Vanya Resort in Kanha and Bargi Dam : Jabalpur

One of the added charms to visit a National park lays in a fact that, one get chance to stay close to virgin nature, to sleep in complete serenity, to count the countless stars in clear sky and unique surroundings to feel the absolute silence. Yes the silence, which may get disturb by some roaring voice of wilderness, but definitely not by the sound of annoying family drama of a daily soap. I really wonder that is it possible to feel this complete calmness in our life? Forget the television, switch off the mobile phone, still the air conditioner or the refrigerator may try to remind its presence. This is what I always cherish whenever I get chance to stay close to forest. Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve has three entry points; one is through Mukki gate, another one is recently opened gate Serai and the third is Kisli gate which is best accessed from Jabalpur and stops at the village Khatia, inside the buffer area.

Distance of Kisli-Khatia gate of Kanha from nearby cities

During my visit to “Kanha National Park” (Madhya Pradesh, India), I got chance to stay in “Vanya Resort” which is in village Khatia and situated at a walking distance from the entrance of National Park.

Khatia Village, Near to Kisli gate, Kanha National Park

Nestled in the midst of greenery this resort offers a wonderful experience to rejuvenate yourself by all means.

A comfortable place for stay

Courteous staff and very helpful management were ready to offer any possible help to make my stay more pleasurable.  The rooms were spacious and clean. They have nicely maintained dining area and well equipped kitchen. What I liked specially was their finger-licking food.

Rooms were spacious and cleaned

If you are alone luggage usually occupy the half of the bed

The manager himself was a nature enthusiast and wild life lover. He gave me good information about surrounding area specially the tribal community that lives in the nearby village. Most of these tribes are very poor. They are mainly depends on small agriculture related works. I met with the local police officers, who were known to the reporter of my news channel, and was surprised with their complain, that was the in-availability of milk in surrounding area. Most of them are compelled to have lemon tea. Usually in Indian villages we assume that they always have fresh vegetables and milk due to their livestock, but this tribal area is so poor that such a basic need is considered as luxury. There are few dhabas precisely 3 or 4 near the main entrance of park that too are very basic. So its a good ides to stick to your hotel at-least for dinner.

I have pleasant memories of this resort and would love to visit again.

After Kanha, I attended the marriage and also visited some other places in Jabalpur. After attending marriage function on 14th Feb night I came back early to the hotel. As my last destination of this trip the ‘Bargi Dam’ was awaiting for me. Next morning I left the hotel with my luggage and put it on my bureau office for easy access. Now I had another day and one last destination. The MP Sampark Kranti departs around 7.30 from Jabalpur and it was already 11.30, which mean I had 8 hours left. The to and fro journey of Bargi Dam was around 100 km and took roughly 5 hours by local transport, and I was all set.

Bargi Dam is one of the first completed Dam out of the chain of 30 major dams constructed on Narmada River. The height of the dam is 69 m and length is 5.4 km. A lake of about 75 km in length and 4.5 km width is spread over 270 sq km.

M.P. Tourism has constructed Maikal Resort, a small hotel including 6 air conditioned rooms and a restaurant. There is also a cruise in the reservoir water and facilities like speed boating, water scooters, paddle boating, etc. For speed boat the charges are 60 Rs per person and 300 for a boat.

Being alone I needed to pay the entire amount for a 10 minute ride.It was an amazing experience. First time I felt the speed breaker in water. It was just like the speed breaker of the road. Three layers of water making a speed breaker and boat was bouncing on each.

The main attraction of Bargi Dam and the surrounding area is the calm that the water provides by introducing a soothing feeling in oneself.

The return journey was through picturesque landscape which belongs to the tribal areas. It was hard to believe that how much diversity a country can offer, different language, different people but the sense of belongingness was same everywhere. I felt like I am part of a large family and everybody was ready to received me with open heart. Truly said….India is Incredible.


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Good one !

    Have you been to Dhuandhar fall , if I am not wrong its near by Jabalpur only. Vanya Resorts seems to be a very peaceful place to stay. It would be great if you could share the tariff also.

  • Amit Kumar says:

    Thanks Mahesh Ji :-)

    I visited Dhuandhar fall as well Bheda ghat for boating. It is coming in next post along with videos of boating in Bhedaghat.

    Vanya Resort was indeed a good place to stay. Following were the tariffs:

    Room Tariff

    AC Room – 2060
    AC Room – 3560/ AP Plan
    NAC Room – 1560/
    NAC Room – 2960/ AP Plan

    GROUP per person per night @1150/

  • Hi Amit,

    Once again a very post regarding information and very good pictures…………….

    Thanks for sharing. Kanha has definitely become one of places to visit after your post…………

  • ashok sharma says:

    a very informative post supported by good pics.

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Thank you Ashok Sir :-)
      It was the first time that I experienced the tribal life and that was so captivating and thought provoking that it added more color to my journey.

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Lovely post, Amit. Loved the empathy you showed for the tribals of that area. I wish that some of the money that is earned through tourism is ploughed back into poverty alleviation schemes targetting the tribals.

    You sobserved that they were too poor to afford milk. Maybe some Governmental agency could teach them diary farming and provide them with a credit for buying cattle, thus ensuring a supply of milk for the chai vendors and a good source of income for the poor.

