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Hey this is Vrushali, this is for first time I am writing some thing. Till I came across traveling blogs I use to hate writing I had not even written any essay during my school but don’t know why but feel like sharing it this time after reading you guys.

It was after one year I was going to go on long holidays. may be because of that reason I was over excited I took leaves from office three days before. At last it was 2nd Feb the day we were supposed to leave BOMBAY. Trip plan was Bombay – Ratnagiri – Goa. I am married to Tamilian and it was for first time my husband was visiting my native at Ratnagiri.

We started at 4 in morning. It was never so easy to get up in morning for office. And we all four were geared up for next five days, my husband Ajay, Sisters Monali and Tejali.. Actually five of use how can I forget my baby Aarnav after all it was his first holiday trip. And he was wide awaked at morning four. We were to catch up my parents at Ratnagiri and head Goa. Traffic was not much other than heavy vehicles. Drive was cozy with old songs and cold breeze. Sun still waiting to pour. We all were hungry and because we had left so early there was not a single hotel or dhaba open it was only when we reached Pen around 8.30 we had our south Indian breakfast, thinking it will be good to be little light. As we passed Pen we came across beautiful peacock right in front of our car. We saw it actually flying. Rest drive thru Raigat district was full of beautiful landscape and Shivaji’s memories. As we were leaving Mahad and heading towards Chiplun color of soil was changing to dark red. Hmmmm I was near to my destination.
We had left Khed Chiplun Sangmeswar with excitement of reaching our destination and were at entrance of Ratnagiri that is Hathkhamba.
As it was already 2 pm we decided to have our lunch before we reach our native home which was now far an hour’s drive. A costal village called Basni. The Food was tasting yaammy may be because we were tooo hungry or because of clean air.

After taking rest at our house we got ready to welcome our goddess MahaLakshim and lord Ravalnath at our home. This is big festival (Shimga) all over ratnagiri where gods from temple visits the houses of devotees in Palkis.

Next day from morning it self was allotted for Rantnagiri Darshan after having good heavy breakfast we left for Gav Darshan we had gone to all the places which we use to visit when we were small

After lunch we planned to visit Ganpati pule which is just 45 minutes drive from our village. We took new Areware road to Ganpati pule and trust me you have to visit here to see the breath taking view from this place. AWESOME is the word. These are called untouched natures beauty.

Reaching ganpati pule was peaceful as it was off season, we could take nice darshan without any haste. And how can anyone forget about wide beach of Ganpatipule .

We really had a good time at beach; it was Aarnav’s first Camel and Horse ride
On returning home we were dead tired and off we sleep.

Next day went resting and chicken barbequing, it was funny as we can’t even think of barbeque at our houses in Mumbai

Next day morning by 7 am we all were ready for goa. It was around 1 pm when we crossed Maharashtra-Goa state border. Police check post. We had booked our stay at Mahindra Varca beach resort near Margoan which was at almost on south end of goa.

We Bridge across Mandovi River to Panaji. And took left towards Margoan. We had quick lunch at small local hotel. And the let me tell you the Prawns fry was amazing
Margoan to Varca the drive was cool as it was not as crowded with tourist as Panaji. It was typical Goan village with lots of churches on every corner and people playing football all over.

After our check in at Hotel we had a good dip in well maintained swimming pool. The hotel was very well maintained and upgraded. There were many foreigners checked in.

Dip in the pool was very relaxing and refreshing. The hotel property was Built in characteristic Goan architectural style, the resort is a heaven for luxury lovers with its exquisite decor, luxurious comfort and breathtaking views. The air conditioned rooms and suites with attached balconies make it a perfect place to sip on a drink, relax and get cozy. You can also enjoy a Goan siesta and spend the day in peace and tranquility.

We retired to the bed early as drive from Ratnagiri to Goa was really tiring. Next day early morning I, Aarnav, Ajay and Baba went for walk on beach, it was Stretches of silver sand washed by a rush of blue waters and fisher men’s gathering their catches from the longest fishing nets I have ever seen. Breeze was giving great motivation and feel of newness.

After hogging breakfast of bread and butter. We were ready for Holi celebration arranged by Hotel and let me tell you It was for first time my Mom ever played Holi, It was funny with perfect music, colors, appetizers, drinks and dancers, not to forget foreign dancers as well

Rest whole day went lounging on the deck chairs, on beach or just hang out at two swimming pools.

Our next plan for evening was Para gilding which was one of the major reasons we had gone to Goa. Since the Para gilding available at resort was over charged we planned to go to famous and crowded beach of Goa and that’s Calungut.

This beach is heart of goa as it is full of tourist. It was different from Varca beach as Varca has all sophisticated crowd and people who come for just quite holiday in goa. Whereas Calangute is place for hyper active people there were people all around the beach enjoying waves, boat rides, banana rides, speed boats etc..

On reaching and after few bargaining we got the best deal for para sailing. We were ready with our safety jackets on. It was for first time we were going to do this. We took a boat from shore to reach the speed boat in middle of sea. Ajay and Teju were first one to go. ohhhooo on seeing them leaving the boat with a tug and parachute I was feeling very nervous. Then it was my and Mona’s turn, and on leaving the boat with the hard pull of wind it was just wowww feeling in my stomach. Hey I was in air flying it was mind blowing. I could see the sun setting far some where, fair of people on the beach. What I can say is it was one of my best experiences. And there, in next 2 mins I was down on boat, still shivering.

