Timber Trail Heights – Review

Timber Trail Heights is a resort/hotel on a hill where you can only reach through a cable car. How to reach Timber Trail, which is at Parwanoo (Himachal Pradesh) is covered in this post.

The official site of this place is here so if you are interested in getting some data, please visit. In this story I would share some pics and some text. I have been to this place on short few hour trips couple of times and last time I stayed their for a night.

You park your vehicle at their hotel on the Delhi-Shimla Road and then take the rail car. Video of Cable Car as its approaching the Timber Trail Heights.

Its quite a way up, so enjoy those deep views while you wait for the car to reach up. Also, dont get panicky if the car stops midway which happens :) when the Power goes off and someone switches on the diesel-generator. There is a Timber guy inside to ask any further stupid questions.

Here’s a reckoner of things which you can find here. Some of these were not available as they were going through some renovation. The sports and recreations facilities are charged, not too prohibitive though. The bar is very well stocked and its not expensive, they have a decent collection of wines, as what I could make out from the menu card. If you are large group, you can also buy per bottle. For a ‘Blender’s Pride’, the rate is Rs 750 odd, 500 for an Old monk and so on.

The resort/hotel is very well maintained with nice manicured lawns, clean pathways, very organized. Here are some general pics of place.

The rooms have these large glass windows. Clean and Crisp bed sheets, clean rooms, tea/cofee maker, TV, A/C, Heater etc. We were very impressed since the tariff was not high. Since it was a large group, we managed to get something like 2K per pax inclusive of three meals (well negotiated rate). Here are couple of pics of the room.

Identify the person in TV and you would win a camera bag. Write your postal address in the comment field and I would courier that. If there are many, then there would be a lucky draw.

Some more pics of Basketball court where you can play tennis-ball cricket. Rides for kids. Flowers and Cable Car.

We were there for 24 hours so we could not do things like Billiards (good table), carrom (avoid) and general site-seeing :) but I guess more then 2 days would be a overkill for this place. Also, the cable car only operates during the day so if you really need to get out in the evening then practically its impossible. There is a kuccha road which connects this place to civilization but it would be hard to find someone in the evening to drive on that.

All in all, a decent place to hang around. You can also go for a day trip, pay Rs 300 for the cable car, enjoy a sip/drink in the bar and come-back. Since this is right on the route of Delhi-Shimla, it makes for a good 3 hour stop.

Well, what else, a weekend well spent. 24 hours at the resort and rest on wheels.

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