15 Best Delicious & Traditional Himachali Foods You Must Try Once

Himachal Pradesh snow-clad mountains, the lush green valleys, the freshness in the air, apart from being blessed with scenic natural beauty and also a splendid blend of exquisite Pahari cuisine that provides any kind of tourist more than just one reason to fall in love with these gorgeous hills dotted the state.

Himachali or Pahari cuisine has a unique aroma and also flavor to it due to the usage of a lot of yogurt and cardamom and cook on slow flame. The surrounding states of Punjab and also Tibet have a deep influence. So, on your next Himachal trip packages to this beautiful hill station don’t miss out on some of the delicious pahari dishes that they have to offer you.

1. Dham

Dham is an integral part of the Himachali cuisine, as well as their celebrations, which are filled with this amazing dish. It was once known to be a meal prepared for Brahmins in regions of Chamba. It is prepared with red kidney beans which are popularly known as Rajma, along with moong dal and yogurt and also rice. It is a truly delicious dish and reflects the flavors of the cuisine in it. It is offered together with mash dal as well as tamarind Chutney. Traditionally, the recipe is served on leaves to be used as plates.

2. Sidu

Sidu is local bread made from wheat flour. The flour is kneaded as well as reserved for some hours for the yeast to settle and the dough to rise. This dough is put on direct fire of bonfire to be par-cooked and afterward later on steamed to complete the cooking. This unique bread is usually enjoyed with ghee or butter alone or can be indulged in with mutton or daal also.

3. Mash Daal

Mash daal or kali daal is cooked with split black lentils or ma ki daal. It is soaked overnight, pressure cooked and then simmered in a hefty bottomed frying pan together with thinly sliced onions, ginger, garlic and spices shallow fried in hot mustard oil to give the comforting mash daal.

4. Mittha

Mittha, as the famous name in Himachali food, is a local dessert of Himachal Pradesh. It is prepared with sweetened rice mixed with a generous helping of raisins as well as various other dry fruits.

5. Tudkiya Bhath

Tudkiya Bhath is what North Indians call ‘Pulao’. The pahadi version of pulao has the extra dose of lentils, as well as yogurt along with raw garlic that might make you ask for an extra serving. In Himachal Pradesh, this main dish is best complemented with mashed dal & lemon slices.

6. Aloo Palda

Milk or milk products like buttermilk and also yogurt is often used in Himachali cuisine. The thick cream or the rich yogurt fused with spices and also something tangy like tamarind makes for a curry special to Himachal. The aloo palda is another dish that uses this basic gravy, which is extremely easy and also quick to make. Boiled aloo or potatoes are added to curd that is prepared in mustard oil laden with flavors. A hassle-free recipe, the recipe can be eaten with rice or bread.

7. Babru

Babru is a famous dish of the District Shimla. This dish has a filling of black daal along to flavors. This babru is likewise called the bharwa puri and is served with vegetables. Babru is the Himachali variation of kachoris, and is served with vegetables and also coriander chutney.

8. The Delicious Lamb Curry – Chha Gosht

One more Himachali dish, Chha Gosht is a dish that is made with marinated lamb meat cooked in gravy of gram flour, yogurt & spices such as cardamom, red chili powder, coriander powder, bay fallen leave, and asafoetida and ginger-garlic paste.

9. Trout Fish

The state promises a great number of non-vegetable delicacies. Trout is a well-known recipe in the Kullu region. The marinated fish is cooked in the minimal spices to keep nutrients as well as the original taste of Trout intact. It is one of the healthiest dishes of the state. It can be easily availed in the Kullu-Manali region as well as Barot valley.

10. Anardana Chicken

This is an uncommon chicken dish from the pahari food. This dish is heavy and also loaded with spices & oil but the bronze color is from hours of marinating in-ground anardana (dry pomegranate seeds) & chilies. Dry Pomegranate seeds are used for their flavor.

11. Chana Madra

It is a traditional and also prominent curry made by chickpeas of Himachal and yogurt along to curry in the Chamba region. It is cooked with spices on a slow flame as well as spreads aroma everywhere. It is a gravy dish that is quite popular in pahari cuisine. The most ingredients are spices, garlic, ginger, and onion. One of the delicacies of Himachal has been linked to the Chamba region. It is made at festivals and also marriages with pride. The base ingredients of meal are kidney beans, soaked chickpeas as well as chana. It is cooked at a low flame in curd and yogurt. Generally, it is served with normal bread.

12. Mukundwadi

Mukundwadi is the name given to sundried lentil squares. These lentil squares are pressure cooked in an onion tomato-based sauce and also is mildly spiced using whole spices. Adding a little cream to the curry gives it a rich flavor.

13. Aktori

Aktori is one of the pahari dishes, actually a kind of cake. It is made by blending the buckwheat with the flour of wheat and then shaped in pancakes. Actually, it is a famous food originated from the Lahaul-Spiti Valley but you can find it almost every city of Himachal Pradesh.

14. Masala Omelette

Whether you’re enjoying a nice time leisurely strolling on the roads or traveling to the scenic Rohtang Pass, the one point that you will locate all over to eat in Manali is a unique masala Omelette, normally served with two slices of bread. This is the ultimate food, particularly on chilly mornings or evenings!

15. Bhey

A preparation using the lotus stems, Bhey is a dish that owes its unique flavors to the unique kind texture of the raw materials. This scrumptious is prepared by thinly slicing the lotus stem, streaming it and after that sautéing it in a carried collection of the herbs, flavors and gram flour. Quite nutritious to the core also, this dish is famous street food in Manali.

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