CHITRAKOOT DHAM : Ramghat, Sphatik Shila and Bharat Koop

Dear Divine Souls,

After our visit to Gupt Godavari we took our car return to the central destination of the Chitrakoot Dham called Ramghat. Ramghat is the most pristine place of Chitrakoot.

Chitrakoot Dham and Ramghat’s Significance

Chitrakoot is the teerth of all the teerths. According to the Hindu belief Prayagraj (Allahabad) is the king of all teerths , but Chitrakoot Teerth is rated as more elevated than it. When Chitrakoot did not go to him as all the other teerths did, Prayagraj was told that Chitrakoot enjoyed a higher status and it was Prayagraj who was expected to go to Chitrakoot and not vice versa. It is said that Prayagraj teerth comes every year to wash off his sins by bathing in the Payaswini river here in Chitrakoot Dham . It is also said that all the Gods and Goddesses came to Chitrakoot Dham  when LOrd Ram performed the Shraddha ceremony of his father. They were engrossed and mesmerized  by the beauty of the place. Lord Ram’s presence there added a spiritual  and blissful  dimension to it. So all of them were unwilling to depart .Sage Vasishtha  the family priest sensing their desire to stay and in accordance with the wishes of Lord Ram forgot to utter the visarjan (departure) mantra. Thus all the gods and goddesses have made this place their permanent abode and are always present there.

चित्रकूट तीर्थ , तीर्थो का तीर्थ है . प्रयागराज स्वयं अपने पाप धोने साल में एक बार  चित्रकूट आते है.

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

Shri  Hanuman statue  near Ramghat, हनुमान जी राम घाट के बाजू  में 

Ram Ghat

 Ram Ghat is a long stretch of steps made on the bank of Payaswani  River. Tourists can see many holy men, dressed in saffron cloth, meditating. People believe that the sacred Sarayu River surfaces from its underground source here and then again vanish.

It is the most beautiful bathing ghat of the Payaswini river believed to be capable of absolving a person from all his sins.It is believed that Lord Ram bathed here with Laxman and Sita Ji on their arrival in Chitrakoot.

 Also The famous saint-poet Tulsidas is also believed to have lived here for quite some time.It is the place where he is believed to have darshan of Ram and Laxman.Tulsidas was preparing sandal-paste for himself,when Ram and Laxman appeared before him as two children.Ram asked him to mark a tilak on his forehead.Tulsidas did this even without recognizing Him as God whom he so devotedly worshipped and for whose darshan he was craving. It was Hanuman who helped Tulsidas to recognize the Lord.

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

 A Lord Ram Temple on the banks of  Ram Ghat , राम घाट पर एक मंदीर

Just south of this main bathing area of Ramghat is the Raghav-Prayag ghat on the Payaswini River. The Mandakini here is also often referred to as the Payaswini, but there is a distinction. At the Raghav-Prayag ghat, there is a confluence of the Mandakini, Payaswini, and Gayatra (or Savitri) Rivers ( Triveni Sangam) , but it is not visible to the eye. At this place, Lord Ram performed “pitra tarpan”, making offerings to his father, King Dashrath, who expired after Lord Ram went into exile.

तुलसीदास को श्री राम के दर्शन यहाँ राम घाट पर हुए थे. यहाँ श्री राम ने श्राद्ध किया था.

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

Complete view of Ramghat , रामघाट का पूर्ण दृश्य 

The whole view  here is amazing and full of emotions related to devotion. One Just cant wait to chat Ram Ram.The devotees usually take a dip here before going for Parikrama and  darshan of Kamtanathji. I did parikrama of kamadgiri first as mentioned . There is a group of temples here on the Ram Ghat which is known as Puri and some devotees go around this group of temples also in the Parikrama. Many important places  and temples like ,Mattgajendreshwar Swami Temple , Parna Kuti and Yagya Vedi are nearby.

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham : Ramghat

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham : Ramghat

There is a huge statue of Lord Hanuman in the middle of Ram Ghat. Whole Hanuman Chalisa written by Tulsidas is written on the stone on which this huge statue is placed. Now as far as I know, this statue is painted in dark orange color recently which looks more beautiful .

यहाँ हनुमान जी की एक बड़ी मूर्ती है . उसके निचे पत्थर पर हनुमान चेलसा लिखा हुआ है .

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

Huge Statue of Shri Hanuman statue on Ram Ghat , हनुमान जी की बड़ी मूर्ती

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

Ramghat  from  opposite side , दुसरे किनारे से राम घाट 

A boat ride is must whenever one goes to Ram Ghat . The best use here while traveling here in a boat is that one gets the great views and pictures . Also the boatman guides to all the main areas and temples of this holy place along with stories and Legends . No need to worry. All the sight seeing happens fast without much hassles and that too with full information.

