I heard a lot about Kingdom of Dreams Gurgaon. In spite of staying very close to it, I was not able to take out the time to visit the same. On my elder daughter’s Birthday I was on leave. After the Pooja & lunch we decided to visit some wonderful place so that we all can enjoy, especially my kids. They only insisted to visit KOD,so I accepted the Birthday girl’s request and we left for the same around 2 o’clock.. The place is very approachable , people who come from Delhi can use metro & get down at IFFCO Chowk, from IFFCO Chowk one can walk down or take a rickshaw which will cost hardly Rs.15 – 20 /-.

Kingdom of Dreams - Nautanki Mahal

Kingdom of Dreams - Culture Gully

Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon, is India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination, and is located in Sector 29, Gurgaon , near the Leisure Valley Park.

Kingdom of Dreams

It was inaugurated on January 29, 2010 by the Chief Minister of Haryana and opened to public on September 18, 2010 by Union Minister of Tourism, Kumari Selja, with special preview of the Bollywood musical, Zangoora, starring Hussain Kuwajerwala, Gauahar Khan, and Kashmira Irani.

KOD - Entrance

Spread over 6 acres, and built at a cost of over Rs. 200 crore, it is run by the Great Indian Nautanki Company, a joint venture between Apra Group and Wizcraft, and consists of two theatres, Nautanki Mahal and the Showshaa theatre, and a cultural and cuisine area, known as Culture Gully.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was named the global ambassador of Kingdom of Dreams on 19th September, 2010. The 2010 Commonwealth Games’ official theme song, Jiyo Utho Bado Jeeto by composer A R Rahman was launched in the complex.

Outer wall - KOD

Kingdom of Dreams has two major attractions:-

1) Nautanki Mahal

Nautanki Mahal is a 848-seat auditorium within the complex designed like a palace. It opened with Zangoora. It is India’s first 4D live entertainment Theater.

Kingdom of Dreams Timings

Monday – off

Tuesday to Friday (one show only) – 7.30 PM to 10.00 PM

Saturday (Two Show ) – 3.00 PM to 5.30 PM & 8.00 PM to 10.30 PM

Sun. (Two Show) – 2.30 PM to 5.00 PM & 7.00 PM to 9.30 PM


Bronze Weekdays (Tues. to Friday) 750/- Weekend (sat. & Sun) – Rs.1000/-

Silver Weekdays (Tues. to Friday) 1125/- Weekend (sat. & Sun) – Rs.1500/-

Premier Weekdays (Tues. to Friday) 1500/- Weekend (sat. & Sun) – Rs.2000/-

Gold Weekdays (Tues. to Friday) 1875/- Weekend (sat. & Sun) – Rs.2500/-

Balcony Weekdays (Tues. to Friday) 2250/- Weekend (sat. & Sun) – Rs.3000/-

Diamond Weekdays (Tues. to Friday) 2625/- Weekend (sat. & Sun) – Rs.3500/-

Platinum Weekdays (Tues. to Friday) 4500/- Weekend (sat. & Sun) – Rs.6000/-

Children below the height of 3.6 ft. are not allowed inside the theater.

2) Culture Gully

Culture Gully is an air-conditioned boulevard spread across 90,000 sq. feet was opened in July 2010. the entrance to the indoor boulevard is through a 20ft gateway, made with Golden lotus petals sparkling with tiny mirrors. Here you can see the blend of all cultures under one roof. There are theme restaurants from 14 states of India (Assam , Sikkim, West Bengal, ,Kerala, Delhi, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Chennai, Goa, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kashmir and Rajasthan & Karnataka). Apart from the Local Cuisine one can enjoy the traditional Handicrafts & street performance by Artists.

Golden lotus petals at the entrance of Cultural Gully

Kingdom of Dreams

When we entered we saw a truck and a rickshaw parked at Punjab’s Stall at the right hand side which was giving the ambience of village.

Punjab Stall

Punjab Stall

On the left hand side we enjoyed the Masala tea of Assam. All the furniture was traditionally created.

Assam Stall

Assam Stall

Assam Stall

Delhi stall was given a look of Red fort.

