Trip to Uttarakhand – Second stop Birthi Falls

We started from Deenapaani and moved ahead through the dense, green Binsar Forest. I tried to take photos from the car but they were bad. On the way we saw trees fallen on the ground, burned down by fire.

A burning pine tree on the ground

It was a pine tree forest. I saw pine trees that had a cone stuck to them. Driver uncle told us that turpentine oil is collected from pine trees in cones. He told us not to touch it because if we will touch it, the oil will stick on our hands and can only be removed by petrol or diesel.

Collecting turpentine oil from pine tree

In the jungle, there was an old temple. We took photo of the gate and moved.

A picture at the temple gate

Weather was clear again and we could again see magnificent Himalayan ranges.

Magnificent Himalayas

We were looking for a place to stay. Our driver suggested Aangan resort and said that it is a good hotel to stay. We came to a point from where two roads were going. One was going to Chaukori and the other was going to Thal. We went ahead towards Chaukori. Then we realized that we had come in wrong direction. We could see Aangan resort from the road. It was down. We came back and reached the hotel. We did not stay there. We did not find it good. It was lonely and no one was staying there.

We called KMVN office and decided to stay at KMVN, Birthi Falls. We had already traveled for three hours and we had to travel three more hours to reach Birthi Falls.

We started from there and then on the way we saw some farms. These farms were all full of Banana trees. Again on the way we could see a river that looked clean and fresh.

The Saryu river

We passed through a forest that looked denser than Binsar forest. I was not freightened because the mountain on which we were climbing had sunlight. It was day time, even then the forest was looking dark.

After travelling for one more hour we reached Thal and took snacks. Here, I was allowed to eat junk food as well :-)

After snacks we moved from there. After around one hour from there we saw a fall. There were seats to enjoy the fall. But, It was not Birthi Fall.

Another Fall on the way

Soon we were at KMVN, Birthi falls. It was a splendid place. I was eager to go to the falls but Papa said we will go tomorrow to the falls.

Next day morning I woke up early. After finishing my routine work, I waited for everyone to come. I took camera from Papa and took photographs of Birthi Falls and of the area around our hotel.

When everyone got ready. We ate breakfast and were ready for GREAT FUN.

We had to trek a lot to reach the falls. It was fun for us. Dolly and I were moving too quickly, so Sajal Bhaiya came running towards us and asked us to stop. Renu Mausi was last in the trek. I took camera from Papa and took the photograph of tired Mausi.

I was left behind, so I chased Dolly. Dolly and I again raced to reach the falls first. When I reached the falls, no one was there, so I celebrated my victory and shouted to others, “I have won the race, WOOHOO”.

Birthi Falls

There were big rocks. They were black, grey and bright white in color. When everyone came they all liked the place. We then moved closer to the water. We went through the rocks. It was risky, because if we slip we will be hurt.

Big rocks around Birthi

We all went crazy. When we first put our foot in water we thought we would freeze. There were fish and tadpoles in water and rocks were slippery near water. All of us kids were afraid of tadpoles so when Sajal Bhaiya wanted to go on another rock in front of us, he did not go through water. He went all by jumping on the rocks.

But we could not stop ourselves from playing in water. We did “water-fight” for an hour. We splashed water on each other, jumped in water, shouted when someone threw it more than others, and did not listen to parents.

Later Mausaji tried to go right under the falls but it was very slippery so he could not go.

I enjoy water all the time-rivers, lakes, sea, pond, falls, pool, and most of it rains. But this time it was best because we were a gang of four kids. It was Grreeeeaaaaaaaaatttttt Fun.

After playing for almost two hours in water, we went back to hotel and ate very well.

Time to pack and go to Munsyari.

Having fun in water at Birthi Falls


  • jaishree says:

    So now you are among top 20 authors! Congratulation Rachit.

  • nandanjha says:

    Let me not wait for the time to finish reading this.

    Congratulations :-). Go Celebrate !!