यहाँ नाव में बैठना तो बनता है

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

 A boat ride on Payaswani river , नाव में बैठना 

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

Sphatik Shila ,Foot of Lord Rama ,स्पथिक शिला,  श्री राम का पग 

After having boat ride we go to a place which was left due to hurry and forgotten. We again go on the road towards Sati Anusuya Ashram and in between we reach a magnificent place called Sphatik Shila .

Sphatik Shila

It is a landmark destination in the holy pilgrim centre of Chitrakoot called Sphatik Shila. As the literal meaning of this sanskrit word suggests, Sphatik a reddish crystal like rock where Lord Ram and his beloved wife used to sit and admire the scenic ambiance of the surroundings. Nearby boulder houses a footprint, which is believed to be that of the Lord and paying a visit to Sphatik Shila is an inevitable part in the Chitrakoot Dham pilgrimage.
This pictorial location on the left banks of Mandkini River holds a funny but lovable story about the divine concern that Ram has got towards Sita. It says that Ram had taken the eye of Jayant ( came in the form of crow) who had pecked the feet of Sita devi while they were relaxing here at Sphatic Shila. He was unhappy and jealous with this cameo of domestic bliss between Lord Ram and Sita Maa. This is why crows, to this day, tilt their heads to examine anything.

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

Sphatik Shila स्पथिक शिला

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

Sphatik Shila ,Foot of Lord Rama ,स्पथिक शिला,  श्री राम का पग

Bharat Koop Gate, भरत कूप का द्वार 

After Sphtaik Shila , We proceeded to towards Ramghat and then towards Karwi 5 -7 kms away. From there we took left turn and drove around 20 kms left on the west to reach Bharat Koop.

Bharat Koop (Bharat Kup)

Bharat Koop Bharat Kup or is a huge well near Bharatpur village, located around 20 kms West of Chitrakoot. It is believed that Lord Ram’s brother Bharat brought water from all the holy places to anoint Lord Ram as the King of Ayodhya. Bharat was unsuccessful in persuading Lord Ram to return to his kingdom and took his place as the king. When Lord Ram did not agree, Bharat then, as per instructions of Maharishi Atri, poured the holy water in this well.having bath from the water of well means bathing in all teerths. There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Rama and his family.

Chitrakoot Dham ;

Chitrakoot Dham

Bharat Koop Gate, भरत कूप का द्वार 

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

Bharat Koop Lord Ram Temple , भरत कूप में राम मंदीर

भरत कूप में स्नान करने से सारे पाप धुल जाते है और सारे तीर्थो में स्नान करने का पुण्य मिलता है .

Chitrakoot Dham :

Chitrakoot Dham

 Bharat Koop Well , भरत कूप का कुआ 

Chitrakoot is the place for serenity lovers. I am sure even three days are not enough to visit this Dham completely if one completely enjoys the nature, rivers,hills, greenery, silence, bath , spiritualism, bhakti, waterfalls and walk.

The List of places in Chitrakoot Dham is vast with most of them shown down below (compiled from a tourist website). Since I had very less time I managed to visit only a few 


How To Reach Chitrakoot

By Road: Chitrakoot is well connected by road. You can take regular buses from Banda, Allahabad, Jhansi, Varanasi, Chhatarpur, Satna, Kanpur, Faizabad, Lucknow, Agra, Maihar.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Karvi (8 km).

By Air: The nearest airport is at Khajuraho (185 km).

Best Time to visit : One month after start of monsoon and till two months after rainy season

Dear Divine Souls,

After completing our final destination at around 2.00 pm we started towards Allahabad and then Varanasi . Although it was around 230 kms but took more than 9 hours to reach Varanasi. Next day in the morning we caught Varanasi Dadar Superfast Express at 10.25 and reached Mumbai. Here I end my yatra to Uttar Pradesh which I call collectively call as Kashi Yatra . Hope so you have liked the places which Almighty made me travel and might go in near future. Will be coming with new series soon . Till then

Jai Bhole .

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Wow Man, you gave some mind boggling information about Chitrakoot.

A total guide.

Just one more information that could be of some use for ordinary mortal people like me - That it: if there are good colorful bazaars and markets in Chitrakoot just like we have in Haridwar, Puri and at other religious places?

Damn it - I love colorful bazaars of Asia.


Praveen jee

Ramghat is the main area of Chitrakoot where there is maximum crowd and shops. I visited this place in hurry and I don't think apart from pooja items and idols there might any thing else traditional things to buy . Anyways if you are going there try to find with some other person. I am sure you will love this place as this has large area and visit this place from mid monsoon to maximum two months after monsoon when place is green.


A brilliantly told and super rich collection of posts. What better time to read all this than these days of 'Maha Kumbh'. I am mostly away in February and hoping that I make it to Prayag before the Kumbh folds.