Delhi Stall

In the Mumbai’s stall one can find a BEST bus with a facility of ATM from bank of Baroda. One can enjoy the shopping from the shop inside the coach of local train of Mumbai

Mumbai Stall

Mumbai Stall

Mumbai Stall

A royal look was given to Lucknow stall , sitting on the sofa placed here gave the feeling of being a Nawab.

Lucknow Stall

Lucknow Stall

Nawabi Thath

Lucknow Stall

Lucknow Stall

Lucknow Stall

One can feel the ambience of Beach at Kerala stall , they have created the restaurant inside a traditional house boat , where we sipped our south Indian coffee. Kids played with sand spread there.

Kerala Stall

In a Relaxing Mood :-)

Playing with sand

Goa restaurant wall was decorated with fenney Bottles.

Goa - Restaurant

Chennai stall was given the look of a temple.

Chennai Stall

Huge puppets on the outer wall of Rajasthan were the biggest centre of attraction for the visitors.

Rajasthan Stall

Rajasthan Stall

Timing & Charges

Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday)

13:00 to 18:00 : Rs 500 per person

Rs. 500 is inclusive of:
Rs. 100 as entrance fee not refundable
Rs. 50 deposit for the Smart Card is refundable
Rs. 350 has to be spent at Culture Gully; this amount is not refundable, even if the customer does not spend this amount at Culture Gully.

18:00 to 00:00 : Rs 750 per person

Rs. 750 is inclusive of:
Rs. 100 as entrance fee not refundable
Rs. 50 deposit for the Smart Card is refundable
Rs. 600 has to be spent at Culture Gully; this amount is not refundable, even if the customer does not spend this amount at Culture Gully.

Weekends (Saturday to Sunday)

13:00 to 00:00 : Rs 750 per person

Rs. 750 is inclusive of:
Rs. 100 as entrance fee not refundable
Rs. 50 deposit for the Smart Card is refundable
Rs. 600 has to be spent at Culture Gully; this amount is not refundable, even if the customer does not spend this amount at Culture Gully.

Free entrance for Children below 4ft in height.

Sleeping Budha

To take your refundable amount, don’t come out of the hall . The refundable counter is at Rajasthan Pavilion only.

Kingdom of Dreams

I tried to put the information as best of my knowledge . For any queries , please feel free to contact .


  • Ya u can visit cultural gully with show ticket but if u want to eat or buy some thing than u have to pay extra……jangura Iis better

  • Suresh says:

    Very well written with all the details and photographs. Thanks much

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    Thanks a lot for all the information.
    It was really helpful

  • shreya says:

    Can you please send me the link from where i can buy culture gully tickets online?

  • Thank For Value able information can you please tell me what in included Show tickets

  • jiyalal says:

    I called kingdom of dreams and even after holding for 5 minutes, call was not attended.

  • Pooja says:

    Very informative :)

  • Lata Batra says:

    Mahesh, What a well displayed informative website. I have lived in the USA for 45 yrs, original Bombayite, and am revisiting Mumbai but this time with my son who is coming 1st time in 30 yrs. So I decided it was important for me to show him the tours of the golden triangle, although he is so looking forward to experience Mumbai to recapture my childhood memories.
    My last night in Delhi I will be at Gurgoan, but feel time crunch will not let me visit this place. I picked up this Kingdom of Dreams from some India tour group site, so googled it. I can feel your passion and I too have an addiction to travel and explore. I will tap your website ever so often, you depicted it so well I feel I already visited it. Thumbs Up!!!

  • Jatinder Sethi says:

    I agree with one of the commenter above who felt that it is not a piece fit for ghumakkar(“seems like paid feature”?).
    Sorry ghumakkars about it, but I do feel it looks like a promotional feature..


  • Nandan Jha says:

    Sethi Sir – KOD is a fairly popular destination in NCR. We published this since we thought that it would benefit KOD enthusiasts in getting a impartial view. It is not a ‘paid’ feature and comes from one of the senior authors, when we publish a ‘paid’ one we do call them out in some way. :-)

  • Jatinder Sethi says:

    I had realized that it was written by one of ghumakkars STAR writers, and KOD
    is a “fairly popular “place.(Its hardly 10 minutes from my place,).
    I also realized that it is not a “paid” or a “promotional “piece.
    Yet I felt that the Editorial policy of ghumakkars will “blue pencil “it
    Well. Anyway that was, and is, my view. Thanks for all the hospitality given to me by ghumakkars.
    I hope,ghumakkar,unlike present environment, allows Dissent.?

