My stay in Nervi, Genoa

I stayed in Hotel Savoia and Savoia in Nervi.  Just outside the gate of my hotel and some stairs down there was a railway track, further down there was sea.  In my hotel there was a swimming pool and a park.  I was four years old and I did not know swimming at that time, so I only kept my legs in the pool.

The front building of my hotel

The swimming pool at night
Brijendra Uncle taking me to the top

There were two buildings.  We stayed in the building that was at the back.  I used to play Uno with my papa, mummy, Anupama didi and Brijendra uncle.  There was a park near my hotel.  In that park there were slides, swings and there was a bridge to walk over because down there was a railway track.

I walked very much in that park. There was a big Rose garden in that park. Every day after papa went office, mummy and I went to sea for a long walk.  Sometime I saw people canoeing and sometime I saw sail boats in the sea.  There was a railway station. I used to stand there on a chair and see aeroplanes, ships and trains at the same time. After that we would go to the park. I would stand on the bridge and look trains changing tracks. I would stand for hours.

A sail boat in the sea
I am standing on a bench to see everything in air water and railway track
Many sail boats in the sea
The bridge from which I saw trains changing tracks

I used to take a bubble bath on weekends in my bathtub. In our room there was an open kitchen.

Our kitchen from where mummy served me my meals

One day we took train and went to Genoa.  There was an aquarium.  I saw Shark, Whale, Sea horse, and many fishes. We took a bus to come back to the hotel.  I was in the bus. I saw three ships that took cars to one another country. My favorite place was Brignole. There was a fountain and I used to run round and round around it.

Nice place to run – Brignole

There was a car named Smart car. It was very small. There was a shop, the shops door open automatically. I used to go there with my mummy  to buy ice cream and chocolates. I like that shop. I would love to go to Nervi again.

I wish I could be among them


  • ashoksharma says:

    cute,what a simple way to explain things that the child saw and lived through.well i dont know where this genoa is,but i liked your way of presentation.
    keep on writing about what your eyes see in this wonderful world
    god bless you

  • Rachit says:


    Thank you for liking the post, it is my pleasure. Genoa is in Italy. I am going to Bangalore. I will write about It. I am also writing about my Sikkim trip. Thank you for the blessing.

  • smitadhall says:

    My God! Rachit, you are 3 articles old now. Great going man!

    I too loved the kayaks in a row… wish i could be one of them.

  • Rachit says:


    Thank you Smita. We will plan to go for kayaks together.

  • kat says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts.
    You have a great Blog!!! I just added you to my Google News Reader.
    Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Last month I will go to South America on Vacations, and spend 1 week in the amazon river in a Kayak.

  • Rachit Khamesra says:


    It is good to know that you liked our blog.

    Oh, so you are going to South America for Kayaking in Amazon river. Have a great time :-)

  • Patrick Jones says:

    Great going, man!

    Keep it up :-)

  • Rachit Khamesra says:

    Patrik jones

    thank you soooooooooooo much.

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