Dare to Dream

My boss and my work environment are worst! A pretty common statement echoes everywhere, but no truth lies in this, because whosoever says so, has never seen others. But I found a comfortable measurement system to this, which states that if, a nightmare consist of an horrified image trying to ask you most inconceivable thing and you are sweating to make him understand politely, that you’ll try your best, thinking same time, that it is out of question, then you deserve a more than needed break.

Although I encountered my version of nightmare, while boarding on train for my smallest possible vacation, and in morning I realized by remembering that how desperately I needed this. So, here starts my journey, which may sound crazy, but helped me to rejuvenate myself.

Delhi to Kalka 270 km overnight by train then Kalka to Shimla 96 km in 5 hour by Rail Motor, back to Kalka 80 km in 3 and a half hour by bus and again those last 270 km backward train journey to Delhi, all this covered in just 32 hours starting from mid-night of 5th March 2011 till early morning of 7th March 2011.

Kalka Delhi Mail got late by 4 hour that day and I had further reservation in “Rail Motor”, a narrow gauge train, but pleasantly surprising Rail Motor waits for its big daddy. So a journey which was expected to start at 5:10 in the morning kicks off at 8:15.

Rail Motor

For those who have yet to attain this unforgettable pleasant experience have my words, this one boggy, 17 seats chair car, powered by a truck engine and transparent roof is a place where you need to be, in your first possible opportunity.

Rail Motor’s Driver Chair
Just 15 seats are available to this enormous journey
Transparent roof adds more charm to this journey

The reservation can be done on www.irctc.co.in and a ticket costs you INR 247. Once you in there you’ll feel like a king with a little kingdom to possess. I rested my back on comfy chairs and played Kishore Kumar’s song “Aisa kabhi hua nahi…” to perfectly accompany my mood. In a few minutes train starts moving through beautiful valleys and gigantic hills.

Badog Railway Station

En route it has only stoppage at Barog where you can have refreshment, but protect yourself by not de-boarding here, because it seems so ideal to ones dream destination, no one on site and a ton of unexplored natural beauty. You can have egg, toast and their self claimed famous (?) cutlets with a cup of tea thinking and thinking that why this bloody cutlet is so famous?

Shoghi Railway Station

Anyways as the journey proceeds further another scenic beauty “Shoghi” will reveal itself. And again you have to control yourself.

By the time we reach close to Shimla beautification of nature gets intensified. And finally here is Shimla.

In spite of all chaos of a big hill station, everything seems to be just in place. Plastic bags are big no-no, people avoid to smoke in public places, littering is rare, and probably the world’s largest no motor tourist spot, which consists around 6 km of mall road that includes one or two km of main ridge area, the centre of all attraction.

Famous Ridge Area

Tourists enjoys the cool weather, the warm hospitality, the fresh breeze, sun kissed hills, pine, oak and deodar trees and probably feel envy of the locals.

Gaity Theater

For authentic Himachali non-vegetarian cuisine (although vegetarian foods are also there but I personally never find any logic in eating vegetarian if you can have the mouth watering non-vegetarian delicacies) just walk to Himachal tourism restaurant cum bar “Ashiana and Goofa” and try “Chicken Anardana” and “Mutton Cha” among others.

Now as the Kalka mail leaves at 23:55 from Kalka so, I took a bus (normal fair 102 INR) from ISBT Shimla.

Wow! What a day, quite hectic but rewarding. I was now ready to face those ugly faces back there, and feeling like the guy in that famous advertisement of a bike…..I’ll forget everyone……because I am feeling like king.


  • maheh semwal says:

    you are a true Ghumakkar !!!!!!!

    I have been to Shimla by toy train but never experienced rail car.

    Keep traveling & keep sharing.

    • amitk227 says:

      Thanks Mahesh. Shimla is one of the place where I would love to settle down if got chance. And Rail Motor Car is something amazing. You’ll like king within your little kingdom.

      • maheh semwal says:

        I can understand your feeling of settling down to Shimla as I belongs to Uttranchal (Hills).

        • amitk227 says:

          Great to hear that. Sometimes I feel that in my previous birth I must belongs to hills. I am so fascinated about this most beautiful creation of god. You know once I got the chance to see this Travel documentary “Himalaya with Michael Palin”, and you won’t believed I have seen all the three parts everyday continuously for a week. Its a must watch for all those who love Himalaya. Then I have downloaded entire 32 GB Michael Palin complete documentary series for BBC.

          I have special affection for those who belongs to hills. And now you get ready to answer my unending queries about beautiful places of Uttranchal :-)

  • Sahil says:

    @ Amit…Good One…
    Just a typo error. Below the Barog Station pic by mistake you wrote Badog instead of Barog.


  • Nandan Jha says:

    That was quick.

    On the same route, there is a real train, called toy train, as well. I traveled on that for few stations just for the fun of it and it was amazing.

    Putting another link – https://www.ghumakkar.com/2009/01/21/24hrs-delhi-shimla-delhi/ of a similar quick tour. :-)

    True Ghumakkar !! You are bang on when you say that though people have a tough work environment, we can always squeeze-in a quick detour if you are willing to stretch (or in other words, if you are a true ghumakkar). :-)

    • amitk227 says:

      Great Sir, hats off to you. I am quite inspired by you. Actually in media job its very difficult to get a leave, even if we don’t have great work to do (that most of the time we don’t do), but still there is a chance that something will happen and so we have to be at our toe. But off-course Sunday is mine. Who can press me for not living my life on my very own day? This also gives great satisfaction. I am not exaggerating myself but most of my colleagues appreciate me for this kind of break.

      Other day I came across this blog “olio-gallimaufry.blogspot.com” another example of what passion is all about.

      I wish I could do something like that one day.

      Thanks for your time.

  • vinaymusafir says:

    Great travel stor Amit.
    You are a real Ghumakkar …Man.
    Can you pls provide me the link of ‘entire 32 GB Michael Palin complete documentary series for BBC’.

    • amitk227 says:

      Thanks Vinay. In case you are unable to download you can take it from me in hard drive or something. Because it took me around 15 days to complete download.

  • vinaymusafir says:

    I have found the links. Thanks

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