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Thank a lot sir :-)

      The local people do get their share in terms of employment but still there are kind of discrimination in it. If you belongs to affluent family you will have shops or dhaba or you can be employed as a guide. Those who are poor mostly got the job of watchman inside the forest, which is pretty tough and dangerous life.

      I don’t want to criticize any particular party or government but the fact is that the kind of money MP government is spending on tourism (AD or other facilities), has not benefited those who live in close proximity. And they have no plan for that. The another part of problem lies with these tribes. If they will provided with cattle they would rather prefer to trade tham for as low as a bottle of foreign whiskey. It should be a combined effort of all the parties involved and social entrepreneurship, considering their life style and requirement is needed.


  • AUROJIT says:

    Hi Amit,

    very interesting post about a lesser explored destination.

    Vanya resort sounds attractive. MP Tourism has apparently been quite proactive during last few years. If it is true, well, I suppose its good for all travellers.



  • Nandan Jha says:

    Thank you Amit for the pics and the review of Vanya Resort. These are the most hard to find for remote destinations like Kanha. I was at Bandhavgarh in 2010 year end and just like Kanha, Bandhavgarh is also around small villages. Since the place has picked up well, one could find all sorts of hotels (From Taj, MP Tourism’s ‘White Tiger’, and so many more) but overall the place is still keeping the old world village charm. We decided to have a meal outside and had similar feelings as yours.

    Talking of jungle, on Apr 1, I was at 7-tal (getaway jungle camp) and they had not taken any new visitors since they were just out of a large school trip. The whole area had just us (me and my wife) and the owners. As we called an early day, for next two hours the whole jungle was reverberant with all sorts of sounds. This went on for two hours. Later we learnt that there was a kill which the big cat was taking somewhere and hence all the hulla-bullo of langoors and birds and what not. This was not the first time for me but yes it indeed the ‘roaring voice of wilderness’ as you have put. :-)

    DL’s idea around farming is a so appropriate. There are many micro-finance organizations which help these people. I am not sure on whether you have active contacts there but If you have then I can help you connect with Milaap folks (, Anoj in particular.

    All in all, it has always been enriching to read about the local life, their challenges and build a greater perspective of this world. Thank you very much.

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Thanks a lot Nandan :-)

      Your Sattal experience really sounds exciting. I been to Sattal last year in April and stayed at KMVN resort. Probably Jungle camp was next to it, if I remember correctly. The drive to Sattal was amazing experience. Boating in moon light and the sound of silence is something that one can cherish his entire life in Sattal.

      DL’s idea is exactly what the government should do in tribal areas. In MP & Chhattisgarh, Sahara has strong presence so I do have contacts in terms of reporters and stringers in remote areas as well, but you know how our system works here. I strongly believes that social entrepreneurship is something that can solve the problem and that could be initiated by some honest NGO or people who are really interested in their development. I’ll try to read more about Milaap as soon as I’ll free.

      Since Ghumakkar is an extended family for me, so with your consent I am going to send all of you (whose mail-ID I have) the invitation of my Marriage. Kindly do check your mail and try to join me on one of the important day of my life. I would love to welcome all of you.

      Thanks once again.


      • Nandan Jha says:

        So here is my formal Ghumakkar congratulations, He he.

        No, its not the camp which is next to TRH. To go to this place, you need to boat to the other side and then trek for about 15-30 minutes (you climb up a very chhota hill and then climb down and enter a valley) and you are there.

        All the best for the big day Amit.

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:


    As usual interesting narration and beautiful pictures. Vanya resorts really seems to be a place worth stay while tour to Kanha National Park.

    And Yes Amit I agree with you, silent sleeps have become a dream now a days in our urban lives surrounded by various kind of noises.


  • Neeraj Jat says:

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    • Amit Kumar says:

      Thank you Neeraj bhai.
      I also travel like you, always try to spend least possible amount on lodging. In dhanulti I got a room for just 350. But sometimes, for a change, give a shot to such kind of resorts. You would love the experience.
      I agree on this point that national park is indeed a costliest place to visit in India. At least a group of four or ideally six persons are needed to check the cost.

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    • Amit Kumar says:

      Manu ji I was waiting for your response, it encourages to write more and write well. I never been to Silwasa, I’ll read your blog about it.
      Thanks for your kind words.

  • Stone says:

    Last 3 photographs are really touching!!!

    Thanks for sharing Amit.

    Keep traveling!

  • Ritesh Gupta says:

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  • Manish Kumar says:

    The pic of serpentine road criss-crossing the grassland is just superb.

  • Giriraj Shekhawat says:

    Amit ………… Madhya pradesh is blessed with such natural beauty for which superlatives fall short. You have amazingly captured the “zing” thing of this state i.e…, Wildlife and natural habitat……. Wonderful post ….. Well crafted with good pictures adorning the panoramic landscape of this wonderland itself ..

    Looking forward for Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat ………..

    ok tata bye bye

  • Ranjana says:

    Amit… Interesting information you shared..was been to kanha twice but stayed at Tuli and Celebration…Seems this time will try Vanya…yeah will you please help me about staying in Bargi and its eager to spend a silent weekends there…:) thanks for nice post

  • Balaji says:

    One Q: does the hotel organise the safari? How expensive is it?
    How early should one book these safari?
    How does one manage that? Is oct third week a good time to visit?
    Look forward to your answers

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