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Rachit,

    First of Congratulations to you , Manish & Jaishree for your outstanding performance in such a small age.

    Manish – We all deserve a treat from you. :-)

    As ever, once again a beautiful write-up.

    • Mahesh,

      For me Rachit is my biggest competitor. He is prompt and faster than me. We share the same pictures. In summary, he is eating my market share (read readers). Do you still think you deserve a treat from me :-)

      On serious note, you are always welcome Mahesh. Rachit was keen to be part of list of top 20 authors and I am happy that he is able to make to it. I wish readers will love to read his travel accounts.

      • Mahesh Semwal says:

        I was requesting a treat from Rachit’s Dad not from our beloved Prof. Manish.

        We all love to read his write-up.

        My all good wishes are with him.

  • vibha says:

    “I wish readers will love to read his travel accounts.”

    Yes, we do. :-)

    Congratulations Rachit!

  • vibha says:

    Wait a minute… “afraid of tadpoles”?
    Why? They don’t bite. :)

  • Ram Dhall says:

    Heartiest congratulations Rachit. Good to see you amongst the top 20 authors.

    Incidentally, I didn’t know that the turpentine oil comes from the pine trees. I have seen wild fires in the Uttarakhand forests, which are at times fierce and get under control after an immense effort. I am not sure, but this could be one of the reasons.

    Yes, we shall await your forthcoming posts.

    May God bless you.

    • Rachit Khamesra says:

      Thank you Ram.

      Yes papa told me that pine wood and leaves catch fire very easily. Turpentine oil is very sticky and burns quickly.

  • rahulb says:

    Dear Rachit-
    Very nice post. It made me nostalgic. I stayed at Birthi KMVN during the Holi festival of 2005. Notes of Kumaoni song from the distant villages, beauty of the moonlit night and the view of Panchachulli from Kalamuni top are simply unforgettable.

    I can’t wait to see your post on Munsiyari.

    Keep travelling and writing!!

  • travellers says:

    Hi Rachit,
    Real interesting write-up. The Birthi fall pic is awesome.
    Best wishes –

  • sskagra says:

    bahut maja aa gaya jo hamne seen dekhe behad aachche tha
    Thanking you

  • jaishree says:

    No one still pondered upon ” and we did not listen to Parents”

    Dear Parents, Let us unite together to dicourage such open defiance of our Parental Rights!

  • Sajal Chaplot says:


    Hi. What’s up.

    Congratulations to you for being in top 20 authors.

    You are a good writer, keep it up & improve as much as you can.

    I would be waiting for your next post. Till than see yaa.

    And don’t miss my new post of my camp at Mount Abu.

  • Shubhra Sethia says:

    lovely posts …ummm so cliched…. :-) but don’t know what else to say because they are indeed lovely !

    You are extremely lucky to have experienced 2 of life’s joys at this age…one being experiences through travel and the other – writing !

    And you need to be careful…your dad is worried ’bout you eating his market share and your mom is trying to form a parents union to deal with children !

  • nandanjha says:

    Great write-up.

    Regarding the market-share and the union, please do not worry. Ghumakkar would remain un-biased and im-partial :-)

    • Rachit Khamesra says:


      I could not understand the meaning of un-biased and im-partial. Mummy is saying that I ask you the meanings.

  • Rachit Khamesra says:

    Nandan, Mahesh, Auro, Rahul and Vibha: Thank you :-)

  • Col NN Bhatia (Retd) says:

    To see a fallen tree is a very sad site in hills. Pine trees and there needles (dry conical leaves)are very fragile and burn like petrol. Many avoidable forest fires are caused in summer due to carelessly thrown bidi or a cigarette.
    The pictures are lovely and so is the write up. Our Dev Bhoomi Uttrakhand is heavenly bliss & we must ensure its resources are over exploited. we need to avoid concrete construction and use maximum wood and local stones to construct single storey dwellings. I wonder how many of you have heard Kumaoni music specially our regimental song ‘Bedu Pako Bara Masa…’ and tasted Baal Mithai…

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