Delhi to Lucknow in 5 hours via YEW and Agra Lucknow Expressway

Holi was around the corner and I decided to take to the road again for this trip to my home town.

From Delhi, I took the Noida Greater Noida Expressway to reach Yamuna Expressway. It is always such a pleasure driving on this expressway. They have either closed some of the existing restrooms / cafeterias or outsourced them to some dhaba operators. However, more swanky modern food retail chain outlets (like Dominos, Vango, Bikaners, CCD, etc have found place on it.

I generally stop after 2nd toll plaza but that place was overcrowded hence I skipped to the last one. Since I was about to take a completely new and untraveled road (Agra Lucknow Expressway) I was not sure about the amenities available there. After finishing our light refreshments at the 3rd toll plaza on Yamuna Expressway, I started driving towards Agra.

I had heard a lot about AGRA LUCKNOW Expressway so decided to take a chance on this road, even though no concrete information was available on the condition and amenities on it. I had read somewhere on the net that Yamuna Expressway was not connected to ALE, and one has to drive till Shikohabad to take the Agra Lucknow Expressway, however, I found that is not true, YEW is now seamlessly connected to Agra Lucknow Expressway by means of Agra Inner Ring Road. A toll plaza is under construction on the Inner Ring Road. Drive for some distance on the Agra Inner Ring Road, and you will find signboards showing a left turn for Agra Lucknow Expressway.

Agra Lucknow Expressway

The Agra Lucknow Expressway is a superbly built tarmac road but that is it. It is just a road, no amenities, no toll plazas, no eateries as of now. There are no petrol pumps, no garages either. However, if you are tanked up and your vehicle is in good condition, it will take less than 3 hrs to complete the journey from Agra to Lucknow or vice versa.

It was a pleasure driving on this road. I counted 57 vehicles while going towards Lucknow on this expressway which means a lot of people are still unaware of it. I tried to maintain a consistent speed of 120 kmph on this road, but to my surprise I found I was driving at 130-135 kmph. There is very little noise while driving on this road. I encountered total 4 small diversions (diversion means when you have to drive on the wrong side of the expressway).

Tolls are not yet functional

This expressway was supposed to be connected to all districts enroute, however, that works is still in pipeline.

I saw some cloverleaves without any signage and relied on google maps to find out which city it would connect to.

I covered the distance of 500+ kilometres, starting from Yamuna Expressway Entry Point to Agra Lucknow Expressway Exit Point, in less than 5 hours!!! Lucknow Shatabdi Express Train takes 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Salient Points while driving on this new expressway:

The divider fence has been broken by locals in many places and you may encounter people jumping over fences to cross.
At one or two places I saw people driving in wrong direction but that too was not a concern considering the width of expressway and very little traffic on it.
I saw too many dead carcasses of dogs and jackals on this expressway. Now the side fences and driving are being done and almost complete so hopefully there will be less such animals on the road. However, mercifully, there were no live animals on the road.
Width of this expressway is less than that of Yamuna Expressway, either the lanes are narrow or the side greenery is missing or both.
Driving on this road is a soothing experience for the eyes because of scenic greenery all around.
There are no amenities on this expressway (as yet). No signage either. One or 2 interchanges (for Etawah, Kannauj are complete rest are still work in progress).
Once you reach Lucknow end of this road, do NOT take the better looking MOHAAN road, take the normal looking LUCKNOW ROAD if you intend to go to Lucknow).
if you drive straight on the connecting road (NH-230) at Lucknow end, you will be on VIP Road which will take you to NH-27.
Suggest to keep enough eatables and drinking water for traveling on this expressway. Advise to keep off this road during night.
Travel on this expressway only during day time.

Overall a pleasant experience while driving on this expressway which by the way is marked as “Asia’s Largest Access Controlled Expressway”.


  • Nandan Jha says:

    Thank you Shishir. This is the first post on ALE at Ghumakkar. Since the other post on Delhi-Kanpur-Lucknow by Aditya got so much popular, I can imagine that this one is going to attract a lot of response.

    Recently, on the way to Allahabad from Delhi, we passed under ALE. So while returning, we decided to drive towards Safai and then climb this new road, hoping that it would connect us to YEW. But after driving for some distance, the road was closed and we got off again on NH2 :-)

    I am hoping that over time, amenities and other necessary infra would become available. I still can not imagine that one can reach Lucknow in 5 hours. I sometimes drive to Darbhanga from Delhi, now I can look at doing the whole thing in one day, without an overnight stop. Lets see.

    Thanks again.

    • Shishir Kumar says:

      I actually did Allahabad – ALE – YE while coming back. Allahabad to Lucknow is ok, i mean ordinary highway (from Raebareilly to Lucknow it is divided though and one can manage an average speed of 80 kmph).

      Surely you can make it in less than 5 hours, give it a try next time. I maintained 120 kmph but there were few others who were may be doing 150 or more!!!.

    • Krishna says:

      For going to Allahabad via Agra Luknow expressway you need to take exit at Jaswantnagar (where this expressway crosses the old Agra Kanpur road thru over bridge) work on the exit is under process but you can go slightly ahead after crossing the overbridge and then take a U turn and then exit. I used this road for travelling to Allahabad and saved almost 2 hrs. While returning from Allahabad take the same exit for entry on to ALE way.

  • Pooja Kataria says:

    Hi Shishir,

    500Kms in just 5 hours that too in India is surely a thing to rejoice! Our country’s infrastructure is indeed developing.
    I am sure, it is going to be one of the popular expressway once it is fully functional with all amenities en route.
    Coming to your post, the way you have managed to give all the necessary information about the ALE is small and simple which keep the post interesting. Kudos!

