Nowadays people are going away from the nature and like to spend their weekends and holidays visiting the malls and get bounded inside the walls of malls made from the concrete and glasses. Our children are also deprived to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Realising the same we decided to visit such a place which is close to nature and is much more than mere a park where our kids experience the sensitivity of the environment as well as enjoy the beauty of the nature.


Sun Dial

If one wants to really enjoy the beauty of nature, GARDEN OF FIVE SENSES is the must spectacular place which is a true combination of nature and subtle human creation. Visitors can relax ,enjoy the park’s amenities and take a break from the daily routine of their hectic lives as well as experience the sensitivity towards the environment. The garden has lush green landscapes and is designed to stimulates all the five senses with its beauty and encourage us to touch ,smell , hear & see the natural surrounding along with the eating joints available here to complete the fifth sense i.e. taste which is truly makes this garden “The Garden of Five Senses”

Garden of Five Senses not a tea Garden

Garden of Five Senses not a tea Garden


The Garden is located in Said ul Azaib village – DELHI close to the Mehrauli heritage area. It is built on a large expanse of land , 20 acres of area. The garden is open all the seven days of the week. Winter: 8AM to 8PM & Summer: 8.00AM to 9 PM.

The Unique features of the garden

At the entrance of the park, visitors are greeted by the stainless steel birds mounted on slate-clad pillars along with troop of elephants, carved in stone.


As you walk ahead you will find an abundant display of flora , about 200 special varieties of plants and flowers under one roof. This garden is divided into separate regions.









On one side of the spiral path lies the Khas Bagh , a formal garden pattern on the lines of the Mughal Garden. Slowly – rippling water flows in canal along its length. You will also find fragrant, flowering bushes and trees lined across its paths. The central axis leads to a series of fountains.






On other side of the garden , away from its central part , you would find the shopping and food court. At the Neel Bagh , you can enjoy water lilies in a pool and a huge wind chime beside. Bamboo courts and herb garden are some of the other attractions.





Nestled amongst the natural slope of the site is the amphitheatre with blocks of the sand stone serving as seating.

amphitheatre (Open Theatre)

amphitheatre (Open Theatre)

At the rear of the garden is an open exhibition area for displaying art & holding workshops.

View from Garden of Five Senses

View from Garden of Five Senses


Time to time the food festivals , thematic garden tourism festivals , dandia festivals etc are also organised which show case the talents of the people from all over the India



  • Nisha says:

    Happy New year to you too.

    As regards this garden, I was there only last week ! And to tell you frankly, I didn’t enjoy it at all. Though the concept is good, it is all hyped up.
    In fact I wanted to write about it, probably will put forward other face of it. :)

    • Mahesh Semwal says:

      Hi Nisha,

      We also visited this garden last week only. I think I could make out what you wanted to convey. Except this drawback only ,every thing in the park was worth seeing.

  • nandanjha says:

    Happy New Year folks.

    I went there once to attend a Dandia Party and that was in evening. From the pics and description its definitely looking like a great option to spend the afternoon on a bright wintry day.

    Nisha – Delhi is looking fwd to read your account. :-)

  • when it opened it was great, but now everywhere someone is getting too cosy… not a place to visit with family now!

    • Mahesh Semwal says:

      Hi Shwetanshu,

      Your concern is very right, but what to do? Last month I was in Kolkata, the condition of Victoria Memorial is worst then here. Can we ignore such a world class monument just because of some stupid people?

  • mala says:

    Hi Mahesh,

    Residin in Saket could not entice me enough to visit “Garden Of Five Senses”..but your write up makes the place seem excitin to visit…m lookin forward to visit in soon.
    Thanks for givin this insight

    • Mahesh Semwal says:

      Hi Mala,

      Yes its very close to Saket. The park is worth to see except the concern shown by Shwetanshu.

  • Manish Khamesra says:

    Seems like an interesting place, I would like to visit it once to have my own opinion. I must say that your post really inspired me to go but reading the comments, (luckily) I got my expectations trimmed down. Sometimes high expectations brings frustrations.

    • Mahesh Semwal says:

      Thanks Manish for liking the post. I can understand your concerns after reading some of the comments, I am also father of two daughters. But one thing I would like to say that instead of backing out its better to ignore that & enjoy the beauty of park. Except this drawback only, every thing in the park was worth seeing.

      Manish you ever been to Kolkata , the situation at Victoria Memorial is worst then here. So if we will be scared of all these things and start ignoring such monuments then we will not doing justice with our world class heritage stuffs.

      • Manish Khamesra says:

        I completely agree with you Mahesh. If that is the only nuisance, it should be ignored :-) and the place should be made a family place as well.

        Surpirsingly, I was not aware of this garden and when first I saw your post I thought that this garden is in China.

  • Thanks Manish,

    In most of the comments you will find that “its not a family place” just because of some stupid people creating nuisance there.Are you from NCR.

  • Nisha says:


    My account is up.
    I request you to please enable subscription to comments. It’s a boon for discussions. I often miss out on what’s happening in comment section.


  • nandanjha says:

    Nisha – Good. Let me read, I did browse through to take a sneak at pics though ;-)

    Yes, you are so right. I am not able to find that option. I am using a different plug-in (not the default) for showing comments but I dont think it should matter. As of now only the Authors are getting e-mails, let me spend more time on this.

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    New Delhi’s ANNUAL GARDEN FESTIVAL is organised by Delhi Tourism for three days in GARDEN OF FIVE SENSES, Said-ul-Ajaib. In 2010 , from February 20th to 22nd.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    I am planning to be there later today. Would update here on what I find.

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