ?
    3. How much travel time will take generally ?

    • I used the Kaladhungi route to travel back from Nainital at the end of July. Bazpur – Tanda stretch still continues to be very bad. Considering rainy season, it will be best to avoid it.

      • Siddhant

        Thanks Sandeep.

  • @ Siddhant
    1. I have not personally gone recently but heard that it is all good now.
    2. I would suggest to stick to the more common route. Dli – Moradabad – Rampur – Bilaspur – Rudrapur – Haldwani
    3. Close to 7 hour from Delhi-UP gate if you start early (5 AM) morning.

    • Siddhant

      Hi Nandan,

      Thanks for the quick and prompt reply. One thing i want to ask is that you always prefer the Haldwani route instead of Kaladhungi . Is there any specific reason for this ? I mean what i heard is that the other one is shorter , does not have city traffics and is much more scenic in nature. Your opinion.

      • Yeah, I have been preferring this one. Within last 3-4 years, a LOT has changed for better for the regular route. Also, Kaladhungi is better suited for Nainital (via Khurpa Tal, w/o coming down to Haldwani) whereas I am usually BhimTal bound. I would try it one of these days. :-)

        • Siddhant

          I will try the rotues and will definately update the post. For time being seeing this monsoon season i have postponed my trip. May try out the yamuna express way.


    We will be visiting India during the month of December 2012 and we have to attend a wedding of our nephew which will held in Nainital.

    Please comment in details the road conditions right now from Delhi Airport to Nainital. Also, how long will it take to reach there. Is it safe to drive in this route and what would be best time to depart from our Hotel so we can avoid first crazy Delhi traffic to cross Delhi.

    What kind of car or van will be comfortable?

  • Raj Gupta

    Hi friends! I would like to inform you that I am planning go to Nainital in this month January 2013. And that’s reason I would like to know that how is roads are there. And whether save to go with my personal car or not. Kindly give me suggestion about it.

  • @ Raj Gupta – In terms of road quality, Delhi-Rampur is great except that there is now a jam happening at Moradabad Bypass often (because of road construction work). Rampur-Rupdrapur is mixed with bad stretches at Bilaspur. Rupdrapur onwards is Brilliant.

    If you love driving then take your personal car since it is 8+ hrs drive from Delhi. All the best.

  • Pawan

    The reviews above has been very useful ….. I am planning for khurpatal …… but heard that kaladhungi route is not that good from the above posts……but suits best for khurpatal……pls guide.. as i will be leaving from delhi on this 4th June 2013.

  • @Pawan – Pls take Delhi-Hapur-Moradabad-Rampur-Swar-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Khurpa tal.

    Please avoid Moradabad-Bazpur connection. Wishes.

  • Pawan

    @ Nandan …….thanks a lot for the update…u r doing a great job…!!!!

  • deepak

    hi nandan..,
    i want to go nainital (from delhi) tomorrow by my car ‘itios’ app 2 yrs old model…, please tell me very recent update of road condition’s considering lot of rains in last month…, also route advisable and any other important tips for my two days journey.

  • I drove to Bhimtal last week and tried both routes. Here is my recommended route

    Route – Take NH24 i.e. GZB, Hapur, Moradabad till Rampur. Just before Rampur, leave NH24 and go towards Swar. Then sustain a 20 minute / 6 Km very very bad road to Bazpur, Kaladhungi. At Kaladhungi remember to go directly to Nainital (and not to Haldwani) via Khurpa Tal.

    Food Stops – Moga/Udupiwala at Gajraula or else at Bazpur.

    • deepak

      thanx a lot… nandaanji,

      due to some reason was unable to travel last week…, and will travel towards nainital in coming week…, but m also worried about the cautioned 6 km road explained by u as a very very bad road….,can u please explain what kind of problem is this…, frankly m scared because recentely i traveled from bhopal to delhi in my car via UP bina gwalior route had some horror memories with road condition so many path holes.
      also is this six km road is avoidable ?

  • @ Deepak – This is the best route among all at this point of time. No, you can not avoid these 6 KMs. It is about having patience for 20 odd minutes, just go very slow and it would pass. :-) All the best.

  • Rajeev

    Hi Nadan,

    I have no experience for driving in Hilly Area. Which route you recommended for me.

    Kaladhungi to Nainital
    Kathgodham to Nainital?

    Going in June 2014 in Mahindra XUV

    Please guide


  • Hi Rajeev – If it is a first time then you are better off with Rampur-Bilaspur-Haldwani-Kathgodam-Nainital route. All the best.

    • Are roads that tougher on Rampur-Bilaspur route? Heard Bazpur route is the best nowadays.. any recent feedback?

