Camping in the Himalayas – Daujidhaar

Hello People!!!

Last year, I had the oppurtunity to take one of my groups to a campsite in Himachal which is closeby… 377 Kms from Delhi, 17 kms from Shimla, and yet is untouched by the daily clamor of a hustling bustling town next door. The place is called Daujidhaar.

The route:

NH-1 till Zirakpur, NH-22 till Shimla, take the Shimla Naldehra Road, 4 kms from the Dhalli tunnel, and 2 Kms before the Mashobra village, the road forks out and the one on the right, going uphill will take you to the Baikalty link road through the Mashobra village. Take a right from a small chowk in the village. From there, the motorable road leads you to the campsite 3 kms ahead. The highest peak of the area… Shaali Tibba
The highest peak of the area… Shaali Tibba

The entry to the parking lot of the campsite, which can accommodate upto five 35 seater coaches, is a barely noticeable one. There is a small board pinned to the tree which proclaims the land belonging to a Mr Bakshi from Delhi… (how the hell did that happen? well this is for pondering on later) Take the path going down and you would be in the parking lot.

Get down from the vehicle and take a deep breath… the crisp mountain air will do your choked lungs a whole lot of good!

Get your luggage and start trudging… A series of steps will then take you to the common area where briefings are conducted for groups. This is the gathering place for meals and snacks and the nightly ritual of a campfire session.

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Below the common grounds is the place where we setup the tents.

Normal alpine tents with mattresses and sleeping bags is the norm, but that will change from this season. The setup is being upgraded to the deluxe category with bigger tents, cots and attached toilets.
The Machaan @ the Campsite
The Machaan @ the Campsite

The place is perfect for those who want to unwind with a couple of “Machaans” and swings for relaxing and taking in the views of the mountains and also for those who have a penchant for the soft adventure stuff like Jumaaring, Rappelling, Burma Bridging, Valley Crossing and The Flying Fox.
Burma Bridging @ Campsite
Burma Bridging @ Campsite

Rapelling @ Campsite
Rapelling @ Campsite

Meals are clean and hygenic with the usual fare which you would get at any campsite. The added advantage is that of a Tandoor for snacks to go with the bottle of alcohol which you lugged till here, and a DIY barbeque arrangement (on prior notice) and a music system to keep you entertained.

Sunset @ Baldyan (near the campsite)
Sunset @ Baldyan (near the campsite)

The best time at the campsite is the night… One look towards the sky and you would be left gaping and gawking because of the sight. The number of stars which you get to see in the are paltry compared to the number you would see from there. And if you are one of the lucky few, you just might get to hear a leopard or two roar as they roam around on the roads… Being in the jungle and amongst their habitat is fun!

Enjoy some of the flaura and fauna.
Flora @ Fauna combined
Flora @ Fauna combined

a Psychedelic Flower @ the campsite ;-)
a Psychedelic Flower @ the campsite ;-)

Some flora @ the campsite
Some flora @ the campsite

Don’t worry about safety and security as that is one of the prime objectives for the campstaff. There is always a rotation of night shifts to ensure safety and to provide a secure environment for the campers.

Flying Fox @ Campsite
Flying Fox @ Campsite

If you feel like taking a weekend break, a team outing or just chilling out… away from the maddening routine of daily life and doing nothing, e-mail your bookings/queries @ and here’s the team which makes it happening & memorable for you…
The Campsite Team
The Campsite Team


  • nandanjha says:

    What photos. Lovely. And the titles :) even more.

    Its been a while I did something like that, my daughter is just about 3 so you can imagine the last 4 odd years. Used to go to ‘Sat Tal Getaway Jungle Camp’ a lot before that and there we had similar things, camps, sports, leisure and lots-n-lots of time to while around with no one looking at your calendar.

    Since this place is way up, I am assuming that it would be more fun, more closer to that tranquil time. Sometime for sure, I am gonna be here.

  • kumkum says:


    Absolutely fantastic! Is it only open to groups? And, who should I contact if we, say a modest group of three, want to go there this summer
    (second week of June)?



  • bikerdude says:

    Nandan, Daujidhaar has a lot to offer apart from the usual soft adventure sports… sightseeing, treks and the nearby destinations (naldehra, Tattapani, Chhaba for rafting on sutlej, Shimla for the shopping binge, Kufri/Fagu for that touristy bit and the drive in itself is pretty fun.

    Kumkum, The place would be open for individuals as well… May is the target month to kick off the luxury setup and for the bookings for June, you should visit and use the link which says Book the campsite.

  • Celine says:

    Ahh, how I wish to experience all of it..right now!!

  • manish khamesra says:


    Lovely pictures of the Sunset and Flora & Fauna near Daujidhaar. Sunset picture is specially very nice to force you to think about visiting the place.
    With your write-up and travels you are opening new places to be visited than the usual Shimla-Kufri-Manali trips.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • bikerdude says:

    Manish, thanks for your words… As for opening up new places, well that’s what a Ghumakkar would do. Find new, unheard of places and enjoy the experience of being in a place where very few would venture out to.

  • Manish khamesra says:

    Agree Manish.

    I use this opportunity to wish you the very best in your new venture. There are not many who can leave their lucrative jobs behind and hear to what their heart wants them to do.

    I am quite confident that it will be a success.

    Wishing you the very best.

  • bikerdude says:

    manish, thanks for the best wishes… i can use all i can get… just came back yesterday from this place with a group of 55 people…

    Training session organized by Execz, an HR consulting and Training company and it was hectic… got a enviable sun tan while roaming the campsite from 5 in the morning till late night and sun-burned the scalp of my freshly shaved head… Ouch !!!!

  • Diana says:

    Looks like a blast i wanna go !!!!

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