Thanking the goan guys on the boat we return on shore to Aarav Mom and Baba who were busy eating bhel and chips. After this adventure my husband propose to take us for dinner at some place which he had visited last time he came to Goa. But how can I forget my husband is not at all good with roads and this restaurant he had visited around four years back. Not to my surprise he didn’t knew the Name of restaurant, name of place or any kind of land mark, what he remembered was it was near some jetty and the road goes from Panjim city. We almost drive for 45 mins in search and had almost given up the hope and we were planning to go to any local restaurant now as it was already 8. And while driving we came across the direction broad saying Dauna Paula 2 Km. After almost lot of quarreling to see not to see, we planned to check out and there it was my husband at last found the restaurant he was searching, the name was Sea Pebble bang opposite the monument . Thanks to my Baba who said lets go to Dauna paula. Don’t let the entrance to sea pebble put you off – despite it looking empty / shabby, the restaurant is hidden away the other side of the small headland / hotel right on the sea front and is a really great spot for watching the sunset. We walked to a candle-lit table by the sea. I have to say it was enchanting on the beach with the candles on the tables. Food there is probably the nicest we had in Goa. The Surmai Fry was yummy.This being the last night at goa we had fallen for beer and Breezer.

Back to hotel was again drive of one hour. None of us knew when we went deep in dreams.
Morning heart was full of good memories of the trip and we all ready of Mumbia life running for collage, work, bus, trains. We checked out of hotel at 9.30 and on reaching Panji We shopped for few Kuju gifts for friends and heavy breakfast of 3 onion uttapa, puri bhaji, Batawada, meduwada, 2 dosas tea oh my god we were eating as if it was our last meal. With no place in our stomach we left Goa. On return trip we planned to take NH 4 from Sawantwadi- Amboli- Nipani- Kohalpur Pune Mumbai. Our return Drive was all full of excitement with halt at kholhapur for lunch of specialty “ache masoor”.

At last we were in Mumbai at 11 at night had our dinner at thane. Till now Ajay was dead tried driving whole day. But
with full of good memories
It was a prefect holiday time spend with the people we love.


  • Ram Dhall says:

    Welcome aboard Vrushali. Great post considering that this was your first write up. The best thing about the post was that the words were coming straight from heart. The well taken supporting pictures have added colour to the lucid description. Thanks for introducing us to the Shimga festival.

    Good to see the family having a great vacation, first at Ratnagiri and then at Goa. This reminded us of our family holiday at Goa three years back.

    Do keep on writing.

    Good luck and God’s blessings.

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Vrushali,

    Very well written post , pictures are beautiful.

    I have been to Gao, but never had been to Ratnagiri, thanks for introducing us with Ratanagiri.

    You left Mumbai on 02.02.10 & you were enjoying Holi on 01.03.10 in Goa, looks like a long vacation any way It is necessary to take a break from the hectic life of metros to recharge our self.

    Keep writing.

  • Dinesh says:

    Hi Vrushali.. fun reading your trip to ratnagiri and Goa.Having travelled most of India, I can say with confidence that the entire Konkan is one happy belt of decent, fun loving,happy people living in a fantastic beautiful clean coast.No wonder you had a great time with a tamilian ( who are fun to have around!!)for company. There are plenty of beaches in Goa, some clean some not so clean, some crowed but the one I like the best is in Betalbatim.This beach is quiet, clean about 75% of the Karwar beach ( which IMHO is the best beach in entire india). Near this beach is also one of my favouritie eatery by name Martin’s corner. Also another unique place to eat in Goa is Tate’s sports bar and restaurant.tate’s currently undergoing renovation, the cuisene is European.Martin;s is Goan.Both are excellent places to eat and for the music if your taste dates back to 70s and 80s Reggae,Pop and a bit of rock!!

  • Hi Vrushali,

    Welcome aboard to Ghumakkar!

    It was good fun reading your travelogue to Club Mahindra Varca Beach and brought back fond memories of my “Goan Monsoon”. I’m glad that my story has inspired you to start blogging.

    Looking forward to more stories from you.

  • venkatt says:

    Great article for a first time piece,Vrushali. keep addding your travel stories.

  • Jerry Jaleel says:

    Enchanting description of a family travel from Bombay to Goa, wonderfully written with every minute detail and supplemented with attractive photographs.

    Incidently, Ratnagiri district once boasted heaviest casuality ~ annual human deaths caused by a small deadly snake phoorsa or the saw scaled viper (Echis carinata). Hope this is under control now.

    Hope you will travel to other interesting destinations and write about them.

    With best wishes,
    Jerry Jaleel

  • vibha says:

    Welcome Vrushali. Looks like you had a great time. Keep Writing!!

  • vrushali says:

    Hey Vibha before thanking anyone else I would love say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I am really bad with this entire online thing, once again thanks for your help.
    And I am really sorry Mr. Mahesh I have goofed up with the dates it should be 27-02/2010. If it had been so long my bossseis would have gone mad.

    Anyways thanx everyone for appreciation. I feel like I have become writer.

    thank you

  • Monali Rane says:

    It was fun reading. The description was very real,,i felt like i went again on a vacation,,, :) :)

  • monali says:

    The fish fry looks vry yummy,,, ;)

  • nandanjha says:

    Welcome aboard Vrushali.

    The story reads like a good family-romantic-happy-holiday-movie :-). I long for a long drive from Delhi to south via Goa and when I read names of places, it sort of makes me feel nice.

    Write more as find time and when free, get a gravatar for yourself. More instructions at following link.


  • monika says:

    very nice discription.pl let me know the name of goa resort.

  • vrushali rane says:

    Hey Monika, its Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort.

  • Grate article, Thanks for provide this informative information. Keep it up Resort in North Goa

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