Fun Down Under: 8 Unforgettable Things to Do in Australia

On average, over 9.2 million peoplevisit Australia every year. It’s pretty evident that this continent-country has plenty to offer, with people from over the globe flocking to this location.

Perhaps you’re a world traveler too and have always been curious about what this country has to offer. If it’s next on your “to-go” list, then here are 8 unforgettable things to do in Australia.

Aerial view of Sydney Harbor and Downtown Skyline, Australia.

1. Take the Train Across the Whole Country

A good way to see all that Australia has to offer is by taking the Ghan train. This is a train named after Afghan cameleers who had helped with the infrastructure in the country.

The start and endpoints of the Ghan are Adelaide and Darwin. The trip takes 3 days and 2 nights; you’ll get an extra day if you travel between April and October. On that extra day, the train will take you to Manguri to see Coober Pedy, which is the world’s central opal mining point.

If you don’t want to take such an extensive trip, you can also take half journeys from either Adelaide or Darwin to Alice Springs.

2. Go Diving with Sharks on Neptune Island

Love to seek thrills? Then try your hand in the underwater cage off Neptune Island. In these cages, you’ll get to view great white sharks up close and personal. You won’t need to have scuba experience since there’s air fed into the cage itself.

If you’re even more of a daredevil and want to remove the cage altogether, you can go swimming next to giant whale sharks on Ningaloo Reef. The best time to go is in between March and August.

3. Experience the Food of Tasmania

People mostly travel to see the sights, but a fair population also travel to explore regional foods. If you’re a foodie, a small road trip around Tasmania will give your tastebuds so much to experience!

Some key points to visit are Willie Smith’s Apple Shed in Huon Valley, Farm Gate Market in Hobart, Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed in Port Arthur, Wicked Cheese in Richmond, and House of Anvers in Latrobe.

For those who love wine, you’ll want to spend some time in Tamar Valley. There, you can try their signature Pinot Noir at the oldest vineyard, located in Providence.

4. See Baby Turtles in Queensland

The gift of life is precious, especially when you witness it in the wild. In the period from November to March, turtles nest and hatch their young. We suggest getting a guided tour so you get the best views.

After January, these hatchlings will make their way toward the sea, so you’ll want to witness this as well. Hundreds of small turtles will embark on their journey from the nest to the vast ocean.

5. Go Skiing or Snowboarding in the Great Dividing Range

When you think of Australia, you think of hot weather, kangaroos, and deserts. Skiing and snowboarding are probably the last things on your mind. But surprisingly, these are 2 activities you can take part in during the winter.

At the Great Dividing Range, not only can you ski and snowboarding, but you can go hiking as well. If you don’t fancy any of those activities, don’t worry; there’s plenty of other winter activities that you can do, such as snowshoeing and dog sledging.

However, we highly recommend going skiing or snowboarding, as you’ll get a view, unlike any other slope. The ski runs have gum trees on the sides, which you probably can’t find anywhere else.

6. Go to the Theme Parks on the Gold Coast

For those who don’t enjoy the wilderness, you might want to go to some theme parks instead. That way, you can still get your thrills, but in a controlled environment.

The key theme parks to visit are WhiteWater World, Dreamworld, Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World, and Wet’n’Wild. When you’re not at the theme parks, you can have a nice relaxing afternoon on the Gold Coast beaches.

7. Take a Private Yacht Around the Whitsunday Islands

If you enjoy sailing, you won’t want to miss this activity. The seas around the Whitsunday Islands are perfect for sailing through, as it has amazing scenery and very calm winds.

The Whitsunday Islands have 74 islands; with just 5 that are lived in by people, that leaves you a majority of the islands untouched by civilization.

If you’re interested in taking a private yacht, or any other sailing activities, this company can do it all. They do boat, yacht, and fishing hires, as well as holiday cruises and charters all year long.

8. Visit the Pinnacles Desert

Take a trip to the Turquoise Coast on the west side of the country and see this incredible desert. All across it, you’ll find limestone pillars that have been there for years and years. Since they’re located across sandy dunes, these pillars give off an other-worldly vibe.

Here, you can go sandboarding, visit the white sand beaches, go fishing, or look at the breathtaking greenery.

Plus, if you’re a foodie who loves seafood, you’ll want to grab a lobster or two in the fishing village of Cervantes. You can even stay there overnight for a unique experience.

You’ll Never Run out of Things to Do in Australia

Now that you have some inspiration on things to do in Australia, you shouldn’t ever find yourself twiddling your thumbs while there. From the ocean to the sky, there are plenty of activities for people of all interests to join in on. So go over this list with your loved ones and plan your vacation now!

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