Delhi – Mussorie – Delhi | Highway Men rides 800 KMs on 100 CC Bike

On a 15th August 2014 a tardy moments in the Jamia Hamdard Hostel (My friend Arif is a Student of it) and gossiping what to do on such a long weekend??? How to spend???? Ect etc….for more than an hour with no objective. Since it was Friday we have left an hour time to offer the Namaz, We came with a plan Lets go for a long drive to Mussorie, as I am always high on travelling through bike without thinking out we started and Plan to move out of Delhi post offering the Namaz. Thus how our trip started with Six Frendzz (Arshi | Arif | Nadeem | Salam | Azfar and Hammad) and Three bikes (Two were CB Twister and one is Stunner) rolled on the road to UK.

Ghumakkars at Dehradun

Ghumakkars at Dehradun

As we have two friends has to come from Kalindi Kunj and one from the Greater Noida so we decided to meet all the Highway men at Botanical Garden as a centre point to move on. After moving out from a heavy Jams in Gaziabad around 03:00 PM we find our self on Meerut Highway and feel sigh of all the hip-hop of Jams and envisage the enroute of Mussorie and driving, driving, driving for contuously four hours to Pukazi, halted for a 45 to 50 minutes for dinner on a roadside dhaba where we order Chicken Fry | Chicken Korma and Dal Makhni as one of them was a Nakhrebaazzz. So It was around 08 PM we are rap-up everything quickly at dhaba and re-filled the petrol in our bikes, high energise to reach the destination safely, while entering to Dehradun it was a heavy rainfall though we are not prepared for that, have to stop near by shed. Once it stopped around 11PM without waiting a minute we get on our Bikes and reach to one of my friend’s home at Bidholi (It is on outskirts on 10 KM from the IMA, Dehradun and Near to UPES a renowned petroleum university). The route from IMA to friends home is 9 KMs stretch seems like a Jungle way, which is amazing view to drive in a day light and as dangerous in night (As villagers talk about that usually wild animals has been seen & they had attack some of their neighbor too). Some how we shown courage and drive in the dark mid-night lane to reach the destination.

Way to River Side in Bidoli (Bidoli is Beautiful Village at Outskirt of Dehradun

Way to River Side in Bidoli (Bidoli is Beautiful Village at Outskirt of Dehradun

River @ Bidholi

River @ Bidholi

Day One (16th Aug 2014)
They best moment was that Hammad who has been first time to see the hills he woke up and get out of the room to get freshen up, It’s not be a second he rush back to room so fast that we thought of is something happen wrong. However, the moment he said that what a beatuiful moment outside i need a camera to click some moments from the nature, A bang of Lolz Ha ha ha happened in room pack with seven guys and gradullay moving out from the rooom at a certain viewpoint of nature we also feel the sense of touch of that beautifull nature where the clouds are covering up the hills articulatedly

Way to Mussorie

Way to Mussorie

Water fall on the way to Mussorie

Water fall on the way to Mussorie

Since we have a plan to get back to Delhi on 18th Eve. Without wasting time everyone get ready and by 08 AM we again started driving and reached to the biggest water fall, Kempty a 15KMs down from the queens of Hills Mussorie. As it was a long weekend (mix with some holidays) the Mussroie roads were packed with Cars and the tourist. Oh! One thing i have missed to bring to your notice that there was a landslide just 5 KMs before the Mussorie which also created a long queue of the vehicles.

Landslide,  5 KMs Before Mussorie

Landslide, 5 KMs Before Mussorie

We enjoyed a lot in Kempty Falls (More than a word a pic is enough to express the moments we had enjoyed in Kempty) and trek to uphills near to Kempty. As we pre-palnned the timming for returning

Fun @ Kempty Fall

Fun @ Kempty Fall

Some how we left Kempty and reached to Mall Road of Mussorie around 05 PM and enjoyed snacks and Coffee near ropeway side.

Mall Road - Mussorie

Mall Road – Mussorie

Though we have to reach back to that Jungle destination as early, we breakour thoughts of enjoying more and left mussorie that eve, as we are all non-vegetarian thus the killer instinct was desperately looking for Chicken & Mutton thus finding outr a way we had reached to Doon Restaurant @ Near Prince Chowk wherein we didn’t left our dinner till our tummy was full with Kadhai chicken and Biryani ☺ Post our dinner we get to the market hub Rajpura Road and purchased some handmade cookies from one of the oldest Ellora Bakery Shop! And find a way to Jungle home.

Day Two (17th Aug 2014)
Though we had a plan to reach home tonight we plan to be out of Dehradun City by maximu 02 PM, since we left 4 hours so we thought of spending those amout of time @ River side which is just 500 Mtrs down from the house where we had stay, had loads of fun on the riverside for an hour then we moved to Gucchu Pani which is also known as Robber’s Cave!!! As the flow of water is reallly on high tide so we are not able to walk through the cave, enjoyed at the on the bank side or we can say at the entrance of the Cave!
Photo “Robbers Cave also known as Gucchu Paani”

And then, we pack shack our Knapshack bags and vroom vrooooommm to Delhi with an entire journey would took appoximately 800 KMs. Again the trip saying me go and go see the world in and around instead of going back to home ☺


  • A good post to start the morning with!

    Arshi, the post is really well written, just like how your previous post was!
    Bike rides, treacherous roads and good company.. It surely must have been a fantastic trip..

    We have this post from you after quite some time.. hope to see more posts from you frequently..

    Best wishes!

  • The funny way of describing your enjoyment and the associated pics make it a good read even though one has to look for the meaning out of your sentences. But that doesn’t matter. I believe in ??????? ?? ???? !

  • Uday Baxi says:

    Dear Arshi

    You have enjoyed a lot with your friends. How did you decide to go for such a long drive on the bike? I enjoyed reading your post.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    And just like the drive, the post seem to be rushed as well or may be we are growing old and are not able to catch-up. I liked the pic of all friends in the river and probably camera on a tripod, the effort is appreciated.

    Have more fun and keep sharing with us.

  • Mohammad Arshi says:

    Will be sharing soon another Story of my biking trip to Siliserh Lake & Bala fort which i have covered on last Sunday (Approximately 485 KMs to n Fro )

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