Thank you Vishal.


very informative log with equally beautiful picture. After reading this log, one can go straightaway to chitrakoot without enquiring further

tks vishal


Very informative and good photos. Keep it up.


Thanks, Vishal, for the detailed travelogue of Chitrakoot, narrated in your trademark style. I was completely unaware that there are so many places to visit in Chitrakoot. The pictures are good too. The 7th picture actually looks more like a painting than a photograph. It is truly amazing.

I think that स्पथिक is a typo for स्फटिक. Please correct it.


Hi Vishal,

this post, like your other posts, carries the reader a bit closer to his own being/heart.

Enjoyed the narration and elaborate info therein.




कृपया हमारी हेल्प कीजिये हमें काशी,चित्रकूट और फिर लखनऊ जाना है तो कृपया बताये की हमें हमारा ट्रिप कैसे प्लान करना चाहिए जिससे की कम समय में भी अच्छे से घूम सके ।

यदि हम गुरुवार को सुबह काशी पहुँच जाते है तो काशी घुमने के लिए कितना समय चाहिए और फिर चित्रकूट के लिए कितना समय चाहिए ??

हमें सन्डे को लखनऊ पहुचना है बस और वो भी मोर्निंग में तो हमारे पास गुरुवार से लेकर शनिवार तक का समय रहा ...तो अगर किसी को जानकारी हो तो कृपया शेयर करे । धन्यवाद


गुरूवार सुबह पहुच के गंगा में स्नान करके बाबा विश्वनाथ , वीसालकशी मंदीर और फिर कालभैरव् मंदीर के दर्स्घन कीजिये . और फिर एक ऑटो रिक्शा करके बाकी सारे मंदीर भरत माता मंदीर, दुर्गा मंदीर , संकट मोचन, त्रिदेव मंदीर , तुलसी मंदीर और फिर नए विश्वनाथ मंदीर के दर्शन कीजिये . दुपहर को होटल आईये और रेस्त कीजिये . शाम को ५ बजे बोटिंग कीजिये गंगा और घाट देखिये . केदार घाट और केद्रेश्वर मंदीर मत भूलना . बोट में बैठे बैठे गंगा आरती देखिये . फिर खाना खाके सो जाईये .

और उसके बाब मेरे ख़याल सी अगर आपको चित्रकूट धाम करना है तो गाडी करनी ही होगी

सुबह ५.०० निकल जाईये प्रयागराज और संगम में स्नान कीजिये . बीचमे हाइवे में सीता समाहित स्थल आता है जहा सीता माता ज़मीन में चली गयी थी. अगर वहा जाना है तो वहा भी जा सकते है . प्रयागराज में संगम में स्नान करके आप चित्रकूट के लिए निकल जाइए . रात को रुक जाइये

शनिवार को दुपहर तक चित्रकूट घूमो. मेरी पोस्ट पढकर सारी जगह नोट कीजिये , फिर वहा से लखनऊ निकल जाईये

आगे किसी जानकारी के लिए मुझे फोन करे ९००४३०७७७० पर .

आपकी यात्रा सुखदमय रहे . धन्यवाद .

Prof V Narayana Swamy


You have furnished a very useful reading material about Chitrakoot holy place. I am very much pleased by it . You are well appreciated for your religious and pious service.

I am a practising advocate in the High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore. I am a popular author of law books in India for having scribed more than 60 law books. Apart from it I am a free lawns journalist and very often contributing articles on various subjects and places in India. If I may use some of the materials from your articles, I hope you may not object to it.

May God bless you



Namaste! I am Sharad from Pune. You are doing a fabulous job here in Ghummakkar by adding a guided description of all the religious places of Bharat. Somewhat like you I am also found of the divine places. Taking guidance from your post in the last year I have done Maa Vaishnodevi and Lord Dwarkadish yatra. These yatra's I use to do alongwith My mother who is of 65 years old. Now this Feb I am planning to do the yatra of Chitrakoot, Varanasi, Ayodhya And Allahabad. I have booked ticket in the Tulsi Express for 22nd Feb towards Chitrakoot/ Allahabad. Please guide me further to plan the visit of above places. I have to return by 1st March back to Pune. As mentioned in your posts want to spend 2 days in Chitrakoot and Varanasi each.


Mr. Sharad,

you can call me on 9004307770


मै आलोक अग्रवाल औरेया उ प्र से हूँ चित्रकूट-प्रयागराज-विद्याचल जाना चाहता हूँ (अपने साधन से ) कृपया टूर बनादे २ दिन में संभव है? अग्रिम धन्यवाद [email protected] 9235890852


आपकी सेवाओं कीसमाज को आवश्यकता है मुझेभी सहयोग का मौकादें