BENGALURU – The Heart of Karnataka

I was really not enjoying the weather in Delhi from past few days. The Climate in Delhi from past few days was really distressing. Such hot climate with max of 45 degrees really annoyed me. But to my happiness , last week I received a call from my office that I have to attend some meeting at Bangalore.
I felt really happy , that for one reason or another i would be away from Delhi for 7 days.
I really wished if I could have done a road trip to Karnataka, but because of the time scarcity I took this plan away and I booked my flight tickets.Bengaluru is about 2800 Km from Delhi. The date to leave was 19th may.

It was not that it was my first visit to South India. In my earlier visits , I had already covered the states of Kerala , Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This time also I got the chance to visit Karnataka.


19th May was the date to leave. My flight was Kingfisher at 4 pm. I left my house at 1pm and the airport on time. The flight was on time.
The flight took off at 4pm exactly and reached Bangalore at 6:40 pm. Theflight duration was 2hrs 45 min.

I was really happy after landing at the Bangalore airport. Th temperature therewas 25 degrees that time. Thank God I was away from the Delhi heat.


The new airport is located 4 km south of Devanahalli and is 40 km from the central business district of Bengaluru . The new airport is really has beautiful infrastructure.The passenger terminal is a single, fully air-conditioned. Take a look.

After reaching the airport I booked the prepaid taxi and then I went to the Hotel.


I had booked my room in the Hotel Basil. the Hotel is situated at the Sampige Road , Malleshwaram. The hotel was very posh. It is a 3 star hotel. The room tariif was Rs 2800 per day.
The Hotel was really luxurious. The room tarrif for 3 persons staying in a single room is Rs 3300 per day.

Earlier I used to stay at the Shakti Hill Resorts , which was alo very luxurious but it is about 60km from the city.

The city is located in the southern part of India in the heart of Deccan Plateau.The city nicknamed as the “Silicon Valley” of India is home to some of country’s booming IT industries.It is also known as the “Garden City”.What I liked about Bengaluru was that it is a very clean city. Also the road traffic system is very good as majority of the roads are one way.
First 5 days I was really busy with my official work. Just the second last day Roamed around the streets. I was really surprised that the METRO work has almost been completed here. So like Delhi Metro , Bengaluru will also now soon have its own Metro.
Some pics of the Bangalore City.

See the twin tower like building in the backdrop.

Indian Air Force Headquarters.

Local Bus

see in the background the lights of Chinaswamy Stadium can be easily seen. The road was just in front of the Chinaswamy Stadium.

A clean and green Bangalore City. Though the traffic volume was very large but still the roads are very clean and the traffic is managed very well.

As all days I was busy with my official work I just got Sunday in between which was the day to roam around.I started in the morning and called my cab.



The first place I visited was the MG Road or the Mhahtma Gandhi Road. It is one of the busiest road of Bangalore and currently Metro Rail work is going on there. The place is a very posh market. It has many office buildings, shops and theatres. This road was earlier called “South Parade ” in the British times.

The M.G.Road was really a very posh and a very refreshing market.


The lal Bagh is a very nyc 240 acre garden in the southern part of Bangalore.The pleasant and superb gardens were laid out by Hyderali in 1760 and his son Tipu Sultan added a wealth of plants and trees from many countries. It was originally called Lalbagh because the garden had a profusion of red roses. It has a very good collection of tropical & sub tropical and medicinal plants. The glass house present inside the park is designed on the same lines of London’s “Crystal Palace” and is one of the main attractions of the Park.

Then we did the lunch at our own Hotel Basil. What I liked about Bangalore was that the food here is quite reasonable ( except from my hotel where the food was also very expensive.

Then we again started roaming.


The mall was very big and very nyc place for shopping.

After roaming around all day around the streets it was evening then . We departed towards the Hotel. As my hotel was just located inside the market. The market was just like Karol Bagh in Delhi.

Just then I realized that just besides my hotel there was such a huge mall. In last 5 days I was so busy that I even did not recognize it.


Thus after roaming around the whole day I was dead tired . The next day I had to leave for Delhi.


My local collague took me there at the M.G. Road to a showroom named ” Cauvery”. It is basically a Arts and Handicrafts Showroom which is maintained by the Karnataka Government. There was large no of things to buy.

I bought a Large Purse and a pair of earings for my mother. I also bought a small log of Chandan Wood which costed me Rs 3000. And the main thing I bought many packs of Agarbattis. And believe me the odur of the Karnataka agarbattis is awesome. Though the shopping costed me Rs 6000 but how could I come empty handed from Bangalore.


After a hectic 7 day trip it was the time to leave Bangalore. I paid my hotel Bill which costed a total of Rs 22000 for 6 days including the lunch and dinner. I had already booked a Meru cab. My flight time was 8:45 am. My cab driver came at 6 am in the morning. i reached the airport.

My flight was on time. Boarded the flight.

Good bye Bengaluru. Had a wonderful time here. Taking off to Delhi.

The flight landed at the Delhi Airport at 11:30 am and by 1:30 pm I was in my house. Thus my jouney ended :)


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Sahil,

    Nice to hear that the temp in Bangalore is 25 degree. last month Bangalore was quite hot, temp. was around 30-32 degree.

    I have been to Bangalore many time for my official work but never get chance to explore the city except Lal Bagh.

    You can see the detailed post on Lal Bagh, link is given below.

  • Nice Pictures of Bangalore !
    Looks like very modern city.
    Airport is believed to be one of the best in India.
    Oh Yeah Metro there also?
    You live life to the fullest.
    I guess u r a big Ghumakkar.

    • Sahil says:

      Thnks Abhishek…Yes the new airport is completely a class structure…and Yes The Metro Constuction is almost complete there…

  • Sanjay says:

    Though I have never been to Bangalore , it looks like it is a very nyc city. It looks really clean…Pics r really nyc…

  • Sushant says:

    Dear Sahil,
    I have been to Bangalore once but becoz of less time I could only visit the MG Road , we made the plan for Lal Bagh but it was dismissed later. It seems that the garden is quite big. Very nyc post with gr8 supporting pics…Keep Writing…


  • sagarone says:

    You guys are doing a great job, aking the time to write down a trip report and posting the pics. Really appreciated. My only request is please use proper language, not sms language. I was trying to find the meaning of the word ‘nyc’ till I read the last comment and realized it meant ‘nice’.

  • Aashish says:

    Dear Sahil,
    Very fyn description of the Bangalore City. I have never been there but now I would really want to visit this place. Very gud pics. Keep writing…!!!


  • Anita says:

    Hi Sahil,
    I have been to Bangalore multiple times , and I always like to visit the Lal Bagh. I think that it is one of the biggest and one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. I really liked your pics. Good short description.

  • nandanjha says:

    And now the delhi temp is a little better :-)

    A good visual ride of the city. My experience withe Blr traffic has been very bad, almost every time I went there. :-)

    where do you take us next, Sahil ?

    • Sahil says:

      Mr. Nandan,

      Hope this Delhi Temp. remains like this the whole summers :)
      Not decided about the next destination. But surely it would be soon.


  • sskagra says:

    i have seenmany time this city but your views and photograph are very good but you should give not railway photo and road also if you thi summit than are very good
    thanking you

  • Vistara News says:

    Thanks for sharing your travel experience in Bangalore! It sounds like you had a wonderful time exploring the city and enjoying its pleasant weather. The pictures you shared are beautiful, and it’s evident that you had a great time roaming around the streets and visiting the famous landmarks. Your description of the Lal Bagh garden and MG Road makes me want to visit Bangalore myself. Keep up the adventurous spirit and happy traveling!

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