  • @ Nitish – Last I read that Rampur-Bilaspur-Haldwani has been re-tarred so I would recommend that you try the regular route only.

  • swadesh

    when was the last time you or any of the readers travelled from Delhi to Nanital ? I’m planning a short trip in November, during Diwali for Noida to Nainital. Just wanted to know the road conditions, these days.

    Can I cover Jim Corbet and Nainital both in 3-4 Days ? or would it be too hectic ?

  • @ Swadesh – I went last in June 2015 and the regular route (Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Bilaspur-Rudrapur-Haldwani-Nainital) was pretty good.

    I should be going towards that side in October. I can give you a more recent update closer to your travel date.

  • I drove to Bhimtal last weekend. I took the ‘Delhi-Rampur-Swar-Bazpur-Haldwani-Bhimtal’ route on the way up. The Swar-Bazpur connection has gone worse but if you leave this 7 KM portion, everything else is pretty good.

    On return, I tried a new route after someone alerted me to try this. And I am going to recommend this, at least for now. Entire section is very clean.

    Delhi – Moradabad – Kashipur – Ramnagar – Kaladhungi. After Kaladhungi if one is headed for Nainital then one should go to Khurpatal. If one is headed for Bhimtal then one should head towards Haldwani.

  • Abhishek

    Hey Nandan, I am leaving tomorrow for Nainital and would be strating early morning from delhi aroud 05:00 so confused between two routes
    1. Via Rampur Bilaspur Rudrapur Haldwani
    Just wanted to check, Is there will be traffic on Bakrid on NH87 in Bilaspur during morning time ? I heard there is Masjid on highway which could be impacted during nawaz time …

    2. Via – Delhi Moradabad Kashipur Ramnagar Kaladhungi. — Howz this route ? I will be travelling with family and infant.

    Thanks a lot-

  • Hi Abhishek,

    My recommendation is Delhi – Moradabad – Hardleft towards Corbett – Kashipur – Ramnagar – Kaladhungi – Corbett Museum – Khurpa Tal – Nainital

    Now about the Bakra-id part. There is a mosque in Bilaspur which is not too far from the road but most of the Bakra-id celebration picks up a bit late. I do not think that should lead to any big jams.

    I look forward to see your comment on the road conditions, time it took etc after your return.


    • Abhishek

      Hey All, Came back from Nainital on 27th Sept. While going from Delhi i took the main highway road i.e. Rampur,bilaspur and Haldwani Root, Till Rampur road condition is very good and you wont any difficulty zooming your car @100KMPH, The problem starts on NH87 which is not in good condition and this continues till you hit Haldwani, Avoid this road if you can.
      Start Time 06:00 AM from Delhi. Reached Nainital around 02:30 PM with two breaks of 30 mins.
      Coming back to Delhi from Nainital I selected Kaladhungi,Bazpur,Swar road, Except 7 KMs the stretch the road condition is good. The 7 KM’s stretch is doable if you drive carefully. Also drive carefully in this road as you can find lots of motorcycles in your direction and in opposite direction and they turn suddenly without indicator so be watchful, have witnessed two motorcycles accidents, Overall I would recommend this route for Nainital.

  • Abhishek

    Thanks Nandan for your quick reply, I have booked hotel in Bhowali so i think i need to take Bhimtal road post Kaladhungi. Thanks Again, Appreciate your effort and guidance !!!

  • Vaibhav

    Hi All,

    I plan to leave for sattal on Friday, 27th. Please suggest if there are any changes in recommended route

    Delhi Moradabad Kashipur Ramnagar Kaladhungi and then towards Haldwani.

    If there are improvements on the other route(rampur-swaz-bazpur) or (rampur-gadarpur), then i would prefer that since it will be the shortest route as per Gmaps.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Vaibhav – My Father drove back yesterday via Swar. It is same as in past, except that 8 KM stretch before Bazpur, everything else is in place. For other two, I have no latest info. Try first route (Kashipur – Ramnagar) and let us know the latest on it. All the best.

  • Vaibhav

    Thanks Nandan,

    I left around 6:30 am from Noida and reached Sattal around 3:30, took the (rampur-swar-bazpur) road while going and the 7 km stretch is quite bad, Infact the road before that stretch is also not in good condition(30-40kmph max). except for that the route is good.

    While coming back I took (Kashipur Ramnagar) road. The route is good all along except for some traffic at Kashipur. It took almost same time while coming back but i left at 11:30 am from sattal due to which i had to face a lot of traffic at kashipur and then vehicles coming in my direction after moradabad after 6-7pm. If one leaves early it should take less time following this route.