Dilli Haat – Cultural Confluence

Last weekend I was at Dilli Haat and this time I decided to shoot some pics and write a small story. I have been to this place quite a few times but this time I was pretty convinced that Dilli Haat is a must visit place for any ghumakkar (traveler). so let me first give you a very basic description of the place.

Dill Haat is a new age weekly flea market with fixed structures which is dedicate to art-n-craft-n-food of various states of India. Its situated opposite INA Market, very close to AIIMS on Ring road, very well located. A not so small open-closed kind of setup where you have lots of food stalls shelling delicacies of various states, small shops selling Kashmiri Shawl, Madhubani Paintings, Firozabaadi bangles, UP Khadi stuff, wall hangings, lamp shades, more bangles, books, more clothes and a small performance area where some cultural troupe from some state performs once in a while. One other important thing is that the artisans keep changing, I guess they get it for a particular period say 2 weeks or a month and then its given to some one else. The prices are as usually un-predictable but not un-reasonable, so scope for bargain.

Last weekend, 12 Aug 2007, there was this Teej Festival so lots of Rajasthani

stuff going on and of course many Mehandi (Heena) counters as well. This festival is on till 14 Aug and if you love Rajasthani food then there is a special Pandal of vendors who seem like native ones.

This place is also popular among love birds.

There is an entry fee of Rs 15 and it opens in the morning at 12 may be and goes on till 9 odd. If its a good weather then a very lovely place to kill time amid eating joints and colorful stalls. I wont write too much but here are some of the photos which I would share with you.

This is how it looks. A sort of central atrium or a rather artery

Those big drums and drums-man from Rajasthan

Potteries and more Potties. Not sure but could be from Hapur.

Bangles. There are quite a few stalls of these.

Madhubani Painting

Delhi Tourism kiosk which doesn’t work, pity

and more photos


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