Bidar – Of Hasan Gangu, Mahmud Gawan and Barid Shahis

Hasan Gangu’s weekly review concalls with Delhi’s Sultan Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq were becoming increasingly troublesome. He was not the only one who hated Tughlaq. The authoritarian regime with daily summary executions was riling the Delhiwallas too. They started writing nasty letters to Tughlaq. Tughlaq decided to lay Delhi in ruins. The new proclamation from the eccentric king commanded all the inhabitants of Delhi to move to the new capital of Deogiri or Daulatabad in the Deccan. But Hasan Gangu was not taking any walk. It was time to strike out on his own.

Deccan Amirs of Delhi Sultanate rebelled against the Sultan and installed Nasir-ud-Din Ismail Shah on the throne of Gulbarga and Bidar in 1345. Sultan duly sent his troops to crush the rebellion. Hasan Gangu who was the commander of army based at Daulatabad rolled into Bidar with 20,000 horses. Sultan’s army was routed and his son-in-law killed in the battle. On 3rd August 1347, Ismail Shah invited Hasan Gangu to the Deccan throne.

Hasan Gangu (1347-1358) established the Bahmani Sultanate or the Bahmanid Empire based in Ahsanabad Gulbarga in northern Karnataka and assumed the title of Abu