    Signing Off.

    • I always look forward for critics/suggestions on my posts. It would be better to mention the specific points where improvement is required.

      As I was out of station when I returned and found a string of communication between you and Nandan about the dissatisfaction with the post on KOD without mentioning any suggestion given.

      I request the editorial board to remove the post if they also feel the same.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Yes Sir. Absolutely. That’s the way to learn and improve.

  • Raj Gopal Singh Verma says:

    The KoD is not a natural destination of travellers. It is a man-made, artificially created environment with modern architecture and gadgets to earn big money by the people who can exhibit their unimaginable wealth. This way it is not a travellers’ heaven. To my mind it can be classified as the entertainment hub which tries to imitate various folks arts, way of living and the culture of yester years. The glittering world is a sham for an ordinary person, who can not even dream of entering the extravaganza.
    Although there is no harm in offering an insight of such amazing places, some sort of restrain is needed in either writing or editing the blog. Since they (KoD) are such a professional people, and managing so well the place that if you google KoD only, the first ranking website will welcome you to the place. They have all the information there, much much more than the written in the piece of writing. So, the writer should have written it as a piece of travelogue; his personal experience etc., should not have acted like a pay roll employee of the KoD who is here to respond to each and every query, for which he is not even competent. their website and the customer care executives are more intelligent, competent and authentic source of information than him. At the best, he could have mentioned the URL of their website, or directed most of the queries to the website, which he did not do. It is :
    Moreover, one should avoid putting photographs of each and every member of his family (including himself) in such write-ups. The material is for public domain, and nobody is interested in your family pictures, I suppose. The photographs are even less than average technically.
    I may be harsh in my comments and offer my sincere apology if any one get hurts, but the suggestion will improve the readability, credibility and acceptablility of in the long term. People won’t force to think such type of write ups as ‘paid’ or sponsored one! Thanks.

  • Thanks Mr. Raj for yours suggestion.

  • Shivani says:

    thanks Manheshji,

    please let me know can we buy tickets for cultural gully because my youngest daughter is 8 yrs and what is the cost of tickets.
    we are planning to go next week.

  • CA.Rajesh Dutt Sharma says:

    An unnecessary controversy has been created by some people that the post is a paid one or not.I reside just across the road from KoD and myself was not aware the facilities and kind of entertainment KoD provides.But I passes through it daily twice while to my office and coming back and seen all the vehicles parked there.KoD doesn’t require any paid promotional blogs and publicity.The name is sufficient.I sincerely agree with Maheshji that it is only to help and informed the fellow membersas it is said that,”FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED”.It is always better to be informed where are you going to.
    Thanks Mahesh for a beautiful and well pictured write-up.

    • Thanks Rajesh for your comment.

      I don’t care/mind such comments. Positive criticisms are always welcome and very much needed for the improvement but commenters should know the difference between criticizing and blaming.

      kuch tho log kahenge logon ka kam hai kehna. :-)

  • Bal Krishan says:

    Whats the difference between various types of tickets of Nautanki Mahal you have mentioned as ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’, ‘Premier’, ‘Gold’, ‘Balcony’, ‘Diamond’ and ‘Platinum’. Whats your personal experience. Have you found any difference?

  • Kindly check the seating arrangement and you will find the difference.

  • rohit joshi says:

    hello mahesh,
    m planning to visit KOD next weekend and love to carry my DSLR along with me as m a photographer by profession , do u people charge anything xtra other than entry fee for DSLR if yes then how much and what are the areas i can use for casual shots .

  • Mohammed says:

    Hi Mahesh,

    Thanks a lot for the amazing & well pictured write-up. It will help me in my trip to Delhi on Feb 14

  • Dr Virender Singh says:

    It is wonderful write up covering all minute details about the kod. In fact we have shifted to Gurgaon only in Sep15 from Mumbai and have driven on road in front of kod but was really not aware what’s in there.Having gone thru the write up we have already planned a family trip to it .I’m excited and so are my family members for the proposed visit. Thanks Mahesh .well done. keep updated.
    Dr Virender Singh

  • Namrata says:

    Can u tell me the charges of zangoora n cultural gully

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