  • Patrick Jones says:

    Thanks for the introduction to ALE. Lucknow and eastern UP is now a lot closer. Hope the current imbroglio will pass soon so that I can make a dash to Tundey.

  • KR Arun says:

    The Review is band on. Travelled from Delhi to Lucknow on 29 Sep and back on 03 Oct 17 on Delhi-Agra and Agra -Lucknow expressway. Fantastic road and the ALE is better tarmac to drive. However there is no Amenities / Petrol bunks on the Road.

    A Petrol Bunk is available at Telgram Village adjacent to the ALE. On the way to Lucknow, exit the expressway and pass under it to the village located on the right side. The Petrol bunk is located less than 1 km from the expressway. The link road to the expressway is still under construction so cars with low ground clearance may find the road to be a problem.

    The UP government could place a few Portable Toilets (with maintenance staff) around 30-50 km apart so that the travellers could ease themselves in privacy.

  • aaaaa says:

    See, express way are making impact for connection between two major Cities now a days. I have experienced that to take benefit of expressway will be require a heavy C.C engine vehicle. Actually it was completed from Noida to Lucknow only in 4.30 hours yesterday.

  • Alok Singh says:

    Nice Blog, really appreciated blog ,I like your blog in travelling points of view

  • Abhijeet Dhar says:

    I experienced this highway last weekend From Delhi to Lucknow 26.01.2018 and back on 28.01.2018.
    Yamuna Expressway is same as before.
    ALE toll is started, 570 Rs one sided. Best expressway till date, you can easily run your car around 150 kmph even more then that surface is better then yamuna expressway. Please full the tank before entering on Expressway there is nothing in between Agra and Lucknow, they are building the Amenities I guess with in 2-3 month they will start the Petrol pumps however toilets are clean and working.

  • S Chatterjee says:

    That’s a great review. Your advice of not driving by night is not understood!
    Also, a word or two on police & highway patrol presence would be appreciated.
    Lastly, for heading towards Gorakhpur, is there a way to avoid Lucknow City?

    • Shishir Kumar says:

      Sorry for late reply.

      I would not like Late Night Driving on an expressway where you have NO AMENITIES. Almost NIL security and most of the accidents that have been reported on ALE, were in the night.

      For Gorakhpur, take the ALE till Munnu Khera, drive straight till AWADH CHAURAHA, Take a right Turn and drive under Metro Line for approximately 3 Kilometers and take a Left Turn on AMAR SHAHEED PATH. Drive straight on Amar Shaheed Path to bypass the city and exit near Chinhat on Barabanki Road. I always take this road to avoid Lucknow City Traffic.

  • Tarun says:

    I tried this expressway while going to Kanpur just before Diwali-2017. Obviously there were no tolls and this expressway felt much smoother than YEW. But the only thing was GPS asked me to take exit around Etawah and follow the old route to Kanpur. I’m not sure if this was because next exit wasn’t ready then, because I just checked google maps now and it is showing exit to NH-34 after driving 219 kms on ALE. Did somebody tried this exit before and can confirm if this route would be better option for Kanpur or we still need to take exit around Etawah to follow old route? Similarly for Kanpur to Noida as well?

  • Prashant says:

    The toll has started on the expressway and its whopping Rs. 570. They have started toll for Agra Inner Ring Road also and its 35. If we add Rs. 415 for Yamuna Expressway, the toll charges from Delhi to Lucknow is Rs. 1020 one side. There are two amenity points are being started each side. Washroom have been started, restaurants and petrol pump are yet to be opened.Rest all is good, it is not advisable to travel in night and please get your tank full while entering the expressway from either side.

  • Thanks for the fantastic post,you make running a blog to easy. I would request you to provide some guidance for my post- Thanks in advance

  • Anurag Nigam says:

    I traveled today from Noida to Lucknow there are two petrol pump now on way from Agra to Lucknow. (Don’t know about the reverse direction). Also there is a decent canteen at these places now.

  • ARUN SHARMA says:

    I am planning to go tomorrow from Noida to lucknow . Earlier I had driven till Agra and the expressway was nice .Achieved the speed upto 125 kmph in Accent .

  • Arvind Kumar says:

    Nice & Thanks for vital information while driving from Delhi to Lucknow via ALE. Please suggest if EON like small car will be suitable for this trip.

    Arvind Kumar

  • Shishir says:

    I saw a nano once and many small cars like alto, santro etc.

    Just keep yourself in control.

    Drive carefully and enjoy the landscape.


  • Shukla says:

    Hi Shishir, fellow readers:
    Planning to travel to Allahabad in the next two weeks. What do you guys suggest?
    1. I take the YEW and ALE and then cut in between to take the Etawah-Kanpur route or go until Lucknow and then Allahabad?
    2. Have the amenities now opened on ALE? especially fuel stations?
    Let me know. Will be travelling with family so need to be better prepared.

  • Shishir says:

    Hi Shukla,

    1. Kilometer wise, taking the Etawah cut makes more sense but the condition of national highways is not so good and then there is traffic too.

    2. There are 2 fully functional amenity points with nice clean washrooms, eateries and petrol pumps on both sides. In August, Eateries were closed due to COVID, not sure if they are open now. Please carry your own eatables to be on safer side.

    Be careful while driving on ALE, they have speed guns installed at 5 places between Agra-Lucknow.

    Happy Journey in Advance



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