The Rickshaw run

This must be a great inspiration for fellow ghumakkars : My friend is driving an autorickshaw for charity across india starting from cochin ending at kathmandu. This is her blog >>

Read the Sms’s from all the teams here :

her auto team is called Stevie wonder driving school

There are some really funny ones in there from other autorickshaw teams.


  • nandanjha says:

    Very interesting. I have heard about it, I think I read it some where. Also, this brings the points of being able to share ‘other’s stuff’ or ‘recommendations’ or likewise. I have been thinking about having a page or a widget in side-bar where people can add things like ………… ” I read this somewhere and here is an excerpt and then the link goes to the original web site…

    What fellow ghumakkars think ? , opinion time.

  • backpakker says:

    There has been an auto rally last year as well and I dont remember who organised it , but my former company had tied up with it and we promoted the was mainly foreigners and expats who partcipated

    In Chennai, there are regular auto races at ECR by the auto drivers fact a movie has been made on the same

    And I think its a great idea, Nandan

  • vibha says:

    Hi Ajeet,

    This is very interesting. Megha (laidbackness) happens to be a friend of my friend.

    Will read more of your stuff….

  • vibha says:

    Anjali Nim. She pointed me to Megha’s blog.

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