St. Paul’s Cathedral

Victoria Memorial, a perfect example of beauty and grace

Summer Vacation: The trademark edifice of Kolkata – Part – VI


The Victoria Memorial stands tall at the heart of the city, as a perfect example of beauty and grace. A trip to Kolkata is incomplete without visiting Victoria Memorial. You always expect there is something special whenever you will go to any new place, as well as your eagerness to explore the new place a lot more. However, there is a possibility that you may still feel a little unfulfilled, may think that few things will be skipped or missed entirely. Apart from the above, you can visit Rabindra Sadan, which is a cultural centre and theatre, located near the Nandan cinema (a cultural complex) or the Academy of Fine Arts. All these are just a stone-throw away distance from Victoria Memorial.

The city offers almost everything for everyone. Depending on your choice and interest, you can plan your trip accordingly

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