Chitkul, Sangla (Himachal) – A photo essay

While we were at Sangla, we were suggested to drive down to a small Himalayan village on Indo-China Border as a day outing. It was June and the weather was not punishing, with crisp thin air of mountains, we graciously accepted the offer and were on the way, armed with a fabulous packed lunch by Banjara.

The place is difficult to explain in words. In my short life, I haven’t seen a beautiful place like that and as I promised in my last log, here’s a small photo essay.


Its so surprising to find such well maintained roads even in that kind of remote place. May be its to do with the fact that its close to Indo-China border.


As you drive through, you see a blue sky, haven’t seen a bluer than that blue ever. The mountains appear so pure as if they are breathing along side you, there is this rivulet which crosses your way more than once , greens and not many souls around , making you feel all the more special.


It would be a bad idea to just zip through so we took our time while we maneuvered the exciting turns, taking more than the needed time and occasionally stopping to cherish the settings even further.



The village arrives out of nowhere and does boast of few guest houses. There is no rush whatsoever though you do find tourists there who are there for enjoy their day-picnic but even in June when probably it was a peak season, the number of travelers/tourists were not large to deny you a quality time with yourself or with your family.



This board sums up the populace. There are about three times more people in the condo where I stay.


As you look around, this is what you see.


You leave the village and get on to trek further 7 odd KMs to be at Indo-China border.


Chitkul, one more time for sure.


  • Smita says:

    The last photo is beautiful! Thanks a lot! :)

  • Jerry Jaleel says:

    Another trek through the mountains from Nandan with beautiful pics. Well done!

  • Mahesh semwal says:

    Sweet & short write-up, pictures are beautiful , specially Ist & 2nd last

  • nandanjha says:

    Smita – Indeed it is. That dark green shade of the car, and those mountains, Wow. Glad that you like the composition.

    Jerry – Thanks for the encouragement :-). Thank you.

    Mahesh – Thanks. The place is really amazing.


    I visited this site after some time,and must say,got rewarded by your excellent Photo-Essay.Your superb pictures made the place come alive! I must confess,I am unable to move away from from this Incredible India,which ignorant people like me didnt know exists.Thanks for taking us there.
    will try to visit sometime next year. Seasons greetings to all at Ghumakkar.

  • nayan says:

    i have been to chitkul, its really a amazing place to be…..baspa flowing down there is mind blowing, u have greenery, river, mountain, snow, govt school, and what not…!!! its a divine place..

  • nandanjha says:

    Thanks Sethi Sir. Seasons Greetings.

    Nayan – You are so right. At sometime in future I would want to go there with more people , for sure.

  • nayan says:

    pl do knock me, I will surely be coming along..

  • vikas Gugnani says:


    It is so cool!! Muts have been a wonderful journey .. i get the feeling that once you haev cross manali rush , you dont need to find a place for picnic . Just Sit anywhere – it will be a wondrful experience!! Anytime you plan to do this circuit – give me a shout – i will really be interested !!


  • nandanjha says:

    Nayan – Sure.

    Vikas- :-) You are bang on when you say that beyond Manali (and Simla, and Mussoorrie etc), you can just take a break anywhere. I guess more the merrier.

  • bikerdude says:

    This ain’t fair Nandan… now you have made me home (mountain) sick… Wanna go again…

    BTW another trip in the pipeline for June… Delhi – Spiti – Lahaul – Leh – Srinagar – Jammu – Pathankot – Amritsar – Delhi. You Game? My La Poderosa, your Scorpi… and more the merrier…

  • manish khamesra says:

    Nandan, just one correction Chitkul is on Indo-Tibet border :-)

  • jcjain says:

    Beautiful pictures. Reminded me fondly of my visit there in 2005. Did your child run thru the valley in Chitkul with wind blowing thru hair? Did you see the “Gharat” – water-Atta-Chakki?

  • nandanjha says:

    She did.

    No, we didn’t but I have seen water-current powered chakki once while trekking in Mukteswar. Guessing that its a similar thing.

  • Ashish says:

    Real me dharti ka swarg india me hai. Mai abhi 6 jun 2010 ko Sangla chhitkul aur us tarf ke areas me gaya tha. Mujhe to aisa lagta hai ki devta bhi apne aap par pachhtate honge ki hum kyo nahi in vaadiyo ke niwasi bane. Realy so nice place of the world.

  • naresh kaushik says:

    i have been thre with may family in june 2010 . even in june night temp . was – 2 degree . dharti ka swarag hai chitkul . baspa se chitkul ka safer kisi sapne jaisa lagta hai

  • Biswajit Ganguly says:

    Dear Nandan ji, What a place to visit with your near n dear ones. lovely snaps with modest description. Yes Chitkul is the last Indian habitated village from Himachal side and has its boundaries with Tibet.This is one of the most difficult track to Gangotri, every year the gram Devi is carried on this route which is on foot 65 kms, takes them 3 days to reach their destination. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have visited 4 times in row for the sheer love of the virginity of this place. Only once we stayed there and realised the extremes of natures raw beauty. In 2010 visit we had a chance to meet an old lady around 101 years with a sister in 90s born there, having totally healthy physique without specs, with few original teeth and clear hearing abilities. I did take photographs and spoke to her which was not liked by the younger sister and finally had to withdraw. We also experienced the working of Gharad (hydel powered Chakki) very interesting for any city folks. Most of the people are government employees with good income but looks very modest and welcoming. I suggest for real adventure and completely mediaval era lifestyle with spiritual inclination CHITKUL is must must ultimate place to visit.

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