The Top 5 Ways That Drivers Are Distracted While Behind the Wheel

Driving a car is a very demanding task. This is because you have to keep your eyes on the road. However, most young drivers don’t seem to realize this. They chat with friends and groom themselves while behind the wheel. There are also other drivers that get carried away by the things that are happening by the roadside and end up veering off the road or crashing into an oncoming vehicle. In fact, research carried out by the traffic department shows that most accidents are caused by distracted driving. When such accidents happen, some people lose their lives while others get permanent injuries. Here is a list of things that distract most drivers while they are on the road.

1. Making or Receiving Calls and Texting

Photo by melissa mjoen on Unsplash

According to traffic laws, it’s an offense to make or receive a call when you are behind the wheel. The same case applies to texting. Regardless of this, most motorists still talk on the phone and text their friends when driving. This is very dangerous because it puts you and other road users at risk of getting injured. It’s obvious that you will not notice a pedestrian crossing when you are busy chatting on your phone. In fact, most drivers realize that they have lost control over the car when accident has already happened. If you want to receive a call or text someone, it’s advisable you pull over by the roadside because it’s much safer. Trying to multitask will only land you into trouble.

2. Grooming yourself in the Car

This kind of distraction is common among female drivers. This is because ladies like to groom themselves regardless even when they are in the middle of something. It’s not surprising to see a lady applying makeup when she is still behind the wheel. Although ladies are good in multitasking, they are definitely wrong on this one. Applying all sorts of makeup such as lip gloss, eye shadow or pencil and creams steal the attention that’s meant for looking at what’s ahead of the car. Such a distraction can cause a fatal road accident. If you really must apply makeup, it’s advisable you wait until you arrive at your destination and do your thing after parking your car.

3. Eating and Drinking in the Car

This one goes without saying. You can’t be eating or drinking and still be able to focus on the road, especially when driving in an area you are not familiar with. Some of the food can be messy, prompting you to hold them with both hands. This can easily cause the vehicle to lose control and land into a trench or bump against a tree. Eating or drinking should only be done when you are off the wheel to minimize the chances of causing an accident.

4. Talking with Passengers Too Much

Talking with passengers helps in making the journey to be more interesting. It also helps in passing time. In fact, you can hardly doze behind the wheel when you have someone to converse with. But there is a limit. If you focus on the conversation too much, you are most likely to forget that you are behind the wheel. If the passenger is your spouse, you might be tempted to lean over for a kiss and some cuddling. And that’s when trouble starts. You will not notice when other motorists hoot at you or when an animal is crossing the road ahead of you. If you really have to engage with your passengers, make sure that your eyes are glued on the road and let your mouth do the talking.

5. Attending to Kids and Pets

Sadly, there are parents who allow their children to ride with them without fastening them with safety belts. When kids are allowed to roam freely in the car, they eventually start stealing your attention from the road as they scream and fight each other. When you try to stop them from fighting or sticking their heads out of the window, you eventually cause an accident. Pets are also distractive when they are not tethered. If you want to attend to your kids or pet, just pull over and resume when you are done with them.

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