Trip to Mathura-Vrindavan-Nainital and Almora


After Jageshwar we went to the most interesting place of our trip. It was Golu Devta Mandir. Golu devta is considered as the lord of justice. IF you have done something wrong and you want to confess or someone has cheated you and you need justice you just need to write it on a piece of paper and tie it with a bell on the ceiling of the temple once you prayers are heard then you need to visit the temple again to remove the bell and paper. You can find lakhs of applications on the ceiling of the temple most of the letter are proper disputes of court matter and the application is on a stamp paper. Most people confuse Golu Devta with Chaitai Golu Devta. Golu Devta is uncle of Chaitai Golu and it is said that legacy of Golu Devta was carried forward by Chaiti Golu devta and both the temples are different but second temple is not visited by